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Announcements about the Masturbation Addiction Support Hotline, both schedule and status updates, now appear on Twitter. Please follow

#MasturbationSupportHotline is CLOSED now.
Updates and schedule: @OnaniaHotline
You don't have to #masturbate alone

#MasturbationSupportHotline OPEN NOW.
Personal, understanding support for #chronic #masturbators like you.
Phonel 1-281-241-9265 | Skype: "richardlovel"

TODAY: Wednesday 15 May 10am-2pm central (1500-1900 GMT/UTC)
Phonel 1-281-241-9265 | Skype: "richardlovel"
For #chronic #masturbators like you.

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Request Priority Masturbator Support

The Masturbation Addiction Support Hotline is a free non-commercial community service by and for chronic masturbators like you. On the Hotline you can talk confidentially and openly (and sexually-explicitly) about living with chronic masturbation addiction. In private, one-on-one conversations we share our feelings, pleasures and challenges of being addicted masturbators, giving each other mutual support and understanding. The service is free and open to masturbators of all genders and sexual orientations.

Request a Priority Masturbator Support Call

Note: If you block Caller ID (making your call anonymous), I won’t be able to recognize a priority support call. 

Masturbation Addiction Support Hotline calls are normally taken in random order, as they arrive. Often the line is busy and you have to call back repeatedly for support. But you may request to give your call priority and/or receive a call back. To request priority you may either

  • Call from your preferred number and leave a voicemail with your name (or alias) and phone number, requesting a call back
  • Fill out the form below

Note that if you block your caller ID I will have no way to recognize your priority when you call.