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A masturbator wrote: Have the days of the SoloSexual Arrived???

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I am not sure if it is accepted but it is definitely tolerated,, or is it even encouraged???/.

This is a fascinating topic, I am really glad you brought it up, as I have been exploring this area of my masturbation constantly for the last 6 months. I have expressed to the the members here my intense pleasure in not only performing these tasks, but having the responsibility of taking our lifestyle to what are really main stream people.

I am giving away a bit here but truth is I haven’t published my findings on this very topic yet because I AM STILL IN RECEPTION MODE. Thats right I am still getting messages back and have a few pending.
its been going on for weeks…

Some conversations are so shockingly candid that I cant even begin to tell you. I am also concerned about keeping these people innocent so I have to obscure screen names/images ect…. there is a lot to do,but Richard has already offered any help I need so when I finally get to it I am just tickled pink to share what I have found.

Anyway as a teaser let me just say that I think that it is still reprehensible and can be loathed feared and derided without worry of reprisal. masturbators that are consistent CAN and DO lead normalized nonexistence with a fair number of people knowing and even dare I say accepting such abhorrent behavior as normal. or “just the way he is”

I can say this because I have been overall working on this for 5 yrs but recently have outed myself to around 30 individuals now, majority being female.

I have extensive knowledge and expertise on this area of acute chronic masturbation in its fetishistic form.

Onania Masturbator Forum: How I became addicted

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I was 12 yrs old and I was home alone every day of summer vacation as both my parents worked. My routine was to get naked and play with myself. As the days wore on I became more daring……….leaving doors open……….sneaking out on the back porch and occaisionally allowing myself to be “caught” naked in the house by a relative but making it look like an accident.

By August I needed more of a rush. I would go to the shrubs in front of the house…..remove my shorts and t-shirt. I would ly there totally naked and stroke while having a fantasy of being see by one of the teenage girls from the neighborhood. I constantly had wet dreams about running naked from the girls but not being able to escape and when confronted by them I would helplessly cum in front of them……..which of course was my wet dream. To increase the rush even further the next obvious step was to exit the front door totally naked leaving me no way to cover myself if caught. This was a total turn-on. I was lying there in masturmonial bliss………..totally naked and hard……….on my back with legs spread, eyes closed and playing with my little adolecent dick when I heard my name spoken. It was two of the women from the neighborhood. …..

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A masturbator wrote: The Boy I was in 1964 asks, Is It True that Girls Masturbate Too?

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Yes, and I would have been astounded and disappointed at the answer.

By the time I was 12, I had learned some of the bitter facts of life about
being male — like I was likely to be drafted into the army before I was 20
(something girls didn’t have to worry about); that even if I survived that
I was still likely to die sooner than my female cohorts; that if one day I
married and it didn’t work out, family courts didn’t treat ex-husbands at
all well, and so on. All these things I had learned by age 12.

And then one day I masturbated to my first orgasm and ejaculation. At last,
here was something that, as a male, I could enjoy its exquisiteness several
times a day, an exquisiteness that the girls in my life could not possibly
even begin to imagine.

At that time the words, masturbation, orgasm, and ejaculation were not yet
a part of my vocabulary. But I understood immediately the adaptive reasons
why friction on the penis would stimulate emission of sperm, and also why
it felt so good when it happened. I understood enough biology to know that
this was nature’s way of motivating us males to get the job of impregnating
the females in their midst done. The friction on the penis was supposed to
originate from a vagina, but I had been clever enough to find a way to
enjoy the entire delight without having to solve the impossible puzzle of
procuring a vagina for that purpose.

Of course each time I masturbated I imagined my penis was indeed receiving
its stimulation from a vagina — one belonging to Beth or Sally or
Priscilla or any of the other young ladies in my 7th grade class. But
afterward I often thought about how, when that blessed day came when the
vagina was a real one, I would be the only half of the twosome to enjoy the
coupling, with my partner, at best, enjoying it only vicariously.

In my young mind, enjoyment of sex, solo or with partner, was a special
privilege of being a boy. Sorry girls!

Oh yes — I did learn the truth long before I lost my virginity — that
girls masturbate too. I read it in a book when I was 14.

And yes, I was disappointed that it was not in fact a privilege that only
boys enjoyed. But the M-fantasies that arose from that new knowledge,
picturing Cynthia or Debbie or Alison or any of the other young ladies in
my 9th grade class playing with themselves — that made it all worthwhile.

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Face it, Masturbator: you aren’t getting any pussy. And your last attempt was a humiliating failure and only annoyed the pussy. So get past grieving for your lost manhood, and accept your life as a pussy-less Pathetic Male Masturbator. Join your fellow chronics and take the No Pussy Pledge! Just copy and paste the text below into a new reply, and edit or add your own remarks.


