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Onania . Org/asm is a resource for people living with chronic masturbation addiction. It is owned by Richard Lovel and expresses his life-long fascination with masturbatory behavior — especially in its more chronic and compulsive manifestations.

Wank Bank – Voicemail from Masturbators – (2/3)

Voicemails from Masturbators

Scott 2/3/19 7:13 AM
Scott 2/3/19 7:13 AM Hello Richard, this is Scott calling. Just stroking my dick really hard right now thinking about all the chronic masturbation that I’m addicted to and I want to come all over me right now. …

Langhome female 2/3/19 1:08 AM
Langhome female 2/3/19 1:08 AM I need help.

Kevin 2/2/19 10:30 PM
Kevin 2/2/19 10:30 PM Hey Richard, Kevin again. I call back hoping maybe I could reach you after all. I think you’re not there. Playing with my little clock again. I guess I’m always playing with my little dog. My pathetic little prick cuz I was thinking penis masturbator as you well know. Not walking around the streets of New York this time on my hand in my pocket beating my meat …

Kevin 2/2/19 10:07 PM
Kevin 2/2/19 10:07 PM Hey Richard, it’s Kevin from New York. I didn’t know the high line was open today. …


Jason 2/2/19 4:35 PM 6
Jason 2/2/19 4:35 PM 6 Hi, Richard. This is Jason again from Ohio. And I’m sitting here stroking my cock. And I’ve been stroking it all day masturbating playing with my dick. and I do this pretty much every day. …

JD California 2/1/19 6:53 PM
JD California 2/1/19 6:53 PM Hello Richard, it’s JD from California. Again. It’s February 1st late in the afternoon. I thought I’d give you a call. I’ve been doing nothing but masturbating all day long the cold and dreary day up here in California Northern California. It’s rainy. And yes, I’m still The Chronic addicted compulsive obsessive homosexual solosexual hyper-sexual stupid. …

Chuck 2/1/19 8:06 AM
Chuck 2/1/19 8:06 AM Hi Richard, it’s Chuck from the other day. I thought I thought I messed me to make penis masturbating with f****** chronic addicted masturbator penis. Yeah, man. Checking my …  

Wank Bank — Voicemail from Masturbators — (1/31)

Voicemails from Masturbators

Fembater 1/31/19 3:00 AM
Fembater 1/31/19 3:00 AM Hi Richard. Hi Pastor Peter. It’s Sunday through. I’m traveling still of course from London right now touring Europe just for fun. And oh my God. I’m so f****** morning today. I have a date later. I’m traveling out before I go. Having fun like a week seen or really desperate. chronic something almost repeater You make your call we are Monday. Good morning, squeeze my clit between my lips and dinner table embarrassed myself and what else? Thomas be monitored Good, you just hello. You said with me master baiters Chiloquin? 
Chuck 3520 1/30/19 8:16 PM
Chuck 3520 1/30/19 8:16 PM Hi Richard, this is Chuck. It’s my first time calling. Think I’m a chronic masturbator. Put a case on my car. I can’t get hard and can masturbate to them. I’m trying to. Burn some self-control. Not going over. extremely, well, I haven’t taken the cage off or anything but I still. Talk to my God. Still touching her ball to the Kings. I just think about Napster, baby. all the time just think about masturbating my penis looking at p*** keep watching people masturbate on my I just think about that. See, that’s 24/7. tournaments me Warner to know that I can see it right now. Yeah, can you stop thinking about masturbating Revere? What’s up tomorrow? Thanks. Later. 
Langhome female 1/29/19 4:13 PM
Langhome female 1/29/19 4:13 PM Hi again, I didn’t I’m sure you guys what I’m doing. 
Jane from Chicago 1/29/19 6:53 AM
Jane from Chicago 1/29/19 6:53 AM 

Mrs. Bellano


Guided Masturbation Stories

Mrs. Sylvia Bellano

A young college student is very well cared for over the knee and between the bosoms of his landlady. Anonymous, circa 1995

– Part I

Before applying to college in 1963, I spent a number of weekends visiting prospective schools in Ohio and Pennsylvania. I had already heard a lot about Smithson College from my first cousin, Fred who was then in his senior year and full of stories about wild parties, road trips, and other mayhem. As a scholarship kid, he lived inexpensively off campus by renting a room from a widow who worked as a children’s librarian in the public library. In exchange for a modest rent and help around the house and yard, Fred enjoyed the benefits of a normal home. Mrs. Bellano did all the cooking and even took care of his laundry. In contrast to dorm life with its tiny rooms, bad food, and noise at all hours, Fred had it pretty good, especially since Mrs. Bellano was a great cook. The only downside was the need to observe basic household rules. Fred had to be in by 10:30 on weekdays and 12:30 on weekends. He also had to keep his place neat, do his chores on time, and not bring liquor into the house. Though he sometimes missed the freedom of dorm life, he saved a thousand dollars a year over the costs of campus room and board. And since he was a scholarship kid, he didn’t really have much of a choice. Living on campus was simply out of the question. Continue reading

Masturbation Support Hotline – Closed Now


The Masturbation Addiction Support Hotline is not open at this time. Check schedule for next session.

  • The Hotline is usually open once a week, usually on Mondays during the day (Central US Time). Additional times may be announced. Check the schedule below for the planned opening times.
  • If you want priority masturbator support during the next session, complete the Priority Masturbator Support Request form. Don’t block your caller ID, so I can recognize you in future calls. You can also leave a chat message on Skype.  

When the Hotline is closed, you may listen to the voices of other masturbators in The Wank Bank 

Continue reading

WEIRD Masturbation Habits | Your Brain On Porn

It’s worth noting that, regardless of where WEIRD sexologists may set the bar for normal masturbation, its frequency is a rapidly moving target. Sexuality counselor Ian Kerner recently estimated that men are masturbating 50 to 500 percent more than they would without Internet porn—with adverse repercussions in the bedroom. We, too, hear from lots of (young) men who can now only sustain an erection while masturbating to Internet porn.

via WEIRD Masturbation Habits | Your Brain On Porn.

Masturbation, Fantasy and Captivity | Your Brain On Porn

Lots of animals masturbate, but none with the intensity and ejaculation frequency of human males—except when in captivity (according to Leonard Shlain, MD).

The current theory is that we humans masturbate more because we can fantasize. A related assumption is that our rather manic masturbation has gone on for as long as we’ve been human—except when temporarily suppressed by unnatural forces, such as religious or social constraints. From these two assumptions follows a third: that fantasy is a natural, healthy adjunct to, or even sine qua non of, a fulfilling sex life.

Certainly fantasy facilitates frequent orgasm, just as sex toys and pornography do. Yet does our capacity to fantasize (which may, or may not be unique to humans) fully account for our masturbation and fantasy marathons?

I recently eavesdropped on a cyber exchange among some thoughtful men with lots of experience masturbating and fantasizing. The points they raised led me to do a bit of historical sleuthing, which I’ll share below their remarks.

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30 Surreal Photos Of A Chinese Sex Toy Factory

Can I get a job as final QC product tester?


An unromantic yet fascinating peek behind the curtain of the global adult novelty economy, just in time for Valentine’s Day! For many of you lonely hearts, this is where tonight’s date came from. WARNING: Even though these are the least sexy photos you could imagine, they’re still slightly NSFW

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