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The old man next door

When I was a young teen wanker in the 70’s I had to rely so much more on my imagination for masturbation inspiration, I envy the lads today who have 24/7 access to every pornographic subject under the sun via the wonderful internet.

One of my techniques was to stand at my bedroom window, naked from the waist down, staring out over the gardens and village below and playing with my penis. Often a pretty girl walking past in a short skirt would be enough to get me off, or a sexy older woman with big breasts jiggling past, even better if they glanced up and saw me in the window, not knowing what I was shamefully doing below. I think every female in our village had a cum tribute at some point, several a day at the weekend.

One summer I started to see an old man lying on a sun lounger tucked behind his shed in the corner of his garden a few doors down, I could only just see into his little sun trap from the corner of my wanking window, I only spotted him while trying to get a final glimpse of a set of big MILF titties a few doors down. The thing that caught my eye was that he was naked! The first time I spotted him he was face down, nicely tanned with a nice big bare bottom. I never thought of myself as attracted to men, but it was a naked bum and enough of a sexual novelty to make me cum into my tissues nicely. I had a few nice cums watching him, and felt suitably ashamed and embarrassed by using a naked man to jerk off to. It made me feel very kinky.   Continue reading

Autobiography of a Masturbator: Porn O’Graphicus, Part 6


Here continues the personal sexual history of one of the web’s leading masturbators, Porn O’Graphicus . See all parts by 

As I left you all in the previous “chapter” of my story, I had promised to begin as I headed off to college and had my first “real” experiences in adult video arcades. I was also considering whether to wrap this all up with that story and a few other items.
After thinking about it over the past few days, I have decided to postpone the arcade stuff and other things of that time to what will become Part 7, and that there probably will be Parts 8 and maybe 9. What I want to get to today is a story of something that kind of overlaps time-wise from the previous two chapters into what will be the time frame of Part 7. And, to be honest, it is something that actually goes through to this very day.

So, in this chapter, I bring you all to my discovery and use of that great masturbation aid…phone sex. I can’t precisely remember when it first occurred to me to try to engage in an “obscene phone call.” Whenever it was, it was certainly well before I had ever heard of “phone sex” whether it was between a couple who knew each other (often a husband and wife separated for whatever reason) or the pay-to-play version that we all think of today.

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Autobiography of a Masturbator: Porn O’Graphicus, Part 5

Here continues the personal sexual history of one of the web’s leading masturbators, Porn O’Graphicus. He posted this originally in the affiliated masturbator group OnaniaSupport, but his excellent story deserves wider exposure. See also Part 4

Masturbation and Porn Addiction Story Part 5


It is July 8, 1981 — my 16th birthday. That very day, my mother took me to the local California Department of Motor Vehicles office so that I could take my driver’s test. I passed, getting a 91 out of 100 (and I’m still to this day pissed off that I didn’t get a perfect score — the motherfucking DMV asshole docked me three times for being too cautious at a stop sign). Anyway…I had my license. No restrictions in those days; I could drive by myself, whenever I wanted, wherever I wanted, and with whomever I wanted…well, whenever my parents would let me. :-)

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Autobiography of a Masturbator: Porn O’Graphicus, Part 4

Here continues the personal sexual history of one of the web’s leading masturbators, Porn O’Graphicus. He posted this originally in the affiliated masturbator group OnaniaSupport, but I think his excellent story deserves wider exposure. See also Part 3

When I last left you all in Part 3, just after entering the second half of my 13th year on this planet, I had just experienced my first two ejaculations while masturbating. As we enter this fourth “chapter” of my story and how I became a dedicated masturbator and user/collector of pornography, I am going to cover the rest of being 13 up through the end of my 15th year when getting my driver’s license opened up new and unexpected avenues for getting to porn and masturbating. But, at this time, I’m still stuck in a relatively small area that I could only cover by bicycle and living in a home where the signals about any sexual matter got even more crazily mixed and harshly confusing. Continue reading

Autobiography of a Masturbator: Porn O’Graphicus, Part 3

Here continues the personal sexual history of one of the web’s leading masturbators, Porn O’Graphicus . See all parts by 

As I left off at the end of the previous “chapter,” it was December 1977, I was 12 years and a few months old, and my family and I were on the move again…this time, to Sacramento, California. Unlike our many other moves, I was not happy about it. It had taken me a long time to make friends in New England (a long story for another place and time). But, once I did, I got very sad when I realized that I had to leave them. And, I certainly didn’t like moving in the middle of a school year. Nevertheless, off we went. To finish the story of my days in New England, I was in the 7th grade. This was the first time that I had to take a physical education class and shower afterward. I had already noticed that some of the boys even a year younger than me had already started to go through puberty. However, I was not worried. I don’t remember where I got the information, but I knew that the average age for that to happen was 13 and that it could happen a couple of years earlier or later. In addition, I still wasn’t clear on the orgasm thing, so I probably worried a lot less about it than a lot of other boys. I hadn’t really discussed this with any of my classmates other than in a brief, matter of fact way. None of them made a big deal about it, and I didn’t want to be too forward in asking any questions. That left me not knowing what to expect or what signs to look for to let me know that I was about to hit “the big change.” Continue reading

