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The old man next door

When I was a young teen wanker in the 70’s I had to rely so much more on my imagination for masturbation inspiration, I envy the lads today who have 24/7 access to every pornographic subject under the sun via the wonderful internet.

One of my techniques was to stand at my bedroom window, naked from the waist down, staring out over the gardens and village below and playing with my penis. Often a pretty girl walking past in a short skirt would be enough to get me off, or a sexy older woman with big breasts jiggling past, even better if they glanced up and saw me in the window, not knowing what I was shamefully doing below. I think every female in our village had a cum tribute at some point, several a day at the weekend.

One summer I started to see an old man lying on a sun lounger tucked behind his shed in the corner of his garden a few doors down, I could only just see into his little sun trap from the corner of my wanking window, I only spotted him while trying to get a final glimpse of a set of big MILF titties a few doors down. The thing that caught my eye was that he was naked! The first time I spotted him he was face down, nicely tanned with a nice big bare bottom. I never thought of myself as attracted to men, but it was a naked bum and enough of a sexual novelty to make me cum into my tissues nicely. I had a few nice cums watching him, and felt suitably ashamed and embarrassed by using a naked man to jerk off to. It made me feel very kinky.   Continue reading

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Onania . Org/asm expresses my personal experiences living with masturbation addiction and a life-long  fascination with masturbatory behavior — especially in its more chronic and compulsive manifestations. Here I reveal my innermost needs and conflicts. But it is more than a personal mental ejaculation. It is a resource for people living with masturbation addiction, dealing with uncontrollable urges. Here you will find a wide range of articles, fiction, and audio programs dealing with the subject of chronic masturbation.

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About Me

I am a masturbator — a chronic masturbator. I am incurably addicted to the unnaturally strong sexual gratifications a male achieves only through practiced self-stimulation. I am married and heterosexual, but my fundamental sexual orientation has become autoerotic. Masturbation has become my only mode of sexual expression; animates my erotic fantasies with bizarre and extreme scenarios; consumes my time with reading and writing about it; and drives me to personally connect with fellow male onanists.

But along with the indescribably delicious rapture experienced during extended masturbation, I feel conflict and anxiety about my habit. I must admit to myself that the pleasure comes at a cost in time, accomplishments, and relationships. I often feel that I do it “too much”, neglecting responsibilities and ambitions; from time to time try to stop or cut back, but always fall back into unrestrained self-indulgence. The sense of personal enslavement and lack of self control feeds a shame response, which has become eroticized over time and is now inseparable from the act of masturbation and only stimulates me to greater excess. To borrow a phrase, “I am ashamed because I masturbate, and I masturbate because I am ashamed.”

About You

Your presence here, your discovery of this dark corner of the Web is not accidental. You share the experiences I  describe. Like me, you are a chronic masturbator. Perhaps even an addicted masturbator. You may know and acknowledge your masturbatory nature, or you may be just now discovering it. You are welcome here, and I promise you are not alone.

If this self-awareness is new to you, it may be difficult to accept. The world is not kind to chronic masturbators. We are objects of pity, or derision. We are not “real men”. We hide our nature to avoid ridicule and embarrassment. You know this; you feel ashamed and guilty for what you are becoming. But it’s OK, I understand. You are a masturbator. It is not something you can stop or control. You are welcome here, and I promise you are not alone.

That is why you have come here: to feel that you are not alone. You want, you need, you must know that others feel the call of our own flesh and willingly surrender to it. You want to know how another masturbator handles himself, what fantasies he has, what toys he uses, whether like you he is in rut for his own hand or feels the sweet sad emptiness after a spurting release. You are welcome here, and I promise you are not alone.

Perhaps you have a partner but find yourself uninterested or even incapable of partner sex — your male organs feel so much better in your own hands. You want to know if others no longer enter their partners, and wish only to copulate with themselves. You are welcome here, and I promise you are not alone.

So many secrets you want to know, and to reveal your secrets in turn. And you instinctively know that only another chronic masturbator can understand how you feel and accept you without judgement. You are welcome here, and I promise you are not alone.

About this Site


I operate this site both as a personal hobby and a voluntary service for the community of chronic masturbators. It is completely non-commercial: I don’t make money from it, and support it entirely from my own resources.  I don’t track cookies, or keep or resell any personal information on visitors. 

