Masturbation Support Hotline

Masturbation Addiction Support Hotline

101423626-7cd77258c0-o-thumb.jpgAre you addicted to masturbation? Or suspect you may be?

Masturbation addiction is a sensitive, private subject for most of us. It is hard to find others who understand our needs, and will not judge or criticize our choices. But you are not alone. Join with other chronic masturbators who share your feelings and experiences, and speak openly about your masturbation addiction.

The Masturbation Addiction Support Hotline is a free non-commercial community service by and for chronic masturbators like you. On the Hotline you can talk openly and confidentially with other people living with chronic masturbation addiction. We share our feelings, pleasures and challenges of being addicted masturbators, giving each other mutual support and understanding. You can have a private one-on-one conversation or join a live audio/video group conference of fellow masturbators. The service is free and open to masturbators of all genders and sexual orientations.

Operating Hours

The Hotline is open only a few hours a week, and sometimes less. Be sure to keep up to date with the Hotline Status  (bookmark that page), Schedule, and Real-Time Updates

Masturbation Support by Telephone

  • For Personal (one on one) Support, call 1-281-241-9265 (in the U.S) or skype “richardlovel”. If you want priority masturbator support during the session, call and leave a voicemail.
  • For Group Masturbator support skype “richardlovel” 

I often operate both lines simultaneously. That means I may be temporarily absent handling a Personal call (though others may be there). Or if you call the Personal line, I may not take your call immediately. In either case, keep trying.

Need More Information?

Read the Masturbation Addiction Support Hotline FAQ

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Masturbation Addiction Support Hotline
Personal +1-281-241-9265
Skype: "richardlovel"

You don't have to masturbate alone.