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Onania . Org/asm is a resource for people living with chronic masturbation addiction. It is owned by Richard Lovel and expresses his life-long fascination with masturbatory behavior — especially in its more chronic and compulsive manifestations.

Masturbation Support Hotline – Closed Now


The Masturbation Addiction Support Hotline is not open at this time. Check schedule for next session.

  • The Hotline is usually open once a week, usually on Mondays during the day (Central US Time). Additional times may be announced. Check the schedule below for the planned opening times.
  • If you want priority masturbator support during the next session, complete the Priority Masturbator Support Request form. Don’t block your caller ID, so I can recognize you in future calls. You can also leave a chat message on Skype.  

When the Hotline is closed, you may listen to the voices of other masturbators in The Wank Bank 

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MKE SEX: Let’s talk about male masturbation toys

But of course, there’s a longer answer, too. As a matter of fact, despite the fact that I’m very happy with the genitals I was born with, there are some great toys out there that make me kind of wish I had a penis to play with too. You can find strokers at a wide range of prices. That’s important because everyone should be able to access sexual pleasure, regardless of their financial situation. It’s good to note that all of these toys are going to feel a lot better if you use some good water-based lube with them. Things like hand lotion and hair conditioner can be hard on the materials that sex toys are made with. Using actual lube will make it more fun, and preserve the life of your toy.

: MKE SEX: Let’s talk about male masturbation toys

7 Things You Just Really Shouldn’t Use as Toys During Masturbation

That said, just because you can masturbate with something doesn’t mean that you should. This is going in or around your genitals, so you want to make sure it’s not going to irritate or infect you in any way. So, for the sake of your sexual health, think twice before using the following the next time you’re looking for an orgasm:

Source: 7 Things You Just Really Shouldn’t Use as Toys During Masturbation | SELF

Masturbated by his machine

a mechanically-minded masturbator said:

My machine has been masturbating me for the last six hours. I have
taken a few very short breaks, but for the majority of that time, my
cock has been hard and slippery, sliding in and out of the machine’s
masturbation sleeve. I love seeing the shape of it as the sleeve
slides down, wrapping itself around my dick, and I love seeing the
thick veins straining against the glistening skin of my dick as the
sleeve slides back up. It can feel so good that I’m dying to cum, but
at the same time, I know that the machine will just keep working my
cock if I let it and I dont ever want it to stop, so I let it continue
to work me over.
I feel like such a pervert having my cock masturbated for hours like
this. I love feeling like a pervert. While “normal” people are out
doing “normal” things, my cock is being stroked relentlessly by a
machine and and I ride the waves of pleasure it gives me. I like to
close my eyes and put everything else out of my head except for the
unyeilding stimulation of my penis. I love to imagine myself
restrained as a trained professional (a nurse perhaps?) operates the
controls as they administer my daily masturbation treatments.
I always wonder if my neighbors can hear the machine and wonder what
they would think if they knew what the sometimes fast, sometimes slow,
but always constant rythmic sounds coming from my apartment were. Can
they make out the occasional wet slurping noise? If they knew, would
they be disgusted or would they approve? Either way, I do not wish to
change my masturbatory habits, the non-stop pleasuring is something I
cannot bear to part with.
Nurse Isabel, what would your professional opinion of my case be?
Would you advise against further behavior of this sort? Or would you
perscribe continued masturbation treatments?

Gert’s Stockings

Guided Masturbation Stories

Gert’s Stockings

alt.sex.stories, 1996

Excerpt from a dead man’s sexual diary, purchased at an estate sale–the late Bill W. Childhood Memories of Gert’s Stockings and Garters It is August, 1955. I am 12 and on vacation with my parents and another couple at a lake cottage in northern Wisconsin. I am in the only private place in the tiny cottage–the bathroom–jerking off with the door locked–or so I think.

My bloated young prick sticks rigidly out of my lap as I sit on the toilet, massaging my exquisitely sensitive foreskin, savoring the itchy, tingly feeling radiating through my balls. My ass twitches and squirms on the toilet seat as my newly discovered pastime causes muscles and nerves to twitch involuntarily in my crotch and legs. I stare at my hand in its vertical dance, wondering dazedly that I can give myself so much pleasure. The feeling is so good, yet at the same time somehow dirty and lewd, which makes it all the better.  Continue reading

Celebrity Masturbators: List of People Caught Masturbating in Public

From celebrity masturbators caught red-handed pleasuring themselves in public places like Fred Willard and Paul “Pee Wee Herman” Rubens to a woman caught using a sex toy and watching porn while driving, to a man caught pleasuring himself on a park bench with his shirt off using an armless mannequin, here are the most shameless people ever caught masturbating in public. Enjoy (in private)!

via Celebrity Masturbators: List of People Caught Masturbating in Public.

A Medley of Milking Stories

from the net, various dates

Three stories of male milking


Milking a Husband July 31, 1999

That story about the two lesbians milking a man for his sperm so they could have a baby is wild. I did something similar to my own husband two and a half years ago. We had been married for 11 years and had two children, a girl of 9 and a boy of 5. I wanted another child but my husband refused me! He said he didn’t think we could afford it over the long run. This got me mad as hell and started my thoughts on how to get my way, regardless of what he said. I checked my cycles and when I felt it was yhe optimum time I got him in bed and he placed his condom on his dick as was his habit. I thought to myself that I was going to get that condom with his sperm that night. I suggested a bondage scene followed by hot sex and readily agreed to let me tie him at all four posts with pantyhose. I tied him down nice and tight and knew he was not going anywhere.   Continue reading

My First

My First

by BoundBalls

A boy has his first orgasm fantasizing about masturbating for neighbor girls.

This is what I was like when I was 13 years old. It's
a true story and the fantasy I was thinking at that
time. It was also my first experience with orgasm.
Hope you enjoy.
I can still remember being 13 and in my room alone in
the house teasing myself after a long day of swimming
with a bunch of girls my age. I was thinking about one
girl especially. She was my neighbor and was a few
years older (15+ I think). She was wearing her older
sister's bathing suit. Why I don't know, I guess
because she figured she was old enough. But anyway,
the top was probably a cup size to big for her and
with the suit being wet it seemed to stretched out
even more. This allowed me many glimpses through out
the day of her wonderfully youthful breast. Beautiful
perky cones with goose bumps. It was tough to conceal
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Homework Handjob

Guided Masturbation Stories

Homework Handjob

alt.sex.stories, 1999

“I’m a virgin!” he splurted, red faced.
“Ahhh. Well, you’re in for a treat then. I bet you wank off, don’t
you? In the bathroom, in here… Just grab your cock and wank, right?”
“I bet you’ve got some wank mags. Let’s see…” Mandy stood, and
walked over to Andrew’s bed. She slid a hand under the mattress and
pulled out three or four well used looking mags. She sat on the bed and
started flicking through the mags, smiling as she came across some pages
that were stuck together.
“These ones must have been good, Andrew. Come over here and sit down
with me. Let’s see if I can do something about that stiffy you’ve

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