Masturbation Addiction Support Hotline FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the Masturbation Addiction Support Hotline

(You must be at least 21 years of age to participate in the Masturbation Addiction Support Hotline)

What is the Masturbation Addiction Support Hotline?

The Masturbation Addiction Support Hotline is a non-commercial community service by and for chronic masturbators like you. On the Hotline you can talk openly and confidentially (and sexually explicitly) with another person living with chronic masturbation addiction. We will share our feelings, pleasures and challenges of being addicted masturbators, giving each other mutual support and understanding. The line is open to masturbators of all genders and sexual orientations. There is no charge for the service.

Podcasts about the Masturbation Support Hotline

Why do masturbators need support?

Go on, you can admit it:  you’re a chronic masturbator. Maybe even addicted to masturbation. You want to talk about the experience, but it is difficult to find someone who understands and supports you. You don’t want medical advice, or judgement, or someone to tell you what’s good for you. You want to talk to someone who understands the overwhelming importance of masturbation in your life.

Only another chronic masturbator can really understand how it feels to be addicted. Only a chronic masturbator knows the incomparable ecstasy of hours spent slowly caressing your own genitals. Or how it takes over and dominates your life.

Some masturbators willingly surrender to the addiction, Others feel conflict, shame, and guilt, or worry about the impact on career, relationships, and personal growth. I believe in supporting a masturbator’s choice, whether it is to embrace the habit or to struggle to control it.

I started the Masturbation Addiction Hotline because I too seek the opportunity to talk frankly and confidentially with others about my chronic masturbation addiction. I hope you will join me to share your experiences.

What can you expect in a support session?

Personal sessions are 1-to-1 with an experienced support masturbator who will help you to open up and talk about your habit. We talk freely about the pleasures and challenges of being addicted masturbators, giving each other mutual support and understanding. You may speak frankly and graphically, because we’ve “been there” too. It’s normal for chronic masturbators to become sexually aroused by talking about masturbation, so don’t be surprised or embarrassed if this happens to you. In fact we  encourage you to masturbate while you talk, and  vocally express your arousal.

Skype is available as alternative to normal telephone if this is more convenient or affordable to you.

Is there a cost?

The Masturbation Support Hotline does not charge for its service. Our only reward is in helping you satisfy your masturbator needs. If you call the phone number, you will experience your normal U.S. domestic telephone charges (which may be zero.) If you contact online through Skype, there is no charge even for international users.

Is this like Sex Addiction Therapy?

Please understand that the support line is not a substitute for professional counseling or therapy. Your support masturbator is not a professional counselor and has no training or qualifications in counseling. He is a fellow masturbator like you. If you are seriously concerned about treating masturbation addiction, you should seek professional help. In fact, listening to other non-recovering masturbation addicts could be harmful, leading you into deeper dependency on the habit. But if you need to reach out and share with other masturbators, then join us.Together we can help each other live more fully with masturbation addiction.

Isn’t this just Phonesex?

The Masturbation Addiction Hotline is not a “phonesex”  line, but masturbators do become aroused talking about masturbation and some may masturbate while we talk. If this happens to you, we do encourage you to vocally share your arousal, and openly orgasm if you need to. We will understand your need to moan, groan, and goon, and you will find a sympathetic and supportive response to your sincere masturbatory expressions.

How can you receive notifications about the Hotline?


Frank discussion of  masturbation may be sexually arousing to chronic addicted masturbators. Some callers may become sexually excited during the support session and experience an uncontrollable urge to masturbate. If you are attempting to control or stop masturbating, you should instead seek professional help. Onania . Org/asm is not responsible for unintended orgasms resulting from your use of this support service.