Wank Bank – Voicemail from Masturbators – (2/3)

Voicemails from Masturbators

Scott 2/3/19 7:13 AM
Scott 2/3/19 7:13 AM Hello Richard, this is Scott calling. Just stroking my dick really hard right now thinking about all the chronic masturbation that I’m addicted to and I want to come all over me right now. …

Langhome female 2/3/19 1:08 AM
Langhome female 2/3/19 1:08 AM I need help.

Kevin 2/2/19 10:30 PM
Kevin 2/2/19 10:30 PM Hey Richard, Kevin again. I call back hoping maybe I could reach you after all. I think you’re not there. Playing with my little clock again. I guess I’m always playing with my little dog. My pathetic little prick cuz I was thinking penis masturbator as you well know. Not walking around the streets of New York this time on my hand in my pocket beating my meat …

Kevin 2/2/19 10:07 PM
Kevin 2/2/19 10:07 PM Hey Richard, it’s Kevin from New York. I didn’t know the high line was open today. …


Jason 2/2/19 4:35 PM 6
Jason 2/2/19 4:35 PM 6 Hi, Richard. This is Jason again from Ohio. And I’m sitting here stroking my cock. And I’ve been stroking it all day masturbating playing with my dick. and I do this pretty much every day. …

JD California 2/1/19 6:53 PM
JD California 2/1/19 6:53 PM Hello Richard, it’s JD from California. Again. It’s February 1st late in the afternoon. I thought I’d give you a call. I’ve been doing nothing but masturbating all day long the cold and dreary day up here in California Northern California. It’s rainy. And yes, I’m still The Chronic addicted compulsive obsessive homosexual solosexual hyper-sexual stupid. …

Chuck 2/1/19 8:06 AM
Chuck 2/1/19 8:06 AM Hi Richard, it’s Chuck from the other day. I thought I thought I messed me to make penis masturbating with f****** chronic addicted masturbator penis. Yeah, man. Checking my …  

Wank Bank — Voicemail from Masturbators — (1/31)

Voicemails from Masturbators

Fembater 1/31/19 3:00 AM
Fembater 1/31/19 3:00 AM Hi Richard. Hi Pastor Peter. It’s Sunday through. I’m traveling still of course from London right now touring Europe just for fun. And oh my God. I’m so f****** morning today. I have a date later. I’m traveling out before I go. Having fun like a week seen or really desperate. chronic something almost repeater You make your call we are Monday. Good morning, squeeze my clit between my lips and dinner table embarrassed myself and what else? Thomas be monitored Good, you just hello. You said with me master baiters Chiloquin? 
Chuck 3520 1/30/19 8:16 PM
Chuck 3520 1/30/19 8:16 PM Hi Richard, this is Chuck. It’s my first time calling. Think I’m a chronic masturbator. Put a case on my car. I can’t get hard and can masturbate to them. I’m trying to. Burn some self-control. Not going over. extremely, well, I haven’t taken the cage off or anything but I still. Talk to my God. Still touching her ball to the Kings. I just think about Napster, baby. all the time just think about masturbating my penis looking at p*** keep watching people masturbate on my I just think about that. See, that’s 24/7. tournaments me Warner to know that I can see it right now. Yeah, can you stop thinking about masturbating Revere? What’s up tomorrow? Thanks. Later. 
Langhome female 1/29/19 4:13 PM
Langhome female 1/29/19 4:13 PM Hi again, I didn’t I’m sure you guys what I’m doing. 
Jane from Chicago 1/29/19 6:53 AM
Jane from Chicago 1/29/19 6:53 AM 

Masturbation Support Hotline – Closed Now


The Masturbation Addiction Support Hotline is not open at this time. Check schedule for next session.

  • The Hotline is usually open once a week, usually on Mondays during the day (Central US Time). Additional times may be announced. Check the schedule below for the planned opening times.
  • If you want priority masturbator support during the next session, complete the Priority Masturbator Support Request form. Don’t block your caller ID, so I can recognize you in future calls. You can also leave a chat message on Skype.  

