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Peeping Tom

a masturbator wrote:

It was a dark night and I could clearly see into her window. The
curtains were open and a lamp on the table was on. The humidity was
thick and sweat dripped from my brow. I was hunched behind a bush
hoping no one could see me. I was wearing dark shorts and a dark
t-shirt. Even my sneakers were black. It was too hot for pants and
given my plans shorts were much more practical.
I heard a mosquito buzzing in my ear. I didn’t bother me. I’d been
bitten multiple times tonight and didn’t care. I could smell fresh
mulch at my feet. Her gardens must have been recently tended to. The
shrubs were trimmed and I was able to neatly fit between them. Up
close against the house my face was inches from the window screen. She
must not have had aircondtioning or liked the fresh air since her
window was open.

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Onania Masturbator Forum: where you ever referred as a jerk off?

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

where you ever referred as a jerk off?

Post by Tieguy » Sat Apr 27, 2019 3:56 am

It was in middle school and I had just learned how to jerk-off, when I realized that what the older boys in the locker room at school were calling it Jacking off, jerking off, beating your meat, etc., exactly what I was doing when I shot my hot thick, white sperm all over some women in my jack-off magazine. I knew it was shameful to waste a male’s seed, but it felt so good, I soon had a huge collection of cum stained jack off magazines (and still do).

My freshman year in my private high school, I started dating a girl from public school. She love to let me heavy pet with her, as long as I kept my cock inside my nylon bikinis, which despite being frustrating, helped me justifying my wasting my seed on jack-off magazines, jerking off. During my senior year, my girl went to a party with her friends and gave one of the jocks from my school a hand-job. Finding out she cheated on me, I broke up with her, which she promptly started dating the jock. It his voice I hear, he was the first male to every call me a jerk-off, which he did on a regular basis, he even got his buddies to join in. I can still see him asking why I could not get a female to get my rocks , as he did an all too familiar up and down gesture with his fist calling me a jerk-off. He was also the first guy to make fun of my blue balls,too. it was very humiliating and a total turn on at the same time. i would want to run to the men’s room and beat my meat, and did.


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Marie: My Masturbation History

My Masturbation History


I had a way of making myself orgasm as a young child (I was so young I don’t remember the first time I did it, but I know I was by age 7), but didn’t realize that I was “having an orgasm”, or “masturbating” or “doing something sexual” (I’m still somewhat reluctant to refer to it as masturbating, since I didn’t actually touch myself with my hands, what I’d do is, after my bath, I would run into my room, still naked, and keep running around the room in circles, but I now know I would definitely have orgasms doing this). I’d always been very curious about where babies come from and all that and my parents were very good about answering all my questions, but I didn’t relate “the *Good Feeling*  between my legs” (that’s how I though of it, and that’s what I called the running around bit, “getting the good feeling”) to the process of reproduction or boys or romance or anything that I at the time considered to be “sex”.  Continue reading

Onania Masturbator Forum: Setting up my friends (and myself)

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

Having three or four of my friends paging through my magazines didn’t bother me, though it was frustrating to get horny from looking at the naked pictures and not be able to masturbate to relive the tension. I suspected that my friends were similarly inclined, and I felt certain they were jacking themselves off the moment they got home.

I don’t remember exactly where I got the idea, but it occurred to me that if any of the guys had access to my magazines in my room in privacy, they would likely take matters into their own hands right there. I thought it would be amusing to spy on them as they jacked off, and so set about creating the circumstances. 


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Onania Masturbator Forum: Another old masturbation fiction story I wrote

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

i’m a hopeless wackaholick, a butt-naked meat beater, a dedicated masturbator, and a premiere jerkoff artist. luckily for me my lovely wife knows all about my horny hobby. when we’re not fucking each other brains out, I have her open permission to strip naked and play with myself anywhere in the house.


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Pixie’s first time

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

i learned about masturbation only from hearing other boys at school use it as a euphemism for a pathetic loser: “That guy’s such a jerk-off,” “Peter’s probably sitting at home jerking it,” “What a jack-off!” etc. i had sexual thoughts and feelings before, but the first time I ever masturbated was in my freshman year of high school. i never did more than lay on my stomach and grind my stiff penis against my mattress before that, and i had never consciously ejaculated (though i’d had wet dreams and i’d leaked precum in my pants once when a girl was flirting with me and pressing herself up against my body in the school hallway once). i didn’t want to be a loser, or anyone to think of me as a jackoff.


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Onania Masturbator Forum: The Urge to Masturbate Owns Me!

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

I got a girlfriend now and my Pussy Free streak ended at 1,012 days. Even though I’m getting pussy again, I still love to masturbate and can’t go without it. In fact, I still prefer masturbation, but her pussy is good too.


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A masturbator wrote: hands in our pockets

a masturbator wrote: 

now that I am looking for it, it seems like out on the street, in stores, standing in lines, I see more and more guys with one hand in their pocket rubbing themselves discreetly.  I know I have started doing this and it seems to be epidemic.      hopefully my observations are correct.  hopefully we are all doing this as a visible sign of our addiction.

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Face it, Masturbator: you aren’t getting any pussy. And your last attempt was a humiliating failure and only annoyed the pussy. So get past grieving for your lost manhood, and accept your life as a pussy-less Pathetic Male Masturbator. Join your fellow chronics and take the No Pussy Pledge! Just copy and paste the text below into a new reply, and edit or add your own remarks.


I, <your name>, openly acknowledge that Pussy is a Privilege, deserved only by Real Men and not by Pathetic Male Masturbators like me. I understand that pussies need to be fucked long hard and deep by large stiff cocks, not noodled and dribbled on by wimpy wanker weiners. I admit that I have voided all male claims to pussy by my constant compulsive masturbation. Therefore I pledge to cease all attempts at pussy fucking, now and for evermore. I surrender all male pussy privilege to alpha male breeders and accept my permanent role of pussy-less beta male masturbator. I promise never to annoy another pussy with my pathetic attempts at copulation, and even if a kind female offers me a pity-fuck I will respectfully decline and masturbate in front of her. In exchange for giving up pussy, I retain the right of unlimited access to and personal use of pussy pictures, plastic pussies, and most importantly Hand Pussy.

Onania Masturbator Forum – prefer to masturbate than to have sex

Also, despite having a girl friend – i prefer to masturbate than to have sex. I find orgasms more intense – does anyone also feel the same? And when to masturbate, invariable thinking about what happen to me when i was 14 when I an sexual encounter with an older man (50+) in the local park toilets who while I was at the urinals. He placed has hand on my small (and the time) cock and slowly started to slide his hand along my shaft, exposing my glans. His other hand cupped by balls. He then ran his hand through my pubes. He started to stoke my cock again; making me cum; which was until that moment my first time. Forcing me onto my knees he unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock, which he told me to suck. I sucked his cock; licking his bulbous head and balls. He started to groan and within seconds he shot his thick load of cum in my willing mouth.


Many of my best jack-off sessions were right after I fucked a girlfriend or wife. I would then find a way to be alone and beat off thinking about the sex. The orgasm in my hand was always better than the one in a pussy.

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