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Podcasturbation #08-0810: No Cumming Today

Another guide for edgers. This one is aimed at the skilled multi-day edger who needs a little coaching to avoid indulging his desire for gratuitous ejaculations. As the title indicates, this is a no-cumming day for you.

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Podcasturbation #08-0924: Shame on you pt. 1

Our first experiences of self-gratification are often mixed with shame. For some of us, the shame and enjoyment of masturbation cyclically reinforce each other to the extent that they become inseparably bound. The early imprinting lasts a lifetime, and shame remains our constant familiar when we masturbate. But the shame also becomes eroticized, intensifying and animating our masturbatory pleasures.

Not all masturbators feel thus. Many are “proud masturbators” and have little understanding an less sympathy for those who remain “shameful masturbators”. But if you are one of those with conflicted feelings about your masturbation addiction, who find a perverse excitement in your sense of shameful indulgence, this podcasturbation is for you. Join me and let’s experience the pains and pleasures of our secret shameful habit.

This first part deals with our first introduction to masturbation and the shame that teenage boys instinctively feel about their secret discovery.

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Podcasturbation #08-0928: Emergency Pressure Release

Every masturbator has been in this dire situation: you absolutely positively must masturbate, but you have limited time to do it. The pressure is unbearable and must be released. Today I felt that way and chose to fuck it all out with the aid of my plastic pussy.

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Podcasturbation #08-1010: Shame on you, part 2

Our first experiences of self-gratification are often mixed with shame. For some of us, the shame and enjoyment of masturbation cyclically reinforce each other to the extent that they become inseparably bound. The early imprinting lasts a lifetime, and shame remains our constant familiar when we masturbate. But the shame also becomes eroticized, intensifying and animating our masturbatory pleasures.

This continues the essay, taking us from adolescence through the shame of adult masturbation addiction. I apologize for inferior audio quality due to technical reasons.

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Podcasturbation #08-1029: Do you want to cum? How bad?

More coaching for the edging masturbator. In this session we discuss your need to ejaculate and whether it is sufficient to justify a full satisfying release. My advice is to take nothing for granted.

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Podcasturbation #08-1106: Are You a Penis Person?

Do you use your penis for sex with a partner? Or is you penis your sex partner? If the latter, then you are a penis person.

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Podcasturbation #08-1123: This is Your Brain, on Masturbation

(Note: Prior to listening to this podcasturbation, please read Warning for Satire-Impaired)

Chronic masturbation is often considered an addiction, and like substance abuse, can lead to profound and irreversible changes in the masturbator’s brain. In this audio program we consider the cause and impact of those changes in “This is Your Brain, on Masturbation”.

The program is in four parts. The first two deal with internal structural differences between normal male brains and the brains of chronic masturbators. We explain these changes by the development of “the masturbation circuit” resulting from continued prolonged masturbatory over-stimulation of the sexual pleasure centers.  The third part examines behavioral and mental dysfunctions following recruitment or consumption of other brain resources to support the masturbation circuit. And the fourth concludes with guided edging, to help the listener experience and assess the strength of the masturbation circuit in his own brain.

For the comfort of the listener, ejaculatory relief is granted at the ends of parts 1, 2, and 4.

Click to read each part

  1. This is Your Brain, on Masturbation part 1
  2. This is Your Brain, on Masturbation part 2
  3. This is Your Brain, on Masturbation part 3
  4. This is Your Brain, on Masturbation part 4

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Podcasturbation #09-0201: Understanding Masturbation Addiction

In the podcasturbation I offer understanding of masturbation addiction. Not understanding in the clinical or medical sense; rather in the intimate personal sense of sympathetic support.  I know, from long personal experience, what it is to live silently with addiction to masturbation, unable to speak about this most important thing in our lives and cut off from fellows who share our experiences. Masturbators crave understanding, and together we can provide it.

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Podcasturbation #09-0209: Sharing the Load

The punning title of this podcasturbation should be understood in both senses: sharing the burden of masturbation addiction, and sharing the loads of cum we masturbators regularly produce.  It began with my second masturbation of the morning, when I was overwhelmed by a desire to share my feelings with my fellow chronic masturbators. Hopefully you will wish to share the load with me. 

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#09-0317: The Urge to Ejaculate

This is a topic we’ve visited before, but never loses interest for the chronic male masturbator: the overwhelming male urge to ejaculate. While the urge is not unique to male masturbators, the way we respond to and manage the urge sets us apart from other normal copulatory males. In this podcasturbation we discuss the nature of the ejaculatory urge and practice our orgasm management skills. This is not one of my more articulate or cerebral essays, but the genuine enthusiasm may make up for lack of redeeming social value. 

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Podcasturbation #09-0424: Penis Fixation

One of the signal characteristics of a male chronic masturbator is the attention, even devotion, he pays to his penis. “I love my penis” is one of the most common gooning mantras chanted when the masturbator is hovering on the edge of orgasm. But the focus on the penis permeates all his moments, including non-masturbatory ones. In this podcasturbation we explore penis fixation and engage in some of our own.

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Podcasturbation #09-0610: Why don’t you go fuck yourself?

