Jay Mayo: when I discovered that I was Pathetic

when I discovered that I was Pathetic

by Jay Mayo

I would like to post this short story, if it’s okay, for your” when I discovered that I was Pathetic”, section of your site.  I am so hard just typing this, I am pathetic….
I’ve masturbated regularly for most of my life.  However, it was not until this past year that I determined that I was indeed pathetic.

My quest to fulfill my sexual desires as a result of being in a sexless marriage led me to the realization that I enjoyed to masturbate.  Being that I had masturbated my entire life, I guess that I already knew that, and now masturbation had replaced sexual contact with other beings, and became my primary and only sexual outlet.

I found with the help of the internet, site’s just like this one.   I’ve been from cover to cover on the Onania. org site.  I was viewing it, as a movie goer might.  I was detached, watching, listening, and reading about other’s that had this “addiction”.  Others that were unable to control their habits.  I thought them to be weak, they were pathetic.

Then one day, about a year ago, I realized, hey maybe I’m pathetic.  It’s not just them, it’s just not others, I was an addicted masturbator.  I was an edger, I was the daily stroker. I was calling in on masturbation hot lines, I was on chaterbate.  I love to masturbate, I love to edge my penis. At first it was humiliating, me an addicted masturbator, like those others.  Oh but I found the humiliation, aroused me, made my penis go very hard.  I became very ripe.

It’s better now, knowing what I am.  Accepting my fate.  I am pathetic masturbator. 

— Jay Mayo

Fergus MacDougal’s thoughts on masturbating with girly magazines

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

 In my last post I described just how obsessed I became with tit magazines and prolonged masturbation using them. This stage of sexual development ran from about age twelve all the way to college – supplanted only when I started having sex with real girls, plus masturbating in adult cinemas, peep shows, and strip clubs.

Before I go further in my historical narrative, let me share a few thoughts on the magazine wanking era. Continue reading

Onania Masturbator Forum: The Urge to Masturbate Owns Me!

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

I got a girlfriend now and my Pussy Free streak ended at 1,012 days. Even though I’m getting pussy again, I still love to masturbate and can’t go without it. In fact, I still prefer masturbation, but her pussy is good too.


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Jay Mayo: my life as a masturbator, the early years

my life as a masturbator, the early years (source)

by Jay Mayo 

My first encounter with masturbate was at age eight. I remember being in the bathroom of my parents home. I must have had a woody, at the same time as having to pee. Peeing was hard to do with a hard little wiener, could be messy.

I must have stroked my little wiener in a manner that prompted another, then another, right hand, left hand, slapped against my belly. It burned warm, and something triggered the desire for more stimulation of my pencil size hairless wiener. I had no idea, only that it felt really, really good. The more I slapped, the better it feels, so I continued to slap, until I dry climaxed, little wiener pumping and spazing. Wow, that was great, didn’t really know what it was, just wanted to do it again. I do remember dry climaxing being different from ejaculations of semen, in a good way, like a warm wind through a small tube, it was very nice. I think I was slapping my wiener daily for weeks, that’s until I got caught.   Continue reading

In Love with Kate Moss: Caught Masturbating by Denise

Caught Masturbating by Denise


I only consider myself an exhibitionist as far as I like to be seen by people who might be into exhibitionism and voyeurism. I try and respect the comfort zones of those who might not want to unexpectedly see a naked person engaged in solo-lovemaking.

Still, I masturbate often enough and in enough places that sometimes I get caught. And I’ve found that most of the time, the reaction of those doing the catching has not been negative.   Continue reading

Fergus MacDougal’s – First Four Stages

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

This is yet another recounting of my sexual history, just up to the point where Playboy entered my life at age twelve. It is more structured and analytical than the account on my blog.

Fergus MacDougal’s – First Four Stages



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Earl Flen: Thoughts on Married Masturbation

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

Thoughts on Married Masturbation


Why do us married guys masturbate? Can’t we just fuck our wives? (We don’t really have any excuse for jacking off) Does wifey know you masturbate? Does wifey know how MUCH you masturbate? Uhh … does wifey masturbate?

Listen, first of all fucking is not just about pussy. Fucking is a partnership thing. Most husbands are more concerned with giving her what she needs than with just getting some pussy. For most of us it’s about her and about both of us. Fortunately she usually feels the same way about us, and that makes it work out just fine. Wifey makes sure we cum in her pussy and get the whole 9 yards of fucking. Most husbands, most wives. Partnership. Sure, there are some other relationships. Ask somebody else about that. Not us normal run-of-the-mill husbands.

Masturbating is different. Continue reading

Onania Masturbator Forum: addiction to masturbation

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

I want to share the things that are going thru my mind as my addiction to masturbation continues to grow. First, every waking moment that my mind is not occupied with a task, of some kind, I am thinking about masturbating my cock. Porn is no longer always required, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy porn, it’s a fuel, but it’s not always required. My mind goes right to my addiction, so chronic that I want to share it with other masturbators. I don’t need to touch myself every time, heck I’m rock hard just writing about my addiction to touching myself. I can’t clear these thoughts from my head. I was told this could happen, and I never imagined it would continue to this level. I feel so helpless, and this arouses me more. I am touching myself now, I want the feeling all the time. Stroking gives me the feeling, the feeling requires the stroking, stroking gives me the feeling, the feeling requires the stroking……………jay mayo


For more like this, join the Onania Masturbator Forum,  a supportive, affirming community of people living with chronic addiction to masturbation. The focus is on our lives as addicted masturbators, and the pleasures / conflicts / impacts related to our compelling habit.

In Love with Kate Moss: Cammie beach story

A major shift in my masturbatorial attitude toward Cammie seemed to take place on Thanksgiving morning in 2016.  I was walking the beach near my house when I approached this woman looking for seashells.  It was a cool day, and we had on jackets.  I could see a nice, mature female ass as I came near.  As I got closer, the woman looked up at me.  It was Cammie!


Cammie beach story

By In Love with Kate Moss

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by Earl Flen

Don’t we all love Richard’s “Images for Masturbators”??? Sometimes a MasturbationMuse picture needs more than a quick caption. This one aroused me so much that I had to add a script after I began masturbating to it! … Enjoy!  



““I know. I like looking at it too. I think pussies are beautiful. (Don’t you think my pussy is beautiful?) Sometimes, before you get home from school, I just can’t wait to get it naked. I stand in front of that mirror over there and pull my panties down and just look at it. I get so excited anticipating what my pussy is going to make you do when you get here that I’ll even finger myself. Yes, surprise, your momma masturbates her pussy! Just a little – to make it wet for you.  I’m so often in such a hurry for you to get home!         Continue reading here  http://cummingforyou.blogspot.com/2015/04/fantasy-memories-of-mom.html

And here’s the rest of the text,:    Continue reading