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Podcasturbation #10-0524: Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

I am presuming that a large number of chronic masturbators are also Star Trek fans, and vice versa. For them I do not need to explain the relevance to masturbation addiction of the title of this podcasturbation.  For others, please review http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borg_(Star_Trek) prior to pulling your pants down.

[mast] [masturbation] [chronic] [edging] [JOE] [JOI] [penis babble] [addiction] 

Podcasturbation #10-0725: It’s Soooo Humiliating!

For some of us, it’s deliciously humiliating to be a chronic masturbator. Many chronic masturbators enjoy videos featuring humiliation by females. Some have wondered if there were any videos featuring males humiliating masturbators. In this podcasturbation I attempt to satisfy that need. And please understand, that I humiliate you not for my own pleasure, but for yours.

[mast] [masturbation] [orgasm] [chronic] [embarrassment] [humiliation] [namecalling] [pathetic [shame] [philosophy of masturbation] [advice to masturbators]

Podcasturbation #10-0822: Itsy-Bitsy-Teenie-Weenie

I want to ask you a very personal question: How small is your penis? Not “what size” or “how large”, but “how small is it?”. If this question seems offensive or stupid, then please ignore this podcasturbation. But if your little dickie twitches when somebody asks that, then pull out your itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie and prepare to enjoy a little “small penis humiliation”.

[sph] [smalll penis] [mast] [masturbation] [embarrassment] [humiliation] [JOE] [JOI] [namecalling] [pathetic] [penis]  

Podcasturbation #10-0907: Can I call you “Masturbator”?

You don’t mind if I call you by your real name, do you, Masturbator? That’s not just what you are. That’s who you are. 

[mast] [masturbation] [chronic] [degradation] [embarrassment] [humiliation] [JOE] [namecalling] [pathetic] [shame]

Podcasturbation #10-0922: Red Light / Green Light Orgasm Control

Do sometimes ejaculate prematurely when you edge? Do you lose control and orgasm before you mean to? Is the male ejaculatory urge too much for you to resist? Do you feel like a pathetic lonely jerk-off who can’t hold his cum? Masturbator, let’s face it, you’re a little short in the self discipline department. (You wouldn’t be a masturbator if you had any will power, would you?)

[mast] [masturbation] [ejaculation control] [chronic] [denial] [edging] [premature ejaculation [humiliation] [JOI] [pathetic] [orgasm training] [advice to masturbators]

Podcasturbation #10-1009: Stupid Gooney Masturbator

Do you feel stupid when you masturbate for a prolonged period? Do you make gooney noises when you stroke your penis for hours? This podcasturbation is for all stupid gooney masturbators. Like you.  Like me.

[mast] [masturbation] [humiliation] [JOE] [JOI] [moaning] [namecalling] [pathetic] [stupid] [gooning] [penis babble] [edging]

Podcasturbation #11-0101: When did you stop stopping?

Most chronic addicted masturbators have tried to kick the habit at one time. Many of us have struggled for control, only to lose the battle repeatedly. Eventually, we give up and stop trying to stop masturbating. When did you give up? When did you finally accept the inevitability of your addiction? When did you “stop stopping?”

[mast] [masturbation] [chronic] [addiction] [helpless] [humiliation] [can’t stop masturbating [namecalling] [pathetic] [shame] [philosophy of masturbation] [advice to masturbators]

Podcasturbation #11-0112: Tenga Flip Hole Plastic Pussy — user review

Like most chronic addicted masturbators, I normally prefer to stimulate my penis with my bare hand.  But even a masturbator still has the male instinct to thrust and penetrate. When that need comes over me, I use a plastic pussy. Recently I acquired a Tenga Flip-Hole Masturbator, and a Doc Johnson “The Tube”, both available from Amazon.com.  (See more info at the Tenga site.) In this podcasturbation, I give each a workout on my pussy-couch, inserting the plastic pussy in the couch cushions and having a fine old fuck.

