Favorite CFNM fantasy

a masturbator wrote:

1)  My number one CFNM fantasy is my wife inviting some of our

friends over for drinks… gals mostly, but a few guys are there
too.  I know most of our guests personally.  We are all sitting
around the living room when she suddenly announces to everyone that I
am her boytoy slave.  She orders me to strip naked for everyone and
puts me on naughty, naked display.  My wife then asks each of our
guests to give me humiliating “commands” that I must obey.  One woman
asks me to piss all over myself in front of them, she hold my dick
and directs the stream all over my naked chest and belly…including
my face.  Several guests want to grope, fondle and “inspect” me while
I’m in various states of arousal.  Everyone is laughing and making
fun of me.  The guys there are laughing and calling me a “sissy wimp
pussy.”  I am ordered to play with my ass and jerk off for them. Continue reading

Podcasturbation #15-0203: Couch Pussy Pitty-Fuck

Podcasturbation #15-0203: Couch Pussy Pitty-Fuck

Hey, Masturbator — are you getting any pussy? I didn’t think so. What you need is a pittyfuck, and the sure way to get one is from a couch. What, you’ve never humped a couch? Just get out your FleshLight or make a homemade rubber pussy, and let’s get a couch pussy pittyfuck. (Sorry about the audio clicks on this recording). 

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BDSM Library – Story: Milking Matthew, Chapter: Part 1

My fascination with the milking device started when I was much younger.Perhaps it had something to do with the almost sci-fi, devious aura about it. A device, so simple, yet so cruel. One that would strip a man of all of his pride systematically while I watched. A sure-fire way to make him squirm; and even as a young girl I loved the images in my mind of a man struggling helplessly against tight bond.It used to be just a fantasy. Until I was about 19 years old, suffering from insomnia during finals. By then, I had many evil devices, but not the machine. I had been watching late night television, my eyes burning, trying to take a break before returning to my textbooks.There it was. In front of my eyes. A machine, milking a man, making him squirt his cum through a tube and into a tube. This was before I had a VCR. I could not rewind. At first, I thought I was dreaming.The man, he was struggling. He was whimpering. But his mouth was duct taped shut and his wrists were strapped down. He shut his eyes extra tight just before they showed the cum dripping through the tube. They were showing this on television!

Source: BDSM Library – Story: Milking Matthew, Chapter: Part 1

Podcasturbation #15-0126: Introduction to Moaning / Gooning for Masturbators 101

Podcasturbation #15-0126: Introduction to Moaning / Gooning for Masturbators 101

This podcