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…..Acquire the art of masturbation. Place some lubricant on your genitals. This will maximize the pleasure from each and every touch. Men will need to grasp their penis and rapidly move their hand up and down. While doing this, you will figure out the perfect stroke for you.

Do whatever feels the best. Some men enjoy more of a tight grasp, others more of a light one. You want to continue to do this motion until you ejaculate. Women will need to stimulate the clitoris. You do this by rubbing the clitoris and vulva with a finger or two. Also move your fingers up and down inside the vagina until you orgasm…….

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My boyfriend is addicted to masterbating(masturbating)

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My boyfriend & i have been together for 2 years this June. Our sex life was fine at the beginning till this problem came to light & now its been a year since I’ve been coping with it. About a year ago i started noticing that oursex life was no longer the same. we went from having sex numerous times a week to 1-2 a week. We are both 24 years old by the way. I started to notice if i was to initiate it he would tell me he’s tired or not in the mood. So now i’m to the point where im about to leave him due to this. a couple of months ago my bf confesses to me that the reason we are not having sexas often is because he’s been masterbating (masturbating). my bf goes to the gym daily & takes protein along with another substance that gives him energy so he says that the moment he gets out of the gym he gets thisurge to have sex & since i am at work he opts for masterbation(masturbation) so when i see him later on in the evening he doesnt want to have sex since the job has already been done. this issue has affected me in numerous ways. my self esteem is low, i am insecure about myself & our relationship. he tells me that hes trying to control himself but that its real hard. how do i understand him? what can i do to help & is there even something that can be done to fix this issue? my bf kept this whole “im addicted to masterbating (masturbating)” secret from me for a long time & for a long time i would cry to him & tell him how neglected i feel & how this has affected my esteem & still he would masterbate rather than controlling himself in order to please me. i no longer know what to do i hope you can help.

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5 Ways to Make Masturbation Even Better | Em & Lo: Sex. Love. And Everything in Between.

I think we can all agree now that plenty of women enjoy masturbation at least as much as men. But the way women enjoy masturbation can vary widely — and many need a bit of extra help getting themselves in the mood. I like to think that my masturbation dates deserve just as much seduction as my partner explorations. So here are my 5 suggestions for fashioning an unforgettable night in with yourself:

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THE ONANIZER – Your Ultimate Masturbation Experience (TRAILER) © Jan Manski

The Onanizer – Your Ultimate Masturbation Experience is at the root of Onania. Designed to mould seamlessly to the user’s body, the ‘limitless pleasure’ machine invites its users to a realm of singular focus on themselves.

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Wet Dream Forum • View topic – ????????? WET DREAMS – WHAT ARE THEY? ?????????

We are a group of men who wish to have and enjoy wet dreams on a regular basis. It is an informal group that is primarily research oriented investigating how wet dreams work, why men get or do not get wet dreams, what causes wet dreams, and the impact of abstinence on wet dreams. We range in age from 18 to over 50, and come from various wet dream and masturbation pasts. Some of us have never masturbated and are already experience frequent wet dreams. Some have masturbated frequently during their lives and have never experienced a wet dream before. Others have had at least one wet dream in the past, or several, and are attempting to have another wet dream. The common thread amongst us all though, is we all are either fascinated by and/or enjoy experiencing wet dreams.

The group supports a program of complete abstinence of any form of orgasm or ejaculation while awake, either through masturbation or sex, in an effort to force the mind to recreate erotic stimuli while we sleep, and thus generate a wet dream. While this program is not a proven method to guarantee a wet dream, this group has experienced significant success with achieving wet dreams by following the abstinence program, even among those who rarely experienced wet dreams in the past.

