Masturbation Therapy, What can or must mother or woman in authority do

This   is IMPORTANT: catch him masturbating!   when you catch  him, make   him  continue in front of you…  offer advice and instruction, offer to teach him how to work his hand around the head of his penis.   Often  young boys have a great deal of trouble doing this.  this will be of great help…

via Masturbation Therapy, What can or must mother or woman in authority do for a habitual masturbator who will refuse to wear a chastity belt and to see a masturbation therapist?.

Masturbating July 4


Ok, today I had a few minutes to sit at the computer and masturbate while wifey went out to the store.
Because I only had about 15 – 20 minutes tops, it was a quick session.
As soon as wifey was out the door, I was heading for the tube of KY, a towel to clean up my ejaculate, and off I headed to the computer.
Once seated, it was log on, head to my favorite sites, and it was time to masturbate.  … See rest of the story an the photos he masturbated over: Here_I_Cum: Friday July 4

THE ONANIZER – Your Ultimate Masturbation Experience (TRAILER) © Jan Manski

The Onanizer – Your Ultimate Masturbation Experience is at the root of Onania. Designed to mould seamlessly to the user’s body, the ‘limitless pleasure’ machine invites its users to a realm of singular focus on themselves.

via THE ONANIZER – Your Ultimate Masturbation Experience (TRAILER) © Jan Manski.

BDSM Library – Story: Milking Matthew, Chapter: Part 1

My fascination with the milking device started when I was much younger.Perhaps it had something to do with the almost sci-fi, devious aura about it. A device, so simple, yet so cruel. One that would strip a man of all of his pride systematically while I watched. A sure-fire way to make him squirm; and even as a young girl I loved the images in my mind of a man struggling helplessly against tight bond.It used to be just a fantasy. Until I was about 19 years old, suffering from insomnia during finals. By then, I had many evil devices, but not the machine. I had been watching late night television, my eyes burning, trying to take a break before returning to my textbooks.There it was. In front of my eyes. A machine, milking a man, making him squirt his cum through a tube and into a tube. This was before I had a VCR. I could not rewind. At first, I thought I was dreaming.The man, he was struggling. He was whimpering. But his mouth was duct taped shut and his wrists were strapped down. He shut his eyes extra tight just before they showed the cum dripping through the tube. They were showing this on television!

Source: BDSM Library – Story: Milking Matthew, Chapter: Part 1

BDSM Library – Kelly’s Wacky Backwoods Masturbation Aventure!

I figured out at a rather young age that rubbing my crotch just right felt really really good. So good in fact, that I did it basically any time I got a chance. Nap time, bed time, long car rides, recess, on the bus…basically any time I was hidden from the chest down, I had my hand in my pants. It wasn’t until I was 11 or 12 that I found out what I was doing was masturbating.Once I learned about the mechanics of sex, it got extra weird…I basically found anything that was remotely phallic shaped and put it inside me. I had my first g-spot orgasm with a bottle of body wash and once I learned the difference between that and and a clitoral one, I became even more obsessed. This was a whole new thing, not only did I feel it “down there”, but I felt it in my whole body. Once I had this revelation, I just couldn’t stop, I basically became a compulsive masturbator.

Source: BDSM Library – Kelly’s Wacky Backwoods Masturbation Aventure!

The Milking Wheel by The Technician |

Now, exactly a week after the crime, I was going to be publicly milked… and perhaps lose my manhood forever. I would be milked four times– at nine, at noon, at three, and finally at six. Between milkings, I would be subjected to electro-shock that would range from sexually stimulating to physically painful. But first I had to be mounted on the milking wheel.


Source: The Milking Wheel by The Technician |

Madame’s (Milked) Dry Bar – Fetish –

A large couch gave them a full view of the room’s very obvious main attraction, but of now, they opted to remain standing, as they circled the gagged and blindfolded boy, aged somewhere in his early 20s. As they stared quietly, they could all hear a faint buzzing.”Oh my… you have a vibrator in him too?” Marla asked. Looking at the confined boy, who was squirming ever so slightly against his restrictive bondage. His arms tied behind his back, and his chest tied to a beam behind him. His legs tied to a stool which was also secured to the beam.

Source: Madame’s (Milked) Dry Bar – Fetish –

The Gelding Blade

Male sperm was at a all-time market high of $800 a pint as 15 yr. old Betsy watched her mothers four big male bullcows from behind grunting into their milking tubes! Their big heavy dangling milk sacks jiggling and churning in rhythm to the pulsating vibration of the extractor collars around their scrotol necks held in place with thick leather straps around their hips which held the milking tubes up tight against their big discharging male teats.