Fergus MacDougal’s – First Four Stages

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This is yet another recounting of my sexual history, just up to the point where Playboy entered my life at age twelve. It is more structured and analytical than the account on my blog.

Fergus MacDougal’s – First Four Stages



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Earl Flen: Thoughts on Married Masturbation

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Thoughts on Married Masturbation


Why do us married guys masturbate? Can’t we just fuck our wives? (We don’t really have any excuse for jacking off) Does wifey know you masturbate? Does wifey know how MUCH you masturbate? Uhh … does wifey masturbate?

Listen, first of all fucking is not just about pussy. Fucking is a partnership thing. Most husbands are more concerned with giving her what she needs than with just getting some pussy. For most of us it’s about her and about both of us. Fortunately she usually feels the same way about us, and that makes it work out just fine. Wifey makes sure we cum in her pussy and get the whole 9 yards of fucking. Most husbands, most wives. Partnership. Sure, there are some other relationships. Ask somebody else about that. Not us normal run-of-the-mill husbands.

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Onania Masturbator Forum: addiction to masturbation

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

I want to share the things that are going thru my mind as my addiction to masturbation continues to grow. First, every waking moment that my mind is not occupied with a task, of some kind, I am thinking about masturbating my cock. Porn is no longer always required, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy porn, it’s a fuel, but it’s not always required. My mind goes right to my addiction, so chronic that I want to share it with other masturbators. I don’t need to touch myself every time, heck I’m rock hard just writing about my addiction to touching myself. I can’t clear these thoughts from my head. I was told this could happen, and I never imagined it would continue to this level. I feel so helpless, and this arouses me more. I am touching myself now, I want the feeling all the time. Stroking gives me the feeling, the feeling requires the stroking, stroking gives me the feeling, the feeling requires the stroking……………jay mayo


For more like this, join the Onania Masturbator Forum,  a supportive, affirming community of people living with chronic addiction to masturbation. The focus is on our lives as addicted masturbators, and the pleasures / conflicts / impacts related to our compelling habit.

Dangerous Sexual Secrets

Do we have any Stage 4 Masturbators reading this blog? Then be warned:

from Dangerous Sexual Secrets – Article by Barrington H. Brennen

… Is masturbation all that bad? Well, research tells us that many single Christian teenagers and young adults are feeding the sexual appetites through masturbation, thereby increasing their risk of sexual dysfunctions during marriage. Let met explain the stages or types of masturbation. The first stage is the discovery stage, which some may not call masturbation. This stage involves little boys or girls discovering their body parts. The attitude of parents during this time will determine whether or not this discovering turns in a habit. The second stage is the pressure release stage when one is fully aware of body functions and may attain sexual gratification from masturbation. This is also the stage or type of masturbation used for therapeutic or medical reason that may be considered healthy. At this stage it is not a habit. However, this is the risk stage when the habit is formed. Stage 3 is the exploitive stage. It is definitely a habit and sexual fantasy is involved. Stage 4 is the compulsive stage when the individual is compulsively addictive. He/she is trapped with the mental and physical addictions of masturbation and finds him/herself in a cycle of repeating a behavior that seems impossible to break.

Masturbation is dangerous because it is addictive. No form of sexual addiction is healthy. One gentleman told me that it was easier for him to stop the use of marijuana than to stop masturbating. God never intended for the sex act to be a solitary experience served through masturbation. God designed sexual intercourse to be shared between a husband and wife as the highest expression of intimacy.

Should Christian single men and women use masturbation as a means of releasing sexual tension to avoid fornication? Certainly not. With the addictive element and lust thoughts and transitory nature, I cannot recommend masturbating as a method for an occasional release of sexual tension.

more Dangerous Sexual Secrets – Article by Barrington H. Brennen

Jay Mayo: masturbation addiction, how I got here in 338 words

masturbation addiction, how I got here in 338 words

by Jay Mayo

About five years ago, it occurred to me that I might have a problem with masturbation. Although I had been masturbating for as long as I can remember, it never had been this intense. The internet had something to do with this, easy easy access to porn, porn of all forms. Masturbation education web sites, I call them. Whether it’s some stud with a 9 inch prick fucking a hot lusty MILF with shaved pussy and legs spread, or two hot lesbians licking each others cunts. Or some sissy being fucked is his boy pussy by his mistress. Maybe a young hottie drinking a cock dry, take your pick, I like them all. I’m stimulated, my penis growing hard just writing this, I want to masturbate. I want to stroke my shaft. MASTURBATE

Once I understood that there were others, like me, with the same addiction, I started masturbating even more and more. I felt that I belonged to a group, part of something. Not alone.

I discovered edging, before I knew it was called “edging”. The feeling in my penis, the intense wonderful feeling, that I am at a loss to describe, became greater with the increased time edging my penis to the brink and back. Soon I was having partial ejaculations, before I knew they had a name. They are a glorious form of masturbation that I truly enjoy as often as I’m able to perform. Run up to the brink of orgasm, and slow down, back off, over and over, the most addictive feeling there is for me. Partial ejaculations a result of increase edging, become more and more desirable, the dripping, the cum. Sometimes, I get this involuntary pumping in my penis, and it’s dry, like a dry cum, just two or three pumps at a time, what an incredible feeling and it goes on and on. Add an anal probe to my prostate, the feeling is unbelievable. I’m a sick addicted masturbator. I jack off every chance I can. I’m masturbating now. Jay Mayo

A masturbator wrote: hands in our pockets

a masturbator wrote: 

now that I am looking for it, it seems like out on the street, in stores, standing in lines, I see more and more guys with one hand in their pocket rubbing themselves discreetly.  I know I have started doing this and it seems to be epidemic.      hopefully my observations are correct.  hopefully we are all doing this as a visible sign of our addiction.

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Earl Flen: Granny Begins My Addiction

Granny Begins My Addiction

By Earl Flen

If I am a chronically addicted masturbator (and I am), my first “pusher” was my grandmother. It was she who “strung me out” and made me so that any time I get the chance, I masturbate, even after all these years since she first got me addicted to it.

When I was about 11 my parents sent me to stay with her for a week while they went out of town. I told my mother I didn’t want to stay with Grandma because she was fat and I didn’t like her. And she was fat, around 250 pounds, I guess. She had a bulging tummy, fat thighs and a huge ass. She sort of rolled when she walked and I thought she was awful. My mother just smiled and told me that’s where I was going anyway.

At Grandma’s house, I stayed in my room as much as I could. I had learned to masturbate that summer and I thought that it would be the perfect time to jack off. Grandma was just letting me be alone in the guest room. I waited until I knew she was downstairs watching her TV and then I pulled my pants down and began to jerk off. Just as I was really getting into it, I looked up to see Grandma standing in the bedroom doorway. The look on her face scared me and my erection immediately deflated.

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Fergus MacDougal – Magazines

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

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Doctor: Pornography addiction may affect sexual performance

From the web
 explore the unknown world of sex and may lead to sexual self-gratification (read masturbation).  It can be addictive, meaning that even in a normal relationship, these persons may need to watch  For your boyfriend, it seems like an addiction; therefore, you may need to see a counsellor