Marie: My Masturbation History

My Masturbation History


I had a way of making myself orgasm as a young child (I was so young I don’t remember the first time I did it, but I know I was by age 7), but didn’t realize that I was “having an orgasm”, or “masturbating” or “doing something sexual” (I’m still somewhat reluctant to refer to it as masturbating, since I didn’t actually touch myself with my hands, what I’d do is, after my bath, I would run into my room, still naked, and keep running around the room in circles, but I now know I would definitely have orgasms doing this). I’d always been very curious about where babies come from and all that and my parents were very good about answering all my questions, but I didn’t relate “the *Good Feeling*  between my legs” (that’s how I though of it, and that’s what I called the running around bit, “getting the good feeling”) to the process of reproduction or boys or romance or anything that I at the time considered to be “sex”.  Continue reading

Onania Masturbator Forum: Jane from Chicago: I am female and love to masturbate

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, Jane from Chicago Wrote:

I hate it when people think that women do not like sex or masturbation as much as men. I love both, and have been very horny for most of my life. I date long distance to a very erotic, fun loving, adventure seeking man, but he is not always around so yes I have to masturbate. I would more than likely masturbate even if he was around on a regular basis. (He does like to see me play with myself) I found this site one day as I was masturbating and am writing this as I am masturbating. I do it almost daily, yesterday i masturbated 3 times and this is my second today. It does take me a long time to cum, but maybe also like many men on this site that I love to prolong the great feelings that masturbation brings.

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LizIsWet: Masturbating to Masturbators

Masturbating to Masturbators

by LizIsWet

The bulk of my edging isnt even touching myself. It is reading these posts, looking at the videos. When it becomes too much to take, my thoroughly soaked pussy gets filled by my dildo. Sometime I am cumming within 1 min of starting because I have been wet and pre orgasmic most of the day. It is very rare I will touch myself while reading or watching videos. Or my pussy would be raw as sometimes I make an afternoon of it! 

Other times, I will put on a recording of a favorite Onania masturbater. Him telling me he is masturbating while listening to my recorded messages that I have sent him, sends me over the edge. Dont see him here anymore, wonder where he went…[bet you’re still out there listening to me while you fuck yourself]

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