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His brilliant cum

a masturbator said:

I just gotta tell everyone about the way I came during my jack off
session on Friday, it was so hot.
I’ve always shot my cum a long way over my chest if I wank laying
down, or ahead of me if I’m standing up. Lots of guys have said how
cool it is to cum so hard and far but then when I see a guy’s cum
leave his penis kinda ‘gently’ I always think it would be hot to be
able to cum like that too, then I can catch it in my hand or cum in a
certain place like on a table or whatever.
Well I was having a fairly normal jack off session last Friday, I had
been showing on my open cam for about 2 hours or so, stroking my
penis slowly at times, fast and hard at others, occasionally edging
but not cumming. As I normally do during my wank sessions, I had let
go of my penis, leaving it erect and vertical, foreskin pulled back,
to write something to a guy I’d been chatting with, and something
truly brilliant happened!
My penis wasn’t in an edged state, but suddenly while typing I could
feel I was starting to cum! I looked down at my penis and a stream of
thick juicy cum just helped itself slowly out of the top of my penis,
trickled down over my glans, down my shaft, over my balls, down over
my thigh, and into a pool on my chair! This was so HOT! It went on
for about 20 seconds I guess, and as well as ending up with cum on my
penis, balls, and thigh, there was a pool of cum about 3 inches in
diameter on the chair! It is totally true that I have Never cum like
this before! It was unbelievable to see my cum like this, but also
the feeling inside while it was happening was brilliant! Even better
yet was that it did not have the effect of a normal orgasm and be an
end to my wank, so I was able to carry on masturbating, with the
bonus of having all that cum there to rub into my penis, balls and
I would be so happy to be able to cum like this again whenever I
like, but I am really not sure what I did differently to make it
happen in the first place! I gotta go now to have another try!!!
See ya soon :-)


Something similar happens to me if I masturbate right up to the edge, then
let go of my penis as soon as I feel ejaculation start. Some people call
that a “ruined” or “minimized” orgasm. But it feels good, and I can start
right away building to a new one. I can do this 2-3 times before I have to
squirt a final complete release.


I know what you’re saying. The difference to what you describe
Richard, is that I hadn’t actually masturbated to the point of
feeling the ejaculation about to start in this case. There was no way
of knowing that this was about to happen. Thinking about it a bit
more, a few other differences with what happened to me and cumming
because of ‘passing the point of no return’ were:
the time between last touching my penis and when the cum started
to ‘cum’ – which was much longer, maybe about 30 seconds or so, and
also that I didn’t really feel that much pumping from my balls, if
any, like you would have in a normal ejaculation.
In a way, cumming after not touching my penis for so long could be a
case of ‘cumming without touching my penis’, [which I’ve sadly never
been able to do], but if that was what happened, then wouldn’t I have
felt something in my balls, and wouldn’t it have ‘ruined’ my eventual
orgasm, rather than extending and enhancing it!?
I dunno about that but what I ‘do’ know is it was excellent!!
One other thing is that in my original post I mentioned other guys
cumming and seeing me cum etc, well I hope that hasn’t offended the
females here because I am happy to discuss my jack off sessions with
anyone! It’s just that I copied and pasted the post direct from my
masturbation blog and forgot to change certain words.

Fucking the Vaseline jar

Elton said:

“Fetish” is defined by “Webster” as “an object believed among primitive people to have magical power…an object or a body part that arouses libido…”

Once I learned about jackin’-off at the age of 14 and that my li’l dick could be used for more than jus takin’ a leak, there was no stoppin’ me, guys! I was open to anything. The hose of my mom’s Hoover? Went there; did that. A greased up empty tube from an empty roll of toilette paper? Same! Cuttin’ a hole in the top of a melon? Whadda YOU think, guys? Corin’ an apple, lubin’ the core up with butter, added’ a little Cinnamon and sugar, and forcin’ my dick-head inside the messy goo? Shit! After screwin’ the apple round ‘n round my fuck knob for about 5 minutes, my nuts were addin’ to the sticky stuff inside. Didn’t taste half bad, either, for sure. Juicey, for real.

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Podcasturbation #07-0523: It’s OK, Admit It

Podcasturbation #07-0523: It’s OK, Admit It

It’s OK, admit it: you are addicted to masturbation. If you have recently realized that you are addicted, having trouble admitting it to yourself, or just suspect that you might be addicted, listen to this podcasturbation. It will help you recognize, admit, and accept your masturbation addiction.

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