Podcasturbation #08-0803: Controlling the Urge to Ejaculate

Podcasturbation #08-0803: Controlling the Urge to Ejaculate

A critical success factor for chronic masturbation is to control the natural male urge to ejaculate. This podcasturbation explores why and how we do so. As always, the listener is invited to join me in a hands-on demonstration.

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Podcasturbation #08-0629: Ruined Orgasm

Podcasturbation #08-0629: Ruined Orgasm

We explore (and experience) the exquisite agony of the ruined orgasm.

(There are some silence gaps on this recording)

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Podcasturbation ##08-0617: Fundamentals of Edging for Newly Chronic Masturbators

Podcasturbation ##08-0617: Fundamentals of Edging for Newly Chronic Masturbators

I recently read a sad fact in a masturbation survey: only 9% of straight male masturbators go for more than 20 minutes before ejaculating. Any seriously chronic masturbator feels pity for males unaware of the basic technique of edging and life’s greatest pleasure: extended near-orgasmic bliss. In fact, I might argue that the practice of edging is what separates the true chronic masturbator from a merely recreational masturbator. This got me to thinking that we need a Public Service Announcement for newly-chronic masturbators to introduce them to the art of edging. This podasturbation is intended to fill that need.

(There are some silence gaps in this recording.)

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Podcasturbation #08-0608: The sofa-sexual masturbator: couch copulation and furniture fucking

Podcasturbation #08-0608: The sofa-sexual masturbator: couch copulation and furniture fucking

Solo-sexual chronic masturbators often exhibit tendencies of sofa-sexuality. You won’t find that term (yet) in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, although there are a few scattered uses of it on the Web. I take sofa-sexuality to mean deriving gratification from sexual intercourse with a sofa (as opposed to on a sofa), chair, or other consenting adult furniture.  I use it interchangeably with the alliterative phrases couch copulation and furniture fucking.

Though society may disparage having sex with furniture, there is much to recommend it. Furniture is both accommodative and non-judgmental, allowing even the shyest and most insecure male to practice important coital positions and movements without fear of failure or rejection. Many adolescent males develop sexual skill and confidence by copulating with couches before moving on to more conventional human partners. Chronic masturbators may continue the practice into maturity, in addition to or even in place of intercourse with a partner. I am one of those, and in this audio program I offer my personal history and thoughts on sofa-sexuality as I penetrate deeply into the matter until thoroughly exhausted.

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Request Priority Masturbator Support

The Masturbation Addiction Support Hotline is a free non-commercial community service by and for chronic masturbators like you. On the Hotline you can talk confidentially and openly (and sexually-explicitly) about living with chronic masturbation addiction. In private, one-on-one conversations we share our feelings, pleasures and challenges of being addicted masturbators, giving each other mutual support and understanding. The service is free and open to masturbators of all genders and sexual orientations.

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The Onania Masturbator Registry

The Onania Masturbator Registry

To facilitate masturbator-to-masturbator contacts, we have implemented a contact registry inside the Onania Masturbator Forum.   If you would like to contact other masturbators, or invite them to contact you, please join the Forum and place your contact information in the Onania Masturbator Registry. You must be a member of the Forum to participate. 

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I WANT A PUSSY by Earl Flen


By Earl Flen

I WANT A PUSSY.  No, I don’t mean I “want to fuck a pussy”; I mean I want to have my own pussy between my legs, because I love masturbating. I want to be “girlie” and experience all those feelings women seem to have. I know there’s supposed to be this thing called “penis envy” women are supposed to be plagued by. I think I’m afflicted with pussy envy. When I’m masturbating my cock I often imagine what it would be like to masturbate my own pussy if I had one.  I fantasize about it. I really want a pussy for my very own, to masturbate.

First of all just to spread my legs and expose that most private genital area to the open air has to be such a turn on. To be able to put my hands on my pussy and rub my vulva has to be so wonderful! Just to feel those pussy lips become swollen in arousal must be amazing – better than starting to get an erection? I’d like to find out.  Continue reading

Podcasturbation #08-0530: Pussy Pants

Podcasturbation #08-0530: Pussy Pants

A masturbator is nothing if not ingenious in his obsession. Here is a way I have devised to combine the advantages of self-stimulation with the classic feeling of penetration and thrusting. 