I, <your name>, openly acknowledge that Pussy is a Privilege, deserved only by Real Men and not by Pathetic Male Masturbators like me. I understand that pussies need to be fucked long hard and deep by large stiff cocks, not noodled and dribbled on by wimpy wanker weiners. I admit that I have voided all male claims to pussy by my constant compulsive masturbation. Therefore I pledge to cease all attempts at pussy fucking, now and for evermore. I surrender all male pussy privilege to alpha male breeders and accept my permanent role of pussy-less beta male masturbator. I promise never to annoy another pussy with my pathetic attempts at copulation, and even if a kind female offers me a pity-fuck I will respectfully decline and masturbate in front of her. In exchange for giving up pussy, I retain the right of unlimited access to and personal use of pussy pictures, plastic pussies, and most importantly Hand Pussy.

Onania Masturbator Forum: Addicted to jacking

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I mentioned in my introduction that I started masturbating compulsively at age 7. By age 10, when my friends would spend the night, I was begging them to sleep naked so we could jack off together. One or two of them were even nice enough to let me jack and suck them as well. At 14 I had a steady dose of hardcore porn on a daily basis. I knew immediately that porn was all I cared about in life – it was (and is) so glorious. In 8th grade, I masturbated so much during the course of one weekend that the entire underside of my penis was rubbed completely raw (I still have a slight scar there). That did not stop me though, I simply grabbed a soft cloth, wrapped it around my cock and kept stroking. During this time I discovered that the cloth rubbing against the sides of my head caused great pleasure sensations, so to this day I always masturbate with something wrapped around my cock, usually a pair of panties, but even a washcloth will do.

I never even tried to have sex with a girl during high school – my hand was all I needed.  …

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I’m just a freakingly lucky guy I guess, I’ve been touching
myself “inappropriately” and way, way to much and often since I was
eleven, and it seems the beat-off-gods have approved and blessed me
and my habit mightily!
Well, here’s what I’m talking about, just about a year ago my friend
Kathleen at work tells me she’s having an affair with a married
man. Not only is the dude married, but he’s here from England, and
since he can’t stay with her he needs a place to crash for six-
months or so. I figure I could use the extra cash flow having a
roommate would provide, I meet the guy, Kenny, and he’s nice enough
quirky accent, a slightly rough but sexy exterior, and so I decide
it’s a “go”.

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Peeping Tom

a masturbator wrote:

It was a dark night and I could clearly see into her window. The
curtains were open and a lamp on the table was on. The humidity was
thick and sweat dripped from my brow. I was hunched behind a bush
hoping no one could see me. I was wearing dark shorts and a dark
t-shirt. Even my sneakers were black. It was too hot for pants and
given my plans shorts were much more practical.
I heard a mosquito buzzing in my ear. I didn’t bother me. I’d been
bitten multiple times tonight and didn’t care. I could smell fresh
mulch at my feet. Her gardens must have been recently tended to. The
shrubs were trimmed and I was able to neatly fit between them. Up
close against the house my face was inches from the window screen. She
must not have had aircondtioning or liked the fresh air since her
window was open.

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Onania Masturbator Forum: Exposing my cock

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From the time I was a small kid I seemed to be in one situation or another where I saw grown men and their cocks. My Dad used to always wake up with a boner and he was never embarrassed or ashamed to walk down the hall scratching or rubbing his balls.

Usually there were Uncles or other relatives around. While I was not sexually molested as a kid I would say that I was sexualized at a very early age.

At the age of 11 I was staying at my Aunt and Grandmother’s house in Los Angeles. It was a two bedroom apartment. My cousin and I would have one room, my Aunt the other and my grandmother slept on the couch.

The next day my Aunt and my Grandmother decided to do a big shopping at the store. They asked my older cousin if he could keep an eye on me that we could hang out together while they did the shopping.

So my cousin said, “yeah that’s okay.” As soon as they left we went into the back bedroom. I turned on the TV in the room and put on a show. ….

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A masturbator wrote: Rejoin the pathetic bunch…a sense of belonging…

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Hi all, last night I had the most pathetic sex ever with my wife since we married 3 years ago. It was Valentine’s day and I decided to make it up for my young lovely wife. Sad thing (and probably foreseeable) was I had been binge masturbating for over a week (at least three times a day locking myself jerking to porn etc, either ejaculate or edge). Only two minute into pumping wife’s hole (which was extra tight since our last proper sex nearly two weeks ago), I went limp right away……My wife was rather surprised as all our previous sex last for a good half an hour at least. I said it was due to work stress, however, I know what caused this…

Now wife’s away again shopping, and like all other weekends I’m locking myself in the bedroom going through tons of porn and jacking brainlessly… I’m struggling since I don’t want to disappoint my wife any more, but I can’t stop my addiction either….