The site is male in focus, both because I am male and I believe that males make up the vast majority of addicted masturbators. Chronic masturbation is a behavior that cuts across all sexual preference lines, and adult men of all sexual orientations from straight to gay will find much in common here.

Women also are fully welcome to enjoy the site (and post comments), whether you are a chronic masturbator yourself, the partner of a masturbator, or simply curious about male masturbatory habits. Female partners of male masturbators have a special role: your help and understanding can assist the addicted male to control his habit and maintain balance with other priorities in life. I invite ladies to contact me personally by email if you have questions.

Chronic masturbation is a major social and personal challenge facing males today. Once in the grip of masturbatory addiction, it is virtually impossible for the male to free himself from the habit. For some it can take over his life, leading to loss of esteem, career achievement, social ties, and family well being. Shame and embarrassment, fear of humiliation and ridicule, prevent us from openly discussing our issues with family, friends, or counselors. This site may help those struggling in silence.

However, if you reject your urges and sincerely wish to escape your masturbatory habits, then beware: you will find no help or comfort here. I offer only the cautionary example of a soul who long ago lost that battle and unconditionally surrendered to living with habitual and chronic masturbation addiction.

Where did the name “Onania” come from?

The name Onania comes from a seminal work Onania; or, The Heinous Sin of Self-Pollution on the dangers of masturbation published anonymously in London in 1723.

see also

Chronic Masturbation or Over Masturbation?

Chronic Masturbation

First of all, the majority of masturbation is healthy and positive. “Over masturbation” or chronic masturbation is rare and means different things to different men.

Scientist decided to do some research with some extra hands and with a few extra dollars in their research budgets. They wanted to look into the subject of the effects masturbation and over masturbation had on our bodies.

So what’s the result? Continue reading

Compulsive Masturbation | Porn Addiction Behaviors

Compulsive masturbation itself this can take place in differing forms. For example, there are women who masturbate daily as a part of their “morning or evening routine.” Jennifer, in treatment for her problems with both sex addiction and early trauma, has the following to say about her experiences:

Looking back now I can see that before I started working on this I had huge denial about how compulsive and driven an experience masturbation was in my life. Because the behavior itself was so built into my routines and I saw it like washing my hands or brushing my teeth I never thought of it as something that could interfere with my attempts at sexual relationships or self-esteem as a woman. My association with masturbation was simple. Every morning when I showered I masturbated to fantasy and every night before I went to sleep I masturbated to porn to help me relax. I never questioned it and at 37 years old I had a 22-year history of this behavior before I got into treatment and was asked the question by my therapist, “How often do you masturbate and why do you choose to masturbate when you do?” Choose? I never chose. Masturbation is just what I did.

via Compulsive Masturbation | Porn Addiction Behaviors.

BBC NEWS: Does sex addiction exist?

Some pros and cons about whether sex can be an addiction

It’s a very serious addiction, says Paula Hall, who runs a group therapy course for “sex addicts” in Warwickshire, and it’s believed about one in 20 people suffer from it.

Although not a chemical addiction like alcohol or heroin, it’s a “process addiction” like gambling, she says, with a biochemical element linked to the release of dopamine in the brain.

“It’s a compulsive need to seek out and follow a certain type of sexual behaviour. That behaviour varies but it’s basically an anaesthetising behaviour, something you are doing in order to avoid dealing with something else.

“It’s a coping mechanism and it’s totally and entirely out of control. You are continuing to pursue it in spite of the consequences, like losing your job, your status, your wife and your health.”

Addicts are usually men and they are of any age, she says, and from any background. The behaviour ranges from viewing online porn for a few hours a day, which is usually a starting point and then escalates, to visiting prostitutes at every opportunity.

“It’s a way of escaping from low self-esteem, feelings of anger and insecurity. It’s not really about sex. It’s driven by shame.

“You feel about yourself and one way to stop feeling bad about yourself is to do something nice, but afterwards you feel even worse about yourself.”

But others say    Continue reading

Are you addicted to masturbation?

Are you addicted to masturbation? Or suspect you may be? Are you spending more and more time masturbating? Do you think about masturbating, even when you are not doing it? Have you tried stopping or cutting back, but just can’t seem to give it up? Does the thought that you may be losing control excite you to masturbate even more?