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Cumulative list of Podcasturbations from 2006 through 2007 May.

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Podcasturbation #06-1216: Random babbling and gooning

My first attempt. Random babbling and gooning about masturbation, just to check out the recording process. (2006-12-16 12 min.)

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Podcasturbation #06-1222: Degrees of Masturbation Addiction

Some comments on what it feels like to be addicted to masturbation and pornography. (30 min.) 

[addiction] [chronic] [edging] [ejaculation] [embarrassment] [gooning] [joe] [mast] [masturbation] [orgasm] [pathetic] [[ramblefap] [shame] [wet sounds]

Podcasturbation #06-1231: Fucking my FleshLight

Fucking my FleshLight. I fuck my FleshLight plastic pussy toy, recording while I am on webcam, so some folks got to watch the recording session. But my full attention is on the audio; I tried to capture the pervy feelings I get when fucking a plastic pussy. (16:27 long) 

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Podcasturbation #07-0103: Jacking to Jill (and Rob)

I masturbate watching a video from robandjill.com, one of my favorite early Orgasm Tease and Denial sites. Jill has Rob on the “Draining Table”, and I drain myself right along with him.  The website above seems now abandoned by Rob and Jill, and now contains mostly archive stuff of other videos.  

Podcasturbation #07-0108: Are you a masturbator?

I’m masturbating, and encouraging you to join me. You are a chronic masturbator, aren’t you? Otherwise, why are you reading this? (This is an especially goony and stupid podcasturbation.)

[chronic] [edging] [ejaculation]  [gooning] [JOE] [JOI] [mast] [masturbation] [ramblefap] [stupid] [wet sounds]

Podcasturbation #07-0117: Getting Caught

Ramblings about getting caught with your pants down masturbating.  

[chronic] [caught] [ejaculation] [embarrassment] [mast] [masturbation [public] [ramblefap] [wet sounds]

 Podcasturbation #07-0118: Quickie Jerk to Porn Pics

Quickie Jerk to Porn Pics. A quickie job when I have a few minutes alone. I masturbate to some big breast pics and tell you about my fantasies. Then count down to ejaculation.

[mast] [masturbation] [wet sounds] [breasts] [porn] [ejaculation] [gooning] [ramblefap] 

Podcasturbation #07-0119: Sneaky Masturbator

Sneaky Masturbator. I’m supposed to be at a luncheon, but I can’t resist sneaking off to masturbate in secret before I go. Want to sneak one with me? 

[mast] [masturbation] [wet sounds] [chronic] [ejaculation] [JOE] [ramblefap] 

Podcasturbation #07-0124: I might get caught

I might get caught. I am masturbating while I’m alone, but I expect to get interrupted. That got me to thinking about the “getting caught” theme again. Do I get to finish? Or am I caught with my pants down? 

[mast] [masturbation] [wet sounds] [embarrassment] [getting caught] [gooning] [ramblefap] 

Podcasturbation #07-0130: CFNM Squirt

A little quickie, my second of the day. It winds up being a mini-CFNM fantasy. 

[mast] [masturbation] [ramblefap] [gooning] [orgasm] [CFNM] [mild Fdom] [embarrassment] [quickie] 

Podcasturbation #07-0205: Teasing and Squirting

Random wanking fantasy about girls watching, teasing, and (gasp) putting me back in my chastity device.

[mast] [masturbation] [ramblefap] [gooning] [orgasm] [chastity device] [denial] [embarrassment] [humiliation] [pathetic] [quickie]

Podcasturbation #07-0208: First Time Masturbating, part 1

my early sexual history leading up to my first masturbatory orgasm. What, you’ve never put your penis in a vacuum cleaner hose?

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Podcasturbation #07-0216: First Time Masturbating, Part 2

Continuing my sexual history and development into a total chronic addicted masturbator. 

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Podcasturbation #07-0214: Plastic Pussy Fucking

Chronic masturbators are often pussy-challenged and feel more confident fucking the plastic ones. I discuss pussy fucking anxieties while giving my FleshLight a work out. 

