Marie: My Masturbation History

My Masturbation History


I had a way of making myself orgasm as a young child (I was so young I don’t remember the first time I did it, but I know I was by age 7), but didn’t realize that I was “having an orgasm”, or “masturbating” or “doing something sexual” (I’m still somewhat reluctant to refer to it as masturbating, since I didn’t actually touch myself with my hands, what I’d do is, after my bath, I would run into my room, still naked, and keep running around the room in circles, but I now know I would definitely have orgasms doing this). I’d always been very curious about where babies come from and all that and my parents were very good about answering all my questions, but I didn’t relate “the *Good Feeling*  between my legs” (that’s how I though of it, and that’s what I called the running around bit, “getting the good feeling”) to the process of reproduction or boys or romance or anything that I at the time considered to be “sex”.  Continue reading

Pixie’s first time

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

i learned about masturbation only from hearing other boys at school use it as a euphemism for a pathetic loser: “That guy’s such a jerk-off,” “Peter’s probably sitting at home jerking it,” “What a jack-off!” etc. i had sexual thoughts and feelings before, but the first time I ever masturbated was in my freshman year of high school. i never did more than lay on my stomach and grind my stiff penis against my mattress before that, and i had never consciously ejaculated (though i’d had wet dreams and i’d leaked precum in my pants once when a girl was flirting with me and pressing herself up against my body in the school hallway once). i didn’t want to be a loser, or anyone to think of me as a jackoff.


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Jay Mayo: my life as a masturbator, the early years

my life as a masturbator, the early years (source)

by Jay Mayo 

My first encounter with masturbate was at age eight. I remember being in the bathroom of my parents home. I must have had a woody, at the same time as having to pee. Peeing was hard to do with a hard little wiener, could be messy.

I must have stroked my little wiener in a manner that prompted another, then another, right hand, left hand, slapped against my belly. It burned warm, and something triggered the desire for more stimulation of my pencil size hairless wiener. I had no idea, only that it felt really, really good. The more I slapped, the better it feels, so I continued to slap, until I dry climaxed, little wiener pumping and spazing. Wow, that was great, didn’t really know what it was, just wanted to do it again. I do remember dry climaxing being different from ejaculations of semen, in a good way, like a warm wind through a small tube, it was very nice. I think I was slapping my wiener daily for weeks, that’s until I got caught.   Continue reading

Fergus MacDougal: Picturing Myself as a Young Masturbator

Picturing Myself as a Young Masturbator

by Fergus MacDougal

A few days ago I attended the memorial service for a family member about my own age (60’s). There were displays of photographs of him at every age, and I was in a few of them. It triggered a flood of memories of my younger self, particularly as an adolescent.

I especially pictured myself at age twelve or thirteen, slim and good looking, with kind of a smirky self confident air. I know from carefully reconstructing my sexual history that at the time I was a regular masturbator – most guys are at that age. But was my indulgence in that sort of secret activity publicly apparent? Would people looking at me back then, or a picture of me later, have imagined my secret life of compulsive masturbation?

I remember well how it was at that age. Any time I pulled my pants down or off, an instant erection sprang up, stiff and urgent. If I had sufficient time and privacy I would heed the call of nature and vigorously stroke my foreskin back and forth until I orgasmed and ejaculated. Then I usually had to put it away and resume my life, looking like a respectable young man again. At night, or when I had a longer period of privacy during the day, I would do myself again and again, making it last, cumming several times. I was a sex-obsessed monster – when I wasn’t working my penis I was thinking impure thoughts, looking forward to my next opportunity to play my favorite game.

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Earl Flen: Granny Begins My Addiction

Granny Begins My Addiction

By Earl Flen

If I am a chronically addicted masturbator (and I am), my first “pusher” was my grandmother. It was she who “strung me out” and made me so that any time I get the chance, I masturbate, even after all these years since she first got me addicted to it.

When I was about 11 my parents sent me to stay with her for a week while they went out of town. I told my mother I didn’t want to stay with Grandma because she was fat and I didn’t like her. And she was fat, around 250 pounds, I guess. She had a bulging tummy, fat thighs and a huge ass. She sort of rolled when she walked and I thought she was awful. My mother just smiled and told me that’s where I was going anyway.

At Grandma’s house, I stayed in my room as much as I could. I had learned to masturbate that summer and I thought that it would be the perfect time to jack off. Grandma was just letting me be alone in the guest room. I waited until I knew she was downstairs watching her TV and then I pulled my pants down and began to jerk off. Just as I was really getting into it, I looked up to see Grandma standing in the bedroom doorway. The look on her face scared me and my erection immediately deflated.

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The Penis Monologue.

