Family humiliation

a masturbator wrote:

My wife bought me a giant penis costume and dared me to wear it for her
mother and daughter . Well they were out by pool when i went to put it
on and looking at it i said damb thats gonna be hot out there .It has a
hole in the front to stick my face out and a internal fan to to keep it
inflated .Kinda like the christmas decorations u put in front yard.
Well i decided to put on some silk underneath and only that !! I dont
know why but is was allready getting aroused when she had me “Bounce”
for them
  I grew even harder and had to run into kitchen…my mother in law
followed ! im thinking cold beer is the cure but when i turned around
she was looking at my private area and saw my lil one sticking up and
poking at the fabric she grabbed it ……she followed me as i sank to
my knees and milked me in my silken panties and left me there .My wife
was outsidce calling for her drink by now and i had to bring it to her
with my knees shaking and cum stains on the suit .i told her i had an

Sexual Power for Women

Sexual Power for Women  by Georgeann Cross is well written and fascinating essays on women’s sexual power over males, especially through masturbatory control of the penis. The hosting website is Here is a sample:

The first time Francesca let go of Roy’s cock as he started to come, she teased him about the show he was going to give her. “What I get to see!” It was a good tease, but it would have been even better if it had come a few seconds earlier.  The way it actually went, she started speaking as Roy’s muscles relaxed in preparation for the first spurt.  She waited that long because she wasn’t sure she could recognize the onset of ejaculatory inevitability and because she didn’t yet understand how much more intense Roy’s experience would be if she spoke sooner. By removing her hand and saying the same thing just as his cock reached maximum stiffness, she would have catapulted him suddenly into a trip very much like Patrick’s.  Faced with the prospect of having to ejaculate with nothing holding his cock, he would have made a desperate attempt to regain control.  It would have been impossible, and he would have had several very long seconds in which to experience the conflict between his egoistic compulsion to save himself from embarrassment and his physical need to ejaculate.  During that time, he would have been acutely aware that his cock was sticking up, not just in a normal state of erection but obscenely, and that if he relaxed the muscles that held it that way, even for a moment, they’d immediately contract again and his cock would bounce back up and spurt.  Not only that, but he would have felt Francesca in there with him the whole time, fully aware of what he was going through and intending every bit of it.

Sexual Power for Women, Chapter 11

Neighborly Control

Neighborly Control

by Nessus

A married man is caught masturbating to porn and receives guidance from his neighbor.

I'm just a normal guy, making a living in a tough world. My name is Dwight
Mitchell and I'm the maintenance foreman at the tractor factory just
outside of town. Most everybody in the town works at that factory so it's
pretty important to us. The town would die without it and we'd have to move
to a big city and nobody wants that.
Mary-Anne, my wife, works as a clerk at the local bookshop and we get by.
No kids yet but after five years of marriage we have a little clap board
house and a small car which Mary-Anne drives to the shop. I drive a
battered pick-up from the factory.
We're pretty happy. We have good friends, we know everybody and everybody
knows us. Mary-Anne teaches dancing at the ladies club and I play in a
little country music band on Saturday nights at the roadhouse. Life is
pretty good.
It all started one Saturday in spring.  Continue reading 

The Perfect Marriage

Within seconds, Frank felt it approaching. He let out a long, long moan, as the point of no return, passed, and the time between that and the first spurt seemed to go on for seconds. And then the spurting started…many many spurts. The first couple he did not aim properly, and they splashed against the tank. “Aim properly you dirty pig”, Lisa yelled at him. He got the rest of them into the bowl.


The Perfect Marriage


Chapter One

Lisa and Frank had been married for 2 years, but they hadn’t consummated the marriage yet, at least not in the traditional sense.

They had been “going out” with each other for a short while before getting married. Frank had been given the company that his father had run. But when both parents were gone, he had been trying to run it himself. And not successfully. So, he had hired Lisa, who was very attractive to help him run the business. Soon, she had the business running well. For her good work, Frank had given her 49% of the company. Frank was also hopefully in lust with her. He was a 24 year old virgin, and Lisa was 27 years old, and so powerful. Lisa had plenty of boyfriends, and Frank was restricted to masturbation and all of his elaborate fantasies. And a lot of his fantasies started to revolve around Lisa. And she had noticed that he was staring at her a lot, and she also noticed the little tent in his pants, and his frequent trips to the bathroom. Lisa realized that he was easy prey, and she could soon have the majority, if not all of his company….   Continue reading

Jay Mayo: my life as a masturbator, the early years

my life as a masturbator, the early years (source)

by Jay Mayo 

My first encounter with masturbate was at age eight. I remember being in the bathroom of my parents home. I must have had a woody, at the same time as having to pee. Peeing was hard to do with a hard little wiener, could be messy.

