The Sex-Starved Wife: What to Do When He’s Lost Desire

Weiner Davis was flooded with e-mails, letters, and phone calls from women, not with “headaches” and other predictable excuses for avoiding sex, but from women who were desperately unhappy because their husbands weren’t the least bit interested in sex. Nothing these women said or did got their men to understand the pain and isolation that comes from a sexual void, and despite heartfelt pleas, they were unable to convince their husbands to seek professional help. Add to this the unspoken taboo about discussing low libido in men, and these women were left to believe that they were the only ones dealing with this problem.

Source: The Sex-Starved Wife: What to Do When He’s Lost Desire: Michele Weiner Davis: 9780743266277: Books

Ways Women Orgasm

The female sexu­ality forum

Ways Women Orgasm provides sex educa­tion for adults so that couples can compare notes on how women enjoy true sexual arousal and orgasm. Anyone who registers can join the Member Forum and comment on 120 stories that use real women’s exper­i­ences to explore the facts as well as the myths that surround our under­standing of female sexu­ality today.

The main aims of Ways Women Orgasm are:

FEMALE SEXUALITY: To high­light the known facts to help couples differ­en­tiate between fact and fiction and to RE-DEFINE women’s sexu­ality in terms that the AVERAGE woman might reas­on­ably hope to experience.

ORGASM DURING SEX: To present women’s real life exper­i­ences openly and honestly including explaining the sexu­ally explicit orgasm tech­niques that SOME women learn OVER TIME to enable them to orgasm during sex.

INVESTING IN YOUR SEX LIFE: To suggest how couples can explore sex play over the longer-term by under­standing how men and women’s sexual responses DIFFER and by investing PROACTIVELY in their intimate time together.

Ways Women Orgasm aims to inform and reas­sure women of all ages: all the pictures are clean. The site aspires to be open-minded but there is nothing that should offend. The discus­sion is based on honesty not sexual ego and covers: sex drive, the role of sexual fantasies and why orgasm from female masturb­a­tion may always be different to orgasm from penetration.

Jane Thomas, author of Ways Women Orgasm, is unique as a modern sex writer because she talks openly about her own personal exper­i­ences, both of masturb­a­tion and of sex with a partner. Her conclu­sions are supported by other expert opinions.

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A masturbator wrote: The Boy I was in 1964 asks, Is It True that Girls Masturbate Too?

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

Yes, and I would have been astounded and disappointed at the answer.

By the time I was 12, I had learned some of the bitter facts of life about
being male — like I was likely to be drafted into the army before I was 20
(something girls didn’t have to worry about); that even if I survived that
I was still likely to die sooner than my female cohorts; that if one day I
married and it didn’t work out, family courts didn’t treat ex-husbands at
all well, and so on. All these things I had learned by age 12.

And then one day I masturbated to my first orgasm and ejaculation. At last,
here was something that, as a male, I could enjoy its exquisiteness several
times a day, an exquisiteness that the girls in my life could not possibly
even begin to imagine.

At that time the words, masturbation, orgasm, and ejaculation were not yet
a part of my vocabulary. But I understood immediately the adaptive reasons
why friction on the penis would stimulate emission of sperm, and also why
it felt so good when it happened. I understood enough biology to know that
this was nature’s way of motivating us males to get the job of impregnating
the females in their midst done. The friction on the penis was supposed to
originate from a vagina, but I had been clever enough to find a way to
enjoy the entire delight without having to solve the impossible puzzle of
procuring a vagina for that purpose.

Of course each time I masturbated I imagined my penis was indeed receiving
its stimulation from a vagina — one belonging to Beth or Sally or
Priscilla or any of the other young ladies in my 7th grade class. But
afterward I often thought about how, when that blessed day came when the
vagina was a real one, I would be the only half of the twosome to enjoy the
coupling, with my partner, at best, enjoying it only vicariously.

In my young mind, enjoyment of sex, solo or with partner, was a special
privilege of being a boy. Sorry girls!

Oh yes — I did learn the truth long before I lost my virginity — that
girls masturbate too. I read it in a book when I was 14.

And yes, I was disappointed that it was not in fact a privilege that only
boys enjoyed. But the M-fantasies that arose from that new knowledge,
picturing Cynthia or Debbie or Alison or any of the other young ladies in
my 9th grade class playing with themselves — that made it all worthwhile.

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She needs a man to match her enthusiasm

a lady masturbator said:

Recall, I am not getting any REAL cock presently, so
masturbation is my only outlet; that being the case, I
like livening it up a bit by sharing it with another
masturbator. My cache of toys, vids, pics and various
phone partners is how I get my sexual thrills, for the
If I can have real cock, the next best thing is phone
masturbation.  Not just with any partner. I have had
some doozies.  Guys who only want to listen and not
participate, or let out one oh or sigh when they cum.
Not my cup o java.
I need a man who will match my enthusiasm, my
intensity, my vocal honesty.

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What’s the best way for women to have an orgasm « Getluvtips

If you don’t know exactly what it is you like or what it takes for you to reach orgasm, it’s a good idea to practise on your own.

For some people the very idea of stimulating themselves can seem worrying, or unappealing, or something to be ashamed of. It’s a good idea if women can rid themselves of these feelings.

Masturbation is a great way to lessen tension in your body. It’s a very safe way to have an orgasm. And it’s probably the best way to learn about how your body likes to be loved. . But masturbation, like most things, takes practice. And the only way to learn about your own sexual response is to try it……

If you have never tried masturbation, or you want to do it in such a way that will be more pleasurable and satisfying then it has been in the past, then you might need to plan how and when to do it, rather than leave it to chance. For a start, you need to ensure that you’re going to have adequate time to yourself and that you won’t be interrupted

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Marie: My Masturbation History

My Masturbation History


I had a way of making myself orgasm as a young child (I was so young I don’t remember the first time I did it, but I know I was by age 7), but didn’t realize that I was “having an orgasm”, or “masturbating” or “doing something sexual” (I’m still somewhat reluctant to refer to it as masturbating, since I didn’t actually touch myself with my hands, what I’d do is, after my bath, I would run into my room, still naked, and keep running around the room in circles, but I now know I would definitely have orgasms doing this). I’d always been very curious about where babies come from and all that and my parents were very good about answering all my questions, but I didn’t relate “the *Good Feeling*  between my legs” (that’s how I though of it, and that’s what I called the running around bit, “getting the good feeling”) to the process of reproduction or boys or romance or anything that I at the time considered to be “sex”.  Continue reading

Onania Masturbator Forum: Jane from Chicago: I am female and love to masturbate

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, Jane from Chicago Wrote:

I hate it when people think that women do not like sex or masturbation as much as men. I love both, and have been very horny for most of my life. I date long distance to a very erotic, fun loving, adventure seeking man, but he is not always around so yes I have to masturbate. I would more than likely masturbate even if he was around on a regular basis. (He does like to see me play with myself) I found this site one day as I was masturbating and am writing this as I am masturbating. I do it almost daily, yesterday i masturbated 3 times and this is my second today. It does take me a long time to cum, but maybe also like many men on this site that I love to prolong the great feelings that masturbation brings.

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