Masturbation Anticipation Anxiety

One thing funny I’ve noticed. When I am getting ready to masturbate, getting my pics out, my lube ready, my toys etc. I get so incredibly anxious. I almost shake with nervous anticipation. I am in a terrible anxious rush to get it all set up so I can get my penis in my hand as soon as possible.

Then when I finally put hand to penis I am filled with peace and tranquility.

The above feelings convince me that I am “chemically” addicted to masturbation. Something is going on in my brain chemistry that makes the anticipation/release so powerful

Pollinating the forest

Recently I was riding my bike in the National Forest. I stopped on a lonely stretch, to take a piss. My thought turned to masturbation as soon as my penis was in my hand, as it does for all chronic masturbators. I was suddenly filled with a perverse urge to jack off then and there. If you have seen a National Forest lately, you know they are posted all over with signs warning you of the rules and things you can’t do. I looked closely at one of the nearby signs, and it said nothing about masturbating. So I wanked happily away until I ejaculated all over a bush. It felt so organic and natural.

I like Public Masturbation too

from Wank Log: Public Masturbation 

… So I ventured out side. First the back garden. Which is still a fairly good place to head out to. It is quiet, calm and during school semesters, very, very private. It is quite a different feeling lying on the grass masturbating, the feeling of sun on your body. Also the clean up is real, real easy. If you roll over, or stand up just before orgasm, you can blow a load over pretty much anything and just walk away. …

I have masturbated in a flood-control preserve inside a major city. I rode my mountain bike there, then noticing that there was complete privacy, I got the urge to pull down my bike shorts and  masturbate then and there. I could hardly get erect, being so nervous, but the nervous energy of the fear made the orgasm particularly intense. Continue reading