From a random search

The Penis Monologue.
I did not always know I had a penis. I’m not sure if I was told I had a penis. As a little boy, it was referred to as a “pee pee”. Other times, the region was vaguely referred to as my “private parts”. I understood that boys had penises and girls had – well, all I knew was that girls did not have penises. I was never told that girls have vulvas, let alone a vagina, a clitoris, and a urethra of their very own.
I was never told I had testicles, let alone that they were the reason I was male. I was vaguely aware of this sac underneath my little penis. I naively reasoned that this was where urine was stored. I was never told I had a bladder. I otherwise did not give urination much thought.
Once when I was little, my ‘pee pee’ hurt. So I went to my mother. It did not occur to me to even consider asking my dad. In fact, I disliked the idea, when it was suggested to me.
I was never told I was circumcised. I was never aware of my lack of a foreskin. I remember noting the color differential, and the ring of discoloration around my penis.
Occasionally I noted my penis lengthening slightly and becoming stiff. This puzzled me, yet I never thought of it as a bad thing. It never occurred to me that this was anything sexual. I was never told what an erection is.
I remember learning about wet dreams in school. So-called “nocturnal emissions”. Talk about taking a delightful experience as orgasm and turning it into something experienced while unconscious, and described in bland scientific terms, no less. … more at timmytm: The Penis Monologue.

How he began

a masturbator recalls:

Several of you have questioned my early masturbation habits.  Just
like with my current depravity, it makes me feel so dirty and
shameless to reveal all of my nasty secrets.
I can remember pleasant feelings in my genitals from my earliest
age.  However, my earliest clear memory of masturbation was when I
was 6 years old.  I was sick and at my grandmothers house in her
bed.  She had these sleazy tabloid newspapers that had pictures of
women in skimpy bikinis.  I remember that I had cut one of these
pictures out of the magazine.  My little penis was so hard and I was
dragging the paper hand of the cutout photograph up and down the
underside of my penis.  I guess I was so into the sensation that I
didn't notice when my grandmother walked into the room.  She scolded
me for being such a nasty boy.  I felt so dirty.  But, she was
right ... I was a dirty boy … and I loved it.

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High School/College Masturbation Memories

High School/College Masturbation Memories

masturbators wrote:_
I’d like to know when you did it, how often, naked or clothed, where
you did it, your techniques, and approximately when you went to high
school or college.
Mostly in my bathroom at home. But also around the house when parents were out or asleep. I had my first couch-copulation (fucking between the cushions) after they had gone to bed. Also liked to jerk off in the back yard at night, with my penis sticking out of our chain link fence. 

I was in high school from September 1979 through June 1983.  In those
years, the time of day during which I would masturbate would vary, but
it would be most often right before bed, upon waking up in the
morning, and after coming home from school.  I tried to be fully naked
as much as possible, and that was certainly true of my early weekday
morning sessions when I would often masturbate lying down in my large
shower.      Continue reading

Gert’s Stockings

Guided Masturbation Stories

Gert’s Stockings, 1996

Excerpt from a dead man’s sexual diary, purchased at an estate sale–the late Bill W. Childhood Memories of Gert’s Stockings and Garters It is August, 1955. I am 12 and on vacation with my parents and another couple at a lake cottage in northern Wisconsin. I am in the only private place in the tiny cottage–the bathroom–jerking off with the door locked–or so I think.

My bloated young prick sticks rigidly out of my lap as I sit on the toilet, massaging my exquisitely sensitive foreskin, savoring the itchy, tingly feeling radiating through my balls. My ass twitches and squirms on the toilet seat as my newly discovered pastime causes muscles and nerves to twitch involuntarily in my crotch and legs. I stare at my hand in its vertical dance, wondering dazedly that I can give myself so much pleasure. The feeling is so good, yet at the same time somehow dirty and lewd, which makes it all the better.  Continue reading

My First

My First

by BoundBalls

A boy has his first orgasm fantasizing about masturbating for neighbor girls.

This is what I was like when I was 13 years old. It's
a true story and the fantasy I was thinking at that
time. It was also my first experience with orgasm.
Hope you enjoy.
I can still remember being 13 and in my room alone in
the house teasing myself after a long day of swimming
with a bunch of girls my age. I was thinking about one
girl especially. She was my neighbor and was a few
years older (15+ I think). She was wearing her older
sister's bathing suit. Why I don't know, I guess
because she figured she was old enough. But anyway,
the top was probably a cup size to big for her and
with the suit being wet it seemed to stretched out
even more. This allowed me many glimpses through out
the day of her wonderfully youthful breast. Beautiful
perky cones with goose bumps. It was tough to conceal
at times the arousing effect it was having on me.   Continue reading