I WANT A PUSSY by Earl Flen


By Earl Flen

I WANT A PUSSY.  No, I don’t mean I “want to fuck a pussy”; I mean I want to have my own pussy between my legs, because I love masturbating. I want to be “girlie” and experience all those feelings women seem to have. I know there’s supposed to be this thing called “penis envy” women are supposed to be plagued by. I think I’m afflicted with pussy envy. When I’m masturbating my cock I often imagine what it would be like to masturbate my own pussy if I had one.  I fantasize about it. I really want a pussy for my very own, to masturbate.

First of all just to spread my legs and expose that most private genital area to the open air has to be such a turn on. To be able to put my hands on my pussy and rub my vulva has to be so wonderful! Just to feel those pussy lips become swollen in arousal must be amazing – better than starting to get an erection? I’d like to find out.  Continue reading

Xmas Eve Masturbation Memory

Xmas Eve Masturbation Memory

By Earl Flen, December 2015

Christmas Eve always brings back my favorite masturbation memory.

So long ago. 1964. I was 19.

My first real love Bett and I had gotten back together a few weeks earlier after a breakup when I’d first entered college. Sitting on her couch late Christmas Eve with just the lights of the tree on. Her parents had gone to bed. By now Bett and I were very accomplished “heavy petters”. (We were a little behind the curve, folks, I admit; in those days we weren’t courageous enough to fuck yet. You didn’t fuck until you were at least engaged to be engaged we thought. ) We had been ‘necking’ that night for a good half an hour. It was kind of romantically perfect in the low light and the soft Christmas music. I still remember her kisses as probably the best that ever were.

We had gotten to that stage where the French kisses were long and very passionate, we were breathing hard. I had already gotten the top of her dress open and had been indulging in her favorite play: I kissed and sucked her nipples in between French kisses while she held my head to her chest and guided me from one breast to the other – the girl was in charge of just how far a guy could go, at least that was the way it was for me and other “nice” boys. From there she would give me some body signal to begin sliding my hand up under her skirt for that long slow advance to her pussy. Continue reading

Onania Masturbator Forum: newbie describing a favorite activity

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

I had her get all dressed up in stockings lace, etc., she would adjust the lighting and had a full wall mirror opposite her bed, she would watch herself playing and told me she imagined it was her sexual twin, willing her to do these things. She would vibe her clit, at my instruction; insert her dildo into that willing pussy. She fuck her ass, in any position I wanted, she was so into it. 


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Onania Masturbator Forum: my introduction to ESTIM

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

I finally got a TENS unit recently, and some pad electrodes. The very first time all that happened is I got very hard, in anticipation, but there was a learning curve and I had too much to absorb in my first session to reach an orgasm. Several subsequent sessions like that happened BUT each time the pleasure itself was better and better, and I found that even finishing off with my Fleshlight was intensified by my estim foreplay.


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Onania Masturbator Forum: Caught by Mom

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

Over lunch Mom burst out, “so Charles, what have you been doing this morning”? So I said, well, err Mom I have been … err … Mom said, you can tell me …. so I said, Mom I have been masturbating.

Mom replied, I sort of thought that was what you were doing but since you were not touching yourself – I wasn’t sure. Mom smiled and said, take your time, its a storm day, a perfect day to relax and enjoy some masturbation.


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His brilliant cum

a masturbator said:

I just gotta tell everyone about the way I came during my jack off
session on Friday, it was so hot.
I’ve always shot my cum a long way over my chest if I wank laying
down, or ahead of me if I’m standing up. Lots of guys have said how
cool it is to cum so hard and far but then when I see a guy’s cum
leave his penis kinda ‘gently’ I always think it would be hot to be
able to cum like that too, then I can catch it in my hand or cum in a
certain place like on a table or whatever.
Well I was having a fairly normal jack off session last Friday, I had
been showing on my open cam for about 2 hours or so, stroking my
penis slowly at times, fast and hard at others, occasionally edging
but not cumming. As I normally do during my wank sessions, I had let
go of my penis, leaving it erect and vertical, foreskin pulled back,
to write something to a guy I’d been chatting with, and something
truly brilliant happened!
My penis wasn’t in an edged state, but suddenly while typing I could
feel I was starting to cum! I looked down at my penis and a stream of
thick juicy cum just helped itself slowly out of the top of my penis,
trickled down over my glans, down my shaft, over my balls, down over
my thigh, and into a pool on my chair! This was so HOT! It went on
for about 20 seconds I guess, and as well as ending up with cum on my
penis, balls, and thigh, there was a pool of cum about 3 inches in
diameter on the chair! It is totally true that I have Never cum like
this before! It was unbelievable to see my cum like this, but also
the feeling inside while it was happening was brilliant! Even better
yet was that it did not have the effect of a normal orgasm and be an
end to my wank, so I was able to carry on masturbating, with the
bonus of having all that cum there to rub into my penis, balls and
I would be so happy to be able to cum like this again whenever I
like, but I am really not sure what I did differently to make it
happen in the first place! I gotta go now to have another try!!!
See ya soon :-)


Something similar happens to me if I masturbate right up to the edge, then
let go of my penis as soon as I feel ejaculation start. Some people call
that a “ruined” or “minimized” orgasm. But it feels good, and I can start
right away building to a new one. I can do this 2-3 times before I have to
squirt a final complete release.


I know what you’re saying. The difference to what you describe
Richard, is that I hadn’t actually masturbated to the point of
feeling the ejaculation about to start in this case. There was no way
of knowing that this was about to happen. Thinking about it a bit
more, a few other differences with what happened to me and cumming
because of ‘passing the point of no return’ were:
the time between last touching my penis and when the cum started
to ‘cum’ – which was much longer, maybe about 30 seconds or so, and
also that I didn’t really feel that much pumping from my balls, if
any, like you would have in a normal ejaculation.
In a way, cumming after not touching my penis for so long could be a
case of ‘cumming without touching my penis’, [which I’ve sadly never
been able to do], but if that was what happened, then wouldn’t I have
felt something in my balls, and wouldn’t it have ‘ruined’ my eventual
orgasm, rather than extending and enhancing it!?
I dunno about that but what I ‘do’ know is it was excellent!!
One other thing is that in my original post I mentioned other guys
cumming and seeing me cum etc, well I hope that hasn’t offended the
females here because I am happy to discuss my jack off sessions with
anyone! It’s just that I copied and pasted the post direct from my
masturbation blog and forgot to change certain words.

A Dream About One Of My Asian Muses

A Dream About One Of My Asian Muses


I always alter or change the names of the people in my stories.

The first thing you should know is I’m here totally naked, lovingly masturbating my penis to a beautiful Asian MILF friend of mine.  It’s a beautiful session I’m enjoying while my wife is out of the house

My favorite masturbation muses are women I know. Most of them are actually good friends of either my wife or myself, or both of us. I enjoy their smiles, their sexy asses, their legs and feet, and just generally the fantasies that swirl around them in my mind.

Chin-Zen is one of those muses. She’s an American, but her parents were both born in China. About 5’3″ and 115-pounds. Black hair to her collar, and nice ass and cute legs and feet. Her smile is so sweet, with hardly a hint of her 47-years showing up in faint lines on her face. She’s a MILF with two elementary school age children.

I had met her husband, Jack, a year or so before I ever met Chin-Zen. I finally met her one night when my wife Cheryl and I were at some cocktail party and Jack and Chin-Zen were there. She had on this cute, very short cocktail dress and high-heel sandals. The first thing I thought of when I saw her? I’ve got to masturbate to her!”  Continue reading