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Onania . Org/asm is a resource for people living with chronic masturbation addiction. It is owned by Richard Lovel and expresses his life-long fascination with masturbatory behavior — especially in its more chronic and compulsive manifestations.

Little Pee Pee

Guided Masturbation Stories

Little Pee Pee

This occurred last weekend, as my lady friend had gone to Austin for a seminar which was to go on all weekend. I decided to drive up Saturday and join her. She left instructions a the hotel front desk to give me a key upon arrival. When I got up stairs she was in bathroom, naked, as she was preparing for a lunch meeting. I immediately removed my clothes and came to the bathroom door and stood there looking at her. Those big nice tits just moving so, as she applied makeup, me slowly stroking my very hard cock. I moved in behind her as gently probed her ass with my member. She playfully swatted my cock away , saying I do not have time for that now, go ! Let me get ready.  Continue reading


THE PEOPLE’S COMMON SENSE MEDICAL ADVISER (1895) is one of the interesting historical works on the dangers of masturbation. I recommend it to students of society’s views on the subject. This extract is from the Project Gutenberg library. You can get a good flavor for its perspective from this quote:

Untold miseries arise from the pollution of the body. Self-pollution, or onanism, is one of the most prolific sources of evil, since it leads both to the degradation of body and mind. It is practiced more or less by members of both sexes, and the habit once established, is overcome with the greatest difficulty. It is the source of numerous diseases which derange the functional activity of the organs involved, and eventually impair the constitution. This vicious habit is often practiced by those who are ignorant of its dangerous results. Statistics show that insanity is frequently caused by masturbation.


Fig. 2. A Testicle wasted by Masturbation. Masturbation not only occasions loss of semen, but frequently the testicles and other generative organs waste and become reduced in size as a result of the abuse. …Fig. 2 represents one much reduced, as a result of self-abuse. [pg 773]

Note: before proceeding, please be sure you have read the Warning for Satire-Impaired

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Victorian Sexuality – The Solitary Vice

The Solitary Vice

Masturbation or what was termed the “solitary vice” or “onanism” emerged as a veritable epidemic, especially amongst children. This forms the core around which the modern child becomes engulfed in what might termed the sexualisation of modern society. A medical and moral campaign was waged around the sexuality of children. Parents, educators, doctors were all alerted to hunt out any traces of child sexuality through a myriad of surveillance techniques and upon discovery subject to a seemingly inexhaustible array of corrective measures. One nineteenth century doctor invented a device which administered electric shocks to a sleeping boy’s penis upon erection.

Nineteenth Century Anti-masturbation Devices 24

Source: Sexuality & Modernity: Victorian Sexuality

The Masturbator Support Associates list is replaced by the Onania Masturbator Registry


Previously we offered a list of Masturbator Support Associates (MSA)

Masturbator Support Associates (MSA) volunteer their time to help meet the urgent needs of our community. Each MSA is a chronic masturbator like you, someone you can reach out to for personal and understanding support. The MSA makes him-(or her)-self available for online support on his own schedule by phone, Skype, text, or other application of choice.

Maintaining this list was somewhat labor intensive and resulted in frustration for MSA’s as well as callers. We are retiring the MSA list.

To facilitate masturbator-to-masturbator contacts, we have implemented a simple registry inside the Onania Masturbator Forum.  If you would like to contact other masturbators, or invite them to contact you, please join the Forum and place your contact information in the Onania Masturbator Registry. You must be a member of the Forum to participate. 

Big-Breasted Dru

Guided Masturbation Stories

Big-Breasted Dru

alt.sex.stories, 1995. Breasts aren’t only for babies

I want to relate a story about a girl that I knew in college, her name was Dru. This was about 14 years ago, but I remember her like she was standing here in front of me. You see, I’ve always been a big tit lover. The bigger, the better. Nowadays, you get the strippers and porno stars with their enhancements, and I might be the only one around here who actually loves seeing them that large. Anyway, Dru was all natural. And her tits weren’t HUGE, but they were big, nice and big. She told me she was a size 40DD.  Continue reading