Masturbation Support Hotline Notices on Twitter

Announcements about the Masturbation Addiction Support Hotline, both schedule and status updates, now appear on Twitter. Please follow

#MasturbationSupportHotline is CLOSED now.
Updates and schedule: @OnaniaHotline
You don't have to #masturbate alone

#MasturbationSupportHotline OPEN NOW.
Personal, understanding support for #chronic #masturbators like you.
Phonel 1-281-241-9265 | Skype: "richardlovel"

TODAY: Wednesday 15 May 10am-2pm central (1500-1900 GMT/UTC)
Phonel 1-281-241-9265 | Skype: "richardlovel"
For #chronic #masturbators like you.

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Redesign of Onania . Org/asm website

I’m undertaking a redesign of the Onania . Org/asm home website. The goals are

  • Simplify design to make it easier to find things
  • Emphasize the unique original content and services for masturbators
  • Emphasize the use of Twitter for better engagement with masturbators

I will be using the Twitter feeds below for interacting with you through the Masturbation Support Hotline and the Wank Bank. Please follow these feeds for your urgent masturbator needs.