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Earl Flen: Hand Pussy

Hand Pussy

by Earl Flen

I like all sex terms and words, but I love these two words very much. They invoke so much about the positive nature of masturbating. Hand pussy is the pussy I have fucked most. Hand pussy is the first pussy I ever fucked. Hand pussy is the pussy that is always there for me. Hand pussy can respond to my fantasies and be any pussy I want it to be. I can close my eyes and fuck my hand pussy as if she was any woman I want, or I can stare into the photographed eyes of my favorite masturbation muse and fuck her pussy in my fist. My hand pussy can turn into the anus (or mouth) of a man I fantasize about fucking. (Or a finger from my hand pussy can be his dick sliding into my anus – my man pussy.)

I can fuck my hand pussy as hard or as gently as I wish. Hand pussy always grips my cock just perfectly and always squeezes at the right time and the right amount. I love my hand pussy. I can fill my hand pussy with cum or let it spurt out the back. I can put my limp dick inside my hand pussy and fuck when I don’t have an erection. My hand pussy can quiver and pulse until it makes me hard, or until it makes me cum even though I’m soft.   Continue reading

I WANT A PUSSY by Earl Flen


By Earl Flen

I WANT A PUSSY.  No, I don’t mean I “want to fuck a pussy”; I mean I want to have my own pussy between my legs, because I love masturbating. I want to be “girlie” and experience all those feelings women seem to have. I know there’s supposed to be this thing called “penis envy” women are supposed to be plagued by. I think I’m afflicted with pussy envy. When I’m masturbating my cock I often imagine what it would be like to masturbate my own pussy if I had one.  I fantasize about it. I really want a pussy for my very own, to masturbate.

First of all just to spread my legs and expose that most private genital area to the open air has to be such a turn on. To be able to put my hands on my pussy and rub my vulva has to be so wonderful! Just to feel those pussy lips become swollen in arousal must be amazing – better than starting to get an erection? I’d like to find out.  Continue reading

Xmas Eve Masturbation Memory

Xmas Eve Masturbation Memory

By Earl Flen, December 2015

Christmas Eve always brings back my favorite masturbation memory.

So long ago. 1964. I was 19.

My first real love Bett and I had gotten back together a few weeks earlier after a breakup when I’d first entered college. Sitting on her couch late Christmas Eve with just the lights of the tree on. Her parents had gone to bed. By now Bett and I were very accomplished “heavy petters”. (We were a little behind the curve, folks, I admit; in those days we weren’t courageous enough to fuck yet. You didn’t fuck until you were at least engaged to be engaged we thought. ) We had been ‘necking’ that night for a good half an hour. It was kind of romantically perfect in the low light and the soft Christmas music. I still remember her kisses as probably the best that ever were.

We had gotten to that stage where the French kisses were long and very passionate, we were breathing hard. I had already gotten the top of her dress open and had been indulging in her favorite play: I kissed and sucked her nipples in between French kisses while she held my head to her chest and guided me from one breast to the other – the girl was in charge of just how far a guy could go, at least that was the way it was for me and other “nice” boys. From there she would give me some body signal to begin sliding my hand up under her skirt for that long slow advance to her pussy. Continue reading

Cum in the Sand

Aren’t you going to masturbate?” she snickered, teasing me for being paralyzed since I just stood on the sand in front of her and stared at her naked pussy. The open side of her bikini lay across her thigh as if someone had torn the bottom of it off her cunt. I couldn’t get over how sexy it was to have seen the way she’d snapped it open to expose herself. I realized right then it wasn’t the first time she’d done this to some pathetic guy.



By Earl Flen 

by HandPussy1, August 2017  Continue reading

Earl Flen: Praise for “This Made Me Squirt”

I enjoy so much the new “This Made Me Squirt” section Richard has included here on Onania.org. He has such a gift for picking out just the perfect woman for our masturbatory attention. Even just casually clicking through the day’s new entries, I’m caught up by them. I have yet to go to this section and then be able to leave without spilling a load. They are wonderful muses!   Continue reading