I must have stroked my little wiener in a manner that prompted another, then another, right hand, left hand, slapped against my belly. It burned warm, and something triggered the desire for more stimulation of my pencil size hairless wiener. I had no idea, only that it felt really, really good. The more I slapped, the better it feels, so I continued to slap, until I dry climaxed, little wiener pumping and spazing. Wow, that was great, didn’t really know what it was, just wanted to do it again. I do remember dry climaxing being different from ejaculations of semen, in a good way, like a warm wind through a small tube, it was very nice. I think I was slapping my wiener daily for weeks, that’s until I got caught.   Continue reading

In Love with Kate Moss: Caught Masturbating by Denise

Caught Masturbating by Denise


I only consider myself an exhibitionist as far as I like to be seen by people who might be into exhibitionism and voyeurism. I try and respect the comfort zones of those who might not want to unexpectedly see a naked person engaged in solo-lovemaking.

Still, I masturbate often enough and in enough places that sometimes I get caught. And I’ve found that most of the time, the reaction of those doing the catching has not been negative.   Continue reading

Billy Gets a Babysitter – Chapter Four

Billy Gets a Babysitter


Chapter 4

When billy and his Mommy got home, Kathy and Becky were full of questions on how it went with his new babysitter. Billy told them that they did their homework together (with billy naked), and then afterwards they watched TV and then it was his bathtime.

“Did Tiffany play with your peenie in the bathtub”, Kathy asked, with a big smile.

“No, but She let me play with myself and She left me alone in the tub to do that for a while”, billy told Them.

“You must have been so excited billy”, Becky said. “What was Tiffany wearing”, She asked.

‘Oh, just a tshirt and panties, Her legs and feet were bare”, he replied.

Both girls smiled and Mommy said, “you must have been beside yourself with horniness, you poor thing. Did Tiffany dry you off”, Mommy asked. 

“Well She dried me off, but She didn’t touch my peenie”, Billy told Them. Continue reading

Billy Gets a Babysitter – Chapter Three

Billy Gets a Babysitter


Chapter 3

The very next day was the first day that billy was going to be babysitting. His Mommy told him to meet Tiffany at the bus area after school, and She would take him to Her house. Billy was full of dread during the day. He was scared of girls in general, and even more scared of Tiffany right now, but there was nothing he could do about it. He just hoped that She would be nice to him.

He went to the bus area after class, and immediately noticed Her. She was wearing a very short plaid, school girl skirt, with Her Bare legs showing and sandals showing her bare toes. Billy couldn’t help but notice. He felt a stirring in his peenie. It had been almost six weeks since Mommy had let him spurt, and he was constantly aroused. And the sight of this cute middle school hottie, wasn’t making it any easier.

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Billy Gets a Babysitter – Chapter Two

They did love to tease him, so part way through his homework, They both stood beside him, at the table, and lifted Their tshirts, so that he could see Their panties, and They told him to play with himself. Which he did of course…


BillyGets a Babysitter


Chapter Two

The next morning, things were as usual at the house. billy got up early, and went downstairs, naked and tidied up the kitchen and family room from the night before. he waited for his Sisters and Mommy to come downstairs and then went to Their rooms to make Their beds and tidy up. And then, he went back downstairs and cleaned up their breakfast dishes and made himself breakfast, cleaned up his dishes, and then upstairs to shower, shave his body, and get ready for school. Mommy never said a word to him and his Sisters just snickered about his purple and swollen penis. Continue reading

Billy Gets a Babysitter Chapter One

“For now, you stay exactly like that, do not pick up any panties, do not take those ones off that you have half on, keep that other pair around your stupid peenie, and keep playing with yourself. Get yourself rock hard and leaking, and you had better be that way when Mom gets home. I want her to see you exactly as we found you”, Becky told him.


BillyGets a Babysitter


Chapter One

Billy was at home alone again. Three times a week, his little Sisters had after school activities, and his Mom was still at work. Of course billy did not have any after school activities, not like the other kids.

But billy enjoyed his time alone in the afternoon after school. He was home alone, naked, and he made sure his chores were done, and his homework done and on display for Mommy to check when She got home. But often, he could complete all of that in an hour or so, which meant he had another hour and a half to enjoy himself.

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