My wife is willingly seduced

a pathetic cuckold masturbator wrote:

My wife is hot. She is 5’4″ and around 110lbs. She has perfect tits
and a knock out ass and legs. I often marvel at the fact that she is
MY wife. We’ve been married almost 20 years. She is 41 and I am 43.
I have fantasized for years about her giving herself to another man. I
often bring this fantasy up but it is quickly shot down. Over the
years our sex life has almost disappeared. Even though she is hot as a
firecracker, she does not seem that interested in sex. When we first
met she was a little vixen. If my memory serves me, she gave me a blow
job on our second date. I remember her kissing me and then moving her
head down to my lap. She started rubbing me and asked if I would like
her to eat me. I of course said I would. She said “Oh good. I wasn’t
sure if you liked that or not”. The funny thing about that statement
was it implied to me that she was familiar with giving head.
Well from that point in I was getting blowjobs in a lot different
places and times. I quickly realized that I was definitely not the
first man to enjoy this talent of hers. How many others have there
been? I wondered. As the years went by this lovely pastime of hers
disappeared. Within the last 5 years I would have to say we have had
sex maybe a dozen times. I think its been over a year to date now. I
often try to initiated sex with her by kissing her neck and cuddling
her but this always ends up with her getting the giggles and me
masturbating with my head in her lap. She will suggest I play with
myself instead.

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My neighbor had a party

 a masturbator wrote:


My neighbor had a party. He is divorced and lives on his own. This was
his annual summer party that is always a huge blast. This year he
invited a lot of out of town guests as well as the neighbors. The
party starts off with kids allowed but as it seeps into the evening
the kids are encouraged to leave.
There was a band playing this time and the lead singer was a very tall
and slim man. The type of man I know my wife is attracted to. Can you
guess where this is going?
Like all of you fellow cuckolds and wannabe’s I too have continually
fantasized about my wife surrendering her body to another man. I don’t
want her dating anyone I just want her to get loaded and feel horny
and give in to a strangers touch. I’m sure I don’t need to explain why
I want this. We all understand the feeling.

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