When the Hotline is closed, you may listen to the voices of other masturbators in The Wank Bank 

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Onania Masturbator Forum – prefer to masturbate than to have sex

Also, despite having a girl friend – i prefer to masturbate than to have sex. I find orgasms more intense – does anyone also feel the same? And when to masturbate, invariable thinking about what happen to me when i was 14 when I an sexual encounter with an older man (50+) in the local park toilets who while I was at the urinals. He placed has hand on my small (and the time) cock and slowly started to slide his hand along my shaft, exposing my glans. His other hand cupped by balls. He then ran his hand through my pubes. He started to stoke my cock again; making me cum; which was until that moment my first time. Forcing me onto my knees he unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock, which he told me to suck. I sucked his cock; licking his bulbous head and balls. He started to groan and within seconds he shot his thick load of cum in my willing mouth.


Many of my best jack-off sessions were right after I fucked a girlfriend or wife. I would then find a way to be alone and beat off thinking about the sex. The orgasm in my hand was always better than the one in a pussy.

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Onania Masturbator Forum – Rejoin the pathetic bunch…a sense of belonging…

by Guest.Masturbator » Tue Jun 03, 2014 8:51 am

Hi all, last night I had the most pathetic sex ever with my wife since we married 3 years ago. It was Valentine’s day and I decided to make it up for my young lovely wife. Sad thing (and probably foreseeable) was I had been binge masturbating for over a week (at least three times a day locking myself jerking to porn etc, either ejaculate or edge). Only two minute into pumping wife’s hole (which was extra tight since our last proper sex nearly two weeks ago), I went limp right away……My wife was rather surprised as all our previous sex last for a good half an hour at least. I said it was due to work stress, however, I know what caused this…

Now wife’s away again shopping, and like all other weekends I’m locking myself in the bedroom going through tons of porn and jacking brainlessly… I’m struggling since I don’t want to disappoint my wife any more, but I can’t stop my addiction either….

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How he began

a masturbator recalls:

Several of you have questioned my early masturbation habits.  Just
like with my current depravity, it makes me feel so dirty and
shameless to reveal all of my nasty secrets.
I can remember pleasant feelings in my genitals from my earliest
age.  However, my earliest clear memory of masturbation was when I
was 6 years old.  I was sick and at my grandmothers house in her
bed.  She had these sleazy tabloid newspapers that had pictures of
women in skimpy bikinis.  I remember that I had cut one of these
pictures out of the magazine.  My little penis was so hard and I was
dragging the paper hand of the cutout photograph up and down the
underside of my penis.  I guess I was so into the sensation that I
didn't notice when my grandmother walked into the room.  She scolded
me for being such a nasty boy.  I felt so dirty.  But, she was
right ... I was a dirty boy … and I loved it.

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Tie his cock

a masturbator said:

I once had a Mistress who would tie my balls and cock with ribbon.  Mistress would use a color that would contrast and show through the almost transparent panties she would put me in.

If I pleased her and her guest, sometimes female, sometimes male, She would allow me to fuck myself in the ass with a vibrator and masturbate. The way she tied them up caused my balls to bounce with each stroke and as it was tied rather tightly, the veins in my coc would buldge a lot more than when it was not tied.  I found that it was rather difficult to ejaculate when tied that tight, but when I finally did, the volumn was 3x the normal amount and very intense.

Occationally when I mastutbate, I now use a lace from one of my boots to replicate the way She would tie me. 

I highly recomend it to anyone who has not tried it.  It is not painful, and inhances the experience.

One not of caution, you can not do this everytime, and you can not leave yourself tied for too long as the blood flow restriction could cause you damage.  From what I have been able to find on the subject, the longest you should stay tied is 30 minutes.


Onania Masturbator Forum: Adventures in Masturbating: Aparment Dwelling

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

Ah, the rush, the thrill of stroking my hard cock out in the open, under the sky, and in the middle of the city! I wandered around the rooftop, jacking my throbbing dick and looking around. It was all too exciting and after only a few minutes I gave in to the urge and blasted my hot spunk onto the roof in a knee-buckling orgasm. It turned out once was not enough. I had barely collected my wits from that blinding climax when I felt myself getting hard again. My libido had been spun into overdrive by my rooftop wank and was ready for more. Again I took my tool in hand and some time later I spent another load on the roof.


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Onania Masturbator Forum: Developing Addiction

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

About a week or so ago I revealed my biggest fear to my wife. It is that she would prefer her huge black dildo over sex with me. If she had sex with other men, it’d be something I could compete with. Like I could argue, at least to myself, “I’m better than him because of this and that”. But with a dildo I can not compete. It’s bigger, harder, better shaped, always ready, never complains, and goes on as long as wanted.


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