Autobiography of a Masturbator: Porn O’Graphicus, Part 2

Here continues the personal sexual history of one of the web’s leading masturbators, Porn O’Graphicus . See all parts by 

This second “chapter” of my personal story about how I have come to be such a lover of masturbation and pornography is kind of an odd one. It covers the years of late 1972 through December 1977, and my age during this period was seven up to 12. On the porn side, it was not very exciting. However, even though I did not realize it at the time, on the masturbation side, it wasn’t all that bad. The transition from “Part 1” into “Part 2” is marked by my parents and me moving from my home state to another one deeper in the American South. Unlike many kids faced with such a thing, I was excited about living in another place. The only sad thing for me was leaving behind my girlfriend, Teresa, who I still kept that young relationship with even though my mother had forbidden it — jeez…what was I going to do, get her pregnant at seven? :-)

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Autobiography of a Masturbator: Porn O’Graphicus, Part I

Here begins the personal sexual history of one of the web’s leading masturbators, Porn O’Graphicus .  See all parts by 

After getting a few replies to my intro both here and by direct e-mail, I am so excited and aroused by all of this that I am going to share in more detail some of the things I referenced in my first post. It has already passed through my mind that maybe I should start a masturbation blog like the ones I began discovering yesterday afternoon that ended up leading me to this Yahoo Group. However, I already have another “rant” Web site that keeps me quite entertained when the urge to masturbate doesn’t take over my body and I’m recharging my semen. That site is very fulfilling to my artistic side. Thus, even though I am definitely a masturbation addict, I am not one of those who does nothing but play with himself in his free time (although it is a big majority). :) So, in between now and a kind of dreamy state that I was in earlier this morning after my third intense ejaculation since finding this scene yesterday afternoon, I decided that I did indeed want to explain how I got to where I am today for my own arousal as well as all of yours. As I have planned it out so far, this will probably be a nine-part series that I will post here over the next few days and months as the mood strikes me. Also stuck somewhere in all of that will be some things to all of the guys who might want to hook up with me in one way or another as I sort out in my mind in what ways I am going to be comfortable in sharing what is usually a very private “hobby.” With something that seems like it will have nine “chapters” to it, I think that it is best to start at the beginning. I will be interested to see how many of you respond that you had a similar start in this world of masturbating and the strong need to seek out pornography as well as how many are shocked in how it all began or simply wish that they got the type of start that I did. Continue reading


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A masturbator wrote: Have the days of the SoloSexual Arrived???

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I am not sure if it is accepted but it is definitely tolerated,, or is it even encouraged???/.

This is a fascinating topic, I am really glad you brought it up, as I have been exploring this area of my masturbation constantly for the last 6 months. I have expressed to the the members here my intense pleasure in not only performing these tasks, but having the responsibility of taking our lifestyle to what are really main stream people.

I am giving away a bit here but truth is I haven’t published my findings on this very topic yet because I AM STILL IN RECEPTION MODE. Thats right I am still getting messages back and have a few pending.
its been going on for weeks…

Some conversations are so shockingly candid that I cant even begin to tell you. I am also concerned about keeping these people innocent so I have to obscure screen names/images ect…. there is a lot to do,but Richard has already offered any help I need so when I finally get to it I am just tickled pink to share what I have found.

Anyway as a teaser let me just say that I think that it is still reprehensible and can be loathed feared and derided without worry of reprisal. masturbators that are consistent CAN and DO lead normalized nonexistence with a fair number of people knowing and even dare I say accepting such abhorrent behavior as normal. or “just the way he is”

I can say this because I have been overall working on this for 5 yrs but recently have outed myself to around 30 individuals now, majority being female.

I have extensive knowledge and expertise on this area of acute chronic masturbation in its fetishistic form.

Onania Masturbator Forum: How I became addicted

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I was 12 yrs old and I was home alone every day of summer vacation as both my parents worked. My routine was to get naked and play with myself. As the days wore on I became more daring……….leaving doors open……….sneaking out on the back porch and occaisionally allowing myself to be “caught” naked in the house by a relative but making it look like an accident.

By August I needed more of a rush. I would go to the shrubs in front of the house…..remove my shorts and t-shirt. I would ly there totally naked and stroke while having a fantasy of being see by one of the teenage girls from the neighborhood. I constantly had wet dreams about running naked from the girls but not being able to escape and when confronted by them I would helplessly cum in front of them……..which of course was my wet dream. To increase the rush even further the next obvious step was to exit the front door totally naked leaving me no way to cover myself if caught. This was a total turn-on. I was lying there in masturmonial bliss………..totally naked and hard……….on my back with legs spread, eyes closed and playing with my little adolecent dick when I heard my name spoken. It was two of the women from the neighborhood. …..

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