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I’m just a freakingly lucky guy I guess, I’ve been touching
myself “inappropriately” and way, way to much and often since I was
eleven, and it seems the beat-off-gods have approved and blessed me
and my habit mightily!
Well, here’s what I’m talking about, just about a year ago my friend
Kathleen at work tells me she’s having an affair with a married
man. Not only is the dude married, but he’s here from England, and
since he can’t stay with her he needs a place to crash for six-
months or so. I figure I could use the extra cash flow having a
roommate would provide, I meet the guy, Kenny, and he’s nice enough
quirky accent, a slightly rough but sexy exterior, and so I decide
it’s a “go”.

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My boyfriend is addicted to masterbating(masturbating)

from My boyfriend is addicted to masterbating(masturbating), what do i do- – Sexuality & Relationship


My boyfriend & i have been together for 2 years this June. Our sex life was fine at the beginning till this problem came to light & now its been a year since I’ve been coping with it. About a year ago i started noticing that oursex life was no longer the same. we went from having sex numerous times a week to 1-2 a week. We are both 24 years old by the way. I started to notice if i was to initiate it he would tell me he’s tired or not in the mood. So now i’m to the point where im about to leave him due to this. a couple of months ago my bf confesses to me that the reason we are not having sexas often is because he’s been masterbating (masturbating). my bf goes to the gym daily & takes protein along with another substance that gives him energy so he says that the moment he gets out of the gym he gets thisurge to have sex & since i am at work he opts for masterbation(masturbation) so when i see him later on in the evening he doesnt want to have sex since the job has already been done. this issue has affected me in numerous ways. my self esteem is low, i am insecure about myself & our relationship. he tells me that hes trying to control himself but that its real hard. how do i understand him? what can i do to help & is there even something that can be done to fix this issue? my bf kept this whole “im addicted to masterbating (masturbating)” secret from me for a long time & for a long time i would cry to him & tell him how neglected i feel & how this has affected my esteem & still he would masterbate rather than controlling himself in order to please me. i no longer know what to do i hope you can help.

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15-year-old boy says parents put cameras in his bedroom to stop him masturbating | Daily Mail Online

Boy, 15, seeks legal advice after his parents set up cameras in his bedroom and bathroom to stop him masturbating The boy took to Reddit’s legal section to ask for help regarding the situation  Said his father barged in without knocking earlier this month and caught him  The boy said his parents are against sexual activities before marriage and wouldn’t even let him attend his school’s sexual education classes  He promised to never masturbate again, but found out they ordered indoor security cameras from Am

Source: 15-year-old boy says parents put cameras in his bedroom to stop him masturbating | Daily Mail Online

An Interview with Masturbatrix Magazine

The boy is then given the command to masturbate. Normally he is in a kneeling position on the floor in front of the girl, although sometimes he might be kneeling on a coffee table or other suitable piece of furniture. The kneeling position provides the best combination of safety (the boy is not in a threatening position) and visibility.

Source: An Interview with Masturbatrix Magazine

Why Straight Men Are Joining Masturbation Clubs – GQ

Most men who are willing to speak openly about experiences like this will do so with a certain measure of fondness, even nostalgia. “It’s a rite of passage and an essential part of the teenage male bonding ritual,” says Sean*, 31, who used to buddy bate with his friends when he was in his early teens. Sean came of age in the early aughts during the pre-Pornhub, post-Limewire era, when online porn was far less accessible than it is now, so he viewed communal masturbation more as a matter of convenience and less as a display of budding masculinity. But regardless of the impetus behind buddy bating, for some men, the urge to whip it out in front of your bros extends beyond adolescence, even though there are fewer options for them to dabble in that interest in adulthood.

Source: Why Straight Men Are Joining Masturbation Clubs – GQ

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Odd Little Masturbation Story

Odd Little Masturbation Story

by Anonymous

A straight man has his first masturbation experience involving another male.
This is an odd little masturbation story. I'm straight, but I have to
admit a certain fascination with other men's cocks. A friend of
mine, who is also straight made a comment to that effect one night at a
party. There were five of us still up in the wee hours of
the morning, after everyone else had passed out. We were watching a
porno which consisted mainly of lesbians. Amy and
Melissa, I had long suspected as being bi, so I'm sure they had no
problem with that, and Jamie had mentioned on a few
occasions that she was interested in other women's breasts, and was
known to grope one or two from time to time when she
was in hard-core party mode. Jay said, "I like the lesbian action and
all, but to me, a porno's gotta have dick." We all gave him
sideways glances. He shook his head slowly. "I don't know, there's just
something about a hard dick." Jamie was giggling. 
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How Old Is Your Penis? | My Sex Professor: Sexuality Education

…As everyone knows, certain changes happen to people’s bodies as they age – things start to droop, more lines appear, etc. There are ways to combat many of the age-related changes, and society seems to be especially interested in this. I find reading “Guys, Are You Aging Down There?” to be appealing because so many articles about aging and the body are aimed at women or about women. This article points out that three main penis characteristics can change with age, and that they aren’t the end of the world; color and general appearance, size (both the penis and testicles can shrink slights), and feeling (decreased sensitivity)….

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FictionMania Story: The Perfect Marriage

“Well, I think we could do that..but we would have to keep it like it is. You know, I keep seeing my boyfriends, and you keep seeing yours,” as she touched his right hand and laughed. “I know you masturbate a lot honey..I see your little boner poking in your pants, and I see you go to the bathroom at work a lot to relieve yourself. And I see you staring at the other young girls in the office. Sometimes I think you are going off in your pants..the look on your face!….do you go off in your pants sometimes?”

Source: FictionMania Story: The Perfect Marriage