Tenga Flip-Hole

Produced by Onania.Org/asm http://onania.org/asm/

Podcasturbation #11-0512: A Masturbator’s Confessional

Whether you are a “proud” or “shameful” masturbator, we all like to confess our habits to ourselves and to each other. Listen to this podcasturbation and confess along with me, “I am a chronic addicted masturbator …. “

(some audio problems on this one)

[mast] [masturbation] [confession] [chronic] [embarrassment] [JOE] [namecalling] [pathetic] [penis] [shame] [ramblefap] [gooning] [penis babble] 

Podcasturbation #11-0513 : How Long Can You Hold It?

Feedback from listeners convinces me that edging and orgasm control games are among the most popular themes in my podcasturbations, especially the “Red Light / Green Light” game. Here is a long one for you. How long can you hold it?

(some audio problems on this one)

[mast] [masturbation] [orgasm control] [red light / green light] [chronic] [teasing] [denial] [edging] [ejaculation]  [humiliation] [JOI] [namecalling] [advice to masturbators]

Podcasturbation #14-1210: Taking my new plastic pussy for a test fuck

Sometimes masturbators feel the need to thrust and penetrate like normal males. Since we can’t handle real pussy, a plastic pussy allows us to satisfy this instinctive male urge. I have a collection of plastic pussies, each with its own characteristic feel. In this podcasturbation I try out one I recently acquired.

In two parts: Part A | Part B

[mast] [masturbation] [plastic pussy] [chronic] [pussy teasing] [JOE] [moaning] [pathetic] [stupid] [ramblefap] [philosophy of masturbation]

Podcasturbation #14-1216: Emasculated by masturbation

Are you a manly masturbator? Or do you feel that a lifetime of chronic masturbation has emasculated you, destroyed your manhood, taken away your natural maleness? And does that arouse you to even more masturbation and emasculation? You are not alone. 

[mast] [masturbation]  [chronic] [emasculation] [degradation] [humiliation] [namecalling] [pathetic] [philosophy of masturbation] 

Podcasturbation #15-0126: Introduction to Moaning / Gooning for Masturbators 101

This podcasturbation covers the fundamentals of masturbatory vocalization. We describe masturbatory best practices of moaning, groaning, and gooning, in order to amplify the physical gratification of masturbation. We consider why some masturbators may miss this enhanced level of pleasure, due to shyness, embarrassment, or misplaced male role modeling. If you are a silent masturbator, you will gain insight to your inhibitions and gain gratification-enhancing vocal skills. If you are already a moaner/groaner/gooner you will enjoy the opportunity to practice your vocalization technique along with me.

[mast] [masturbation] [chronic] [edging] [JOI] [moaning] [penis] [stupid] [training [gooning] [penis babble] [advice to masturbators]

Podcasturbation #15-0203: Couch Pussy Pitty-Fuck

Hey, Masturbator — are you getting any pussy? I didn’t think so. What you need is a pittyfuck, and the sure way to get one is from a couch. What, you’ve never humped a couch? Just get out your FleshLight or make a homemade rubber pussy, and let’s get a couch pussy pittyfuck. (Sorry about the audio clicks on this recording). 

[pity fuck] [mast] [masturbation] [chronic] [degradation] [humiliation] [JOI] [pathetic] [plastic pussy] [couch pussy] [furniture fucking] [advice to masturbators]

Podcasturbation #15-0918: Masturbators masturbating to masturbation

What is it about that word, “masturbation”? Or the act itself? One of the defining characteristics of a true chronic masturbator is fascination with everything about the act, and with other masturbators. Are you a masturbator who masturbates to masturbation? 

[chronic]  [masturbation] [edging] [teasing] [denial] [namecalling] [JOE] [ramblefap] [philosophy of masturbation] 

Podcasturbation #16-0118: Less is More: A Small Penis is Best for Masturbators

Do you have a small penis? You are lucky. Small penises are best for chronic masturbators like you. If you don’t have a small penis, then you can enjoy small penis envy in this podcasturbation.