If you have discovered this website, then you may already be addicted to masturbation, perhaps incurably so. If that possibility disturbs you, then you may be “in denial” about your addiction. The first step in coming to terms with masturbation addiction is the forthright and honest admission of your condition. 

Are you addicted? These tests and articles may help you find out.

Audio programs to help you identify and come to terms with your masturbation addiction

Onania . Org/asm offers  podcasturbations (audio recordings) may help you determine whether you are addicted, and admit to yourself your compelling need for masturbatory gratification.



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A masturbator wrote: Have the days of the SoloSexual Arrived???

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

I am not sure if it is accepted but it is definitely tolerated,, or is it even encouraged???/.

This is a fascinating topic, I am really glad you brought it up, as I have been exploring this area of my masturbation constantly for the last 6 months. I have expressed to the the members here my intense pleasure in not only performing these tasks, but having the responsibility of taking our lifestyle to what are really main stream people.

I am giving away a bit here but truth is I haven’t published my findings on this very topic yet because I AM STILL IN RECEPTION MODE. Thats right I am still getting messages back and have a few pending.
its been going on for weeks…

Some conversations are so shockingly candid that I cant even begin to tell you. I am also concerned about keeping these people innocent so I have to obscure screen names/images ect…. there is a lot to do,but Richard has already offered any help I need so when I finally get to it I am just tickled pink to share what I have found.

Anyway as a teaser let me just say that I think that it is still reprehensible and can be loathed feared and derided without worry of reprisal. masturbators that are consistent CAN and DO lead normalized nonexistence with a fair number of people knowing and even dare I say accepting such abhorrent behavior as normal. or “just the way he is”

I can say this because I have been overall working on this for 5 yrs but recently have outed myself to around 30 individuals now, majority being female.

I have extensive knowledge and expertise on this area of acute chronic masturbation in its fetishistic form.

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The Onania Masturbator Forum

is  a supportive, affirming community of people living with chronic addiction to masturbation. The focus is on our lives as addicted masturbators, and the pleasures / conflicts / impacts related to our compelling habit. If you (or a partner ) are addicted to masturbation, you are encouraged to join. Here are some samples of the discussions:

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In Onania Masturbator Forum  we freely share our masturbatory fantasies and techniques, including extreme excessive practices used to intensify autoerotic gratification. We explore our conflicts about the costs of masturbation addiction on career, family, friends, and life goals. We process residual feelings of shame, guilt, and humiliation that for some attach to chronic masturbation.

Unlike other pro- or anti-masturbation groups, the Forum is value-neutral and non-judgmental. We make no assumption that masturbation addiction is inherently good or bad, or that chronic masturbators should seek to change their behavior. Each member is free to form and express his own opinions without fear of criticism or judgment. We offer understanding, encouragement, and validation — both to those still struggling with their compulsions and to those finally reconciled to permanent and incurable masturbation addiction.

Onania Masturbator Forum welcomes both male and female masturbators (and partners of masturbators), from gay to straight in sexual orientation. Though a large percentage of the members are male, ladies are encouraged to join and are treated with respect.


Onania Masturbator Forum: How I became addicted

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I was 12 yrs old and I was home alone every day of summer vacation as both my parents worked. My routine was to get naked and play with myself. As the days wore on I became more daring……….leaving doors open……….sneaking out on the back porch and occaisionally allowing myself to be “caught” naked in the house by a relative but making it look like an accident.

By August I needed more of a rush. I would go to the shrubs in front of the house…..remove my shorts and t-shirt. I would ly there totally naked and stroke while having a fantasy of being see by one of the teenage girls from the neighborhood. I constantly had wet dreams about running naked from the girls but not being able to escape and when confronted by them I would helplessly cum in front of them……..which of course was my wet dream. To increase the rush even further the next obvious step was to exit the front door totally naked leaving me no way to cover myself if caught. This was a total turn-on. I was lying there in masturmonial bliss………..totally naked and hard……….on my back with legs spread, eyes closed and playing with my little adolecent dick when I heard my name spoken. It was two of the women from the neighborhood. …..

For more like this, join the Onania Masturbator Forum,  a supportive, affirming community of people living with chronic addiction to masturbation. The focus is on our lives as addicted masturbators, and the pleasures / conflicts / impacts related to our compelling habit.