The Masturbator Support Associates list is replaced by the Onania Masturbator Registry


Previously we offered a list of Masturbator Support Associates (MSA)

Masturbator Support Associates (MSA) volunteer their time to help meet the urgent needs of our community. Each MSA is a chronic masturbator like you, someone you can reach out to for personal and understanding support. The MSA makes him-(or her)-self available for online support on his own schedule by phone, Skype, text, or other application of choice.

Maintaining this list was somewhat labor intensive and resulted in frustration for MSA’s as well as callers. We are retiring the MSA list.

To facilitate masturbator-to-masturbator contacts, we have implemented a simple registry inside the Onania Masturbator Forum.  If you would like to contact other masturbators, or invite them to contact you, please join the Forum and place your contact information in the Onania Masturbator Registry. You must be a member of the Forum to participate. 

Sologamy – Wikipedia

Self-marriage or sologamy[1] is marriage by a person to oneself.[2][3] It is known as a commitment that values self-love, and self-compassion. Supporters of the practice argue that it leads to a happier life.[4] The idea of such a ceremony is also described in the book Quirkyalone: a manifesto for uncompromising romantics by Sasha Caden. It can also refer to a self-uniting marriage, that is a marriage without an officiant.[5] Self-marriage is not the usual form of union between individuals, but a number of

Source: Sologamy – Wikipedia

Shaming and teasing audios by Julie Kohler-Bush

I’ve been listening (and masturbating to) to these audios by Julie Kohler-Bush. They are simple repetitions of phrases but oh-so arousing. I put on a slideshow of my favorite masturbation muses, and had to confess that yes, I’m ashamed, and I tried (but failed) not to cum. 

Note she is on Reddit at Julie Kohler-Bush. She posts mainly on GoneWild Audio. And she personally assures me that all her orgasms on the audios are real. 


Circle jerks and public sex at ancient Stonehenge. | Strange Origins of Modern Kink

Erected approximately five thousand years ago, Stonehenge has been an object of speculation in the minds of many throughout modern times. Once thought to have been a primitive astronomical observatory, or a gathering place for bizarre pagan sacrifices, or a location for religious rituals performed by Celtic priests, the truth has turned out to be much more obvious. Stonehenge was constructed by our pragmatic male ancestors in order to conduct large-scale circle jerks. ….

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