If you say to a normal male, “Why don’t you just go fuck yourself?”, you are likely in for trouble. But to a chronic masturbator, the question is an invitation to go enjoy what he loves best. As masturbators we know that there is an always-willing “fuckbuddy” waiting between our own legs, and we can’t wait to go “fuck” ourselves.  This podcasturbation explores the complex relationship we have with our fuckbuddy and the things we and it do together.

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Podcasturbation #09-0719: Hyper-Ejaculation Syndrome

Critics of chronic masturbation claim that masturbating too much causes exhaustion and emotional depression. But current scientific research clearly shows that it is not masturbating too much, but rather ejaculating to excess that is debilitating. In this podcasturbation we take a look at the causes, effects, and treatment of Hyper-Ejaculation Syndrome (H.E.S). An understanding of HES and how to manage our personal ejaculation needs is essential for healthy chronic mastubating.

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Podcasturbation #09-0814: The Moan of the Male Masturbator

Moaning is not a typical sexual response of the copulatory male; it is more often associated with female sexual response. But the male masturbator regularly indulges in moaning behavior during long intense edging sessions. In this podcasturbation we explore (and experience) the masturbatory moaning response and draw comparisons to female sexual expressions.

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Podcasturbation #09-1005: What part of “No Cumming” don’t you understand?

Feeling tired, listless, withdrawn, irritable? You know what’s wrong: You’ve been ejaculating too much again, haven’t you? You need someone to set boundaries, limits. Someone to say “stop, before you ejaculate again!”, someone who demands “What part of No Cumming don’t you understand?”

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Podcasturbation #09-1016: Confession is Good for the Penis

The second most common urge among nearly all chronic masturbators (after the obvious one) is to “confess” his/her masturbation addiction to someone. It does not matter whether he is a “proud” masturbator celebrating his liberation and solosexual lifestyle, or a shameful guilty masturbator sneaking around in his private wanker closet. We all need to acknowledge, express, validate, and share this paramount dimension of our lives. In this podcasturbation I offer my personal confession and encourage you to offer yours. And yes, there is an orgasmic admission and emission at the end. 

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Podcasturbation #09-1026: It’s getting worse all the time

Is your habit getting worse all the time? You know which habit I mean. Every time you do it makes it worse, doesn’t it? Are you worried where it will all lead? You should be. Even though there’s nothing you can do about it, even if you wanted to. 

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Podcasturbation #09-1108: Motel Rut

As every chronic masturbator knows from personal experience, sometimes we go into masturbation “rut”, humping and rutting our hands and everything that doesn’t move fast enough, rutting like crazed minks.  This is likely to happen when you are traveling alone and staying in a private and anonymous hotel room. I had that experience recently, staying several nights in a motel by myself. I masturbated every morning on waking and then again in the evening late into the night. I actually made two other audio recordings in addition to the podcasturbation during my highly fertile rutting phase. This podcasturbation specifically addresses the “going into rut” phenomenon, with examples of furniture fucking, glove fucking, and other serendipitous targets of opportunity.

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Podcasturbation #09-1111: It’s so shameful

Nearly every masturbator has at sometime encountered the shroud of shame that often surrounds the act of masturbation. In the teasing of teenagers, jokes in books or movies, disapproval of parents or religious figures, prohibition by athletic coaches and scout leaders, casual insults equating masturbation with ineffectualness (what a jerk-off!), etc. Even if the masturbator has never or no longer feels a personal shame for his habit, he can not escape being touched at some point by societies opprobrium. This podcasturbation is dedicated to that aspect of our vocation, and even revels in the naughtiness of it all.

[mast] [masturbation] [chronic] [degradation] [embarrassment] [humiliation] [namecalling] [pathetic] [shame] [philosophy of masturbation] [JOE]

Podcasturbation #09-1117: Progressive Partial Ejaculations

Some masturbators are ejaculation seekers, others are ejaculation avoiders. But most of us, when the ultimate climax comes, just let it all out. Another technique for advanced masturbators is to release the semen in multiple, partial ejaculations. It is difficult to control the urge to bust once ejaculation begins, but with practice you can have multiple orgasms over a short period of time.

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Podcasturbation #09-1215: Are you a man or a masturbator?

In spite of today’s tolerant environment, many people believe that real men don’t masturbate; or at least, don’t masturbate chronically.  So which are you: a man, or a masturbator. This audio program will help you decide.

[mast] [masturbation] [chronic] [degradation] [embarrassment] [humiliation] [namecalling] [pathetic] [shame]

Podcasturbation #10-0102: Helpless, helpless, helpless

Is that the way you feel about your masturbation addiction?

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Podcasturbation #10-0207: Your Penis Brain

There is a popular (but false) belief that a pregnant woman is afflicted with “baby brain”, a pregnancy-induced impairment of her mental abilities. I got to thinking about how chronic masturbators are (truly) afflicted with a similar impairment, “Penis Brain”. This podcasturbation personally explores the phenomenon.

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Podcasturbation #10-0427: Warning: Do not exceed recommended usage of penis

It is very important for every chronic masturbator to maintain a healthy, sustainable level of usage of his penis. The level varies from masturbator to masturbator, but each of us has a maximum recommended level that we should not exceed. Of course, the penis will urge us to masturbate more and more, even to unsafe levels of usage, but we must resist. The results of excessive penis use include exhaustion, depression, and mental impairment (also called Penis Brain). This podcasturbation addresses these important issues.

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