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We are a group of men who wish to have and enjoy wet dreams on a regular basis. It is an informal group that is primarily research oriented investigating how wet dreams work, why men get or do not get wet dreams, what causes wet dreams, and the impact of abstinence on wet dreams. We range in age from 18 to over 50, and come from various wet dream and masturbation pasts. Some of us have never masturbated and are already experience frequent wet dreams. Some have masturbated frequently during their lives and have never experienced a wet dream before. Others have had at least one wet dream in the past, or several, and are attempting to have another wet dream. The common thread amongst us all though, is we all are either fascinated by and/or enjoy experiencing wet dreams.

The group supports a program of complete abstinence of any form of orgasm or ejaculation while awake, either through masturbation or sex, in an effort to force the mind to recreate erotic stimuli while we sleep, and thus generate a wet dream. While this program is not a proven method to guarantee a wet dream, this group has experienced significant success with achieving wet dreams by following the abstinence program, even among those who rarely experienced wet dreams in the past.

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