[chronic]  [masturbation] [embarrassment]  [humiliation] [namecalling] [degradation] [pathetic] [small penis] [sph]

Podcasturbation #16-0519: The Post-Pussy Masturbator

Are you still able to have vaginal intercourse? Or have you become a post-pussy masturbator? If not yet, you eventually will, and sooner than you think. This podcasturbation discusses the three phases of the heterosexual male masturbator: pre-pussy, intra-pussy, and post-pussy. The post-pussy phase is explored, in both its negative and positive aspects. 

[chronic]  [masturbation] [humiliation] [namecalling] [degradation] [pathetic] [impotence] [erectile disorder] [philosophy of masturbation]

Podcasturbation #16-1121A: Jerk-Shaming the Chronic Masturbator

In this enlightened and politically correct era, we know not to shame people. No fat-shaming, body-shaming, queer-shaming, etc. But some vulnerable classes of people are still fair game for the shaming-bullies: chronic masturbator jerk-offs like you..

[chronic]  [masturbation] [embarrassment]  [humiliation] [namecalling] [degradation] [JOE] [pathetic] [shame] [philosophy of masturbation]

Podcasturbation #16-1121B: Hotel Humping Binge Masturbation

For masturbators, hotels aren’t just for sleeping. They are opportunities for depraved masturbatory orgies: humping the room in binge masturbation. This podcasturbation was the second recording I made in one night; I just couldn’t stop masturbating. 

[chronic]  [masturbation] [edging] [humping] [compulsive]  [stupid]  [gooning] [penis babble] [moaning] 

Podcasturbation #17-0515: The Breast Thing about Masturbation

So many male masturbators are fixated on Big Breasts. Why do massive mammaries fascinate, arouse, and stimulate masturbators to such intense masturbatory gratification? Join me in a personal revery over big bosoms. Warning: a lot of silly gooning ahead. 

[breasts] [tits] [masturbation] [ramblefap] [gooning] [penis babble] [moaning] 

Podcasturbation #17-0607: Pussy Penetration Anxiety Disorder

We discuss PPAD, or Pussy Penetration Anxiety Disorder, a condition often afflicting chronic masturbators. In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Masturbatory Disorders this is recognized as the loss of erection, failure to erect, or premature ejaculation when presented with a penetrable pussy. We review the scientific knowledge about the condition and the generally poor prognosis for recovery. 

Masturbators are advised that the subject may cause sexual arousal in PPAD sufferers and lead to an uncontrollable need to ejaculate. Prior to beginning the program, please be in a safe and private space. Furthermore, please review Warning for the Satire-Impaired

[chronic]  [masturbation] [impotence] [erectile dysfunction] [embarrassment]  [humiliation] [namecalling] [degradation] [pathetic] [penis] [shame] [philosophy of masturbation] [advice to masturbators]

Podcasturbation #17-0615: Resistance is Futile. You will be ejaculated.

As inevitable as the Borg, male masturbators can not escape being ejaculated.

[chronic]  [masturbation] [edging] [teasing] [JOE] [JOI] [ejaculation] [orgasm] [philosophy of masturbation]

Podcasturbation #17-0722: I’m glad you are pathetic!

You are a pathetic masturbator, and I’m glad. It arouses me. I like you that way. Is that wrong of me?  

[chronic]  [masturbation] [embarrassment] [humiliation] [namecalling] [degradation] [JOE] [pathetic] [shame] [philosophy of masturbation]

Hotline #16-0215: Moaning with Jane

I masturbate with Jane from Chicago (Wet Jane) on the Masturbation Support Hotline. 

[chronic]  [masturbation] [edging] [teasing]  [JOE] [pussy] [female] [phonesex] [ramblefap] [gooning] [penis babble] [moaning] 

Podcasturbation #17-0810: Goony! Goony! Goony!

A quick gooning session by a very goony masturbator. 

[chronic]  [masturbation] [ramblefap] [gooning] [penis babble] [moaning] 



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