[mast] [masturbation] [ramblefap] [gooning] [orgasm][pathetic] [pussy penetration anxiety] [erectile failure] [going limp] [humiliation] [fleshlight]

Podcasturbation #07-0218: Solitary Masturbation

A long and intense podcasturbation, intended for serious masturbators only. I ruminate on the loneliness of the long-distance masturbator, and his preference for solitary masturbation. Thoughts on secret embarrassing things we like to do when alone such as (attempts at) self-sucking, tasting our semen, silly wanking postures, penetrating household objects, thrusting, and confessing.  

[mast] [masturbation] [ramblefap] [gooning] [orgasm] [chronic] [edging] [moaning] [pathetic] [embarrassing] [penis] [stupid] 

Podcasturbation #07-0310: Stopping you-know-what

“It’s easy to stop masturbating — I’ve stopped hundreds of times!” Sound familiar? My attempts at stopping (or even reducing) the masturbation habit have all met with failure. Moreover, in the process, the very act of stopping has become eroticized, so much so that I can not resist masturbating whenever I think about stopping. I lose before I even get to first base. But then, it’s not whether you win or lose that counts, but how you play the game. 

[mast] [masturbation] [ramblefap] [orgasm] [masturbation addiction] [stop masturbating] [chronic] [humiliation] [shame] [personal history] 

Podcasturbation #07-0318: Advice for the Ladies

Most of my podcasturbations are male oriented, as only male addicted masturbators really understand how each other feels. In this program I offer some insight about male chronic masturbation to ladies who may have questions or concerns about the behavior of their partners. I respectfully offer ladies advice about how they may turn the solitary fixation of their partners into a positive dynamic that deepens and cements a relationship. I also masturbate up a storm while pontificating.

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Podcasturbation #07-0323: Couch Copulation

This program may surprise you: I don’t masturbate, I have sexual intercourse. OK, it’s with a couch. But still, I penetrate and thrust just like a copulating male with a receptive female. Sometimes even a chronic masturbator like me just has to have a good fuck

[mast] [masturbation] [ramblefap] [gooning] [orgasm] [embarrassment]  [humiliation] [moaning] [pathetic]   [stupid] [sph] [fleshlight] [furniture fucking] [humping] 

Podcasturbation #07-0416: Masturbation weekend with a lady friend

After five hours of masturbating, I still can’t stop. This is a special fantasy of masturbating for a lady friend. 

[M4F] [mast] [masturbation] [ramblefap] [gooning] [orgasm] [handjob] [penis babble] [public [exposed] [CFNM] [mild Fdom] [teasing] [milking table] [fantasy for a lady friend] [wet sounds]

Podcasturbation #07-0430: Jennifer takes Richard in hand

A fantasy of a chronic masturbator with a new girlfriend who offers to help him with his pussy-penetration anxiety disorder. 

[M4F] [mast] [masturbation] [ramblefap] [gooning] [orgasm] [exposed] [CFNM] [handjob] [embarrassment] [orgasm control] [teasing] [denial] [begging] [mild Fdom] [pussy penetration anxiety] [humiliation] [training] [fantasy date]

Podcasturbation #07-0523: It’s OK, Admit It

It’s OK, admit it: you are addicted to masturbation. If you have recently realized that you are addicted, having trouble admitting it to yourself, or just suspect that you might be addicted, listen to this podcasturbation. It will help you recognize, admit, and accept your masturbation addiction.

[M4A] [mast] [masturbation] [addiction] [chronic] [ramblefap] [gooning] [out loud] [JOE] [confession] [questionnaire] [embarrassment] [philosophy of masturbation] [advice to masturbators]

Podcasturbation #07-0524: Fucking my Penis

A chronic masturbator doesn’t fuck with his penis — rather, he fucks his penis. 

[mast] [masturbation] [ramblefap] [gooning] [orgasm] [JOE] [JOI] [stupid] [teasing] [quickie] [penis babble] 

Podcasturbation #07-0527: Introduction to Edging

In this long [60 minutes] podcasturbation I provide a discussion of edging and an introductory exercise. It is aimed at the newly chronic masturbator who is inexperienced with edging or having trouble getting the hang of it. Surgeon General’s Warning: Edging may be habit forming and lead to incurable masturbation addiction; listen at your own risk

[M4M] [mast] [masturbation] [ramblefap] [gooning] [orgasm] [chronic] [countdown] [edging] [ejaculation] [JOE] [JOI] [training] [orgasm control] [penis babble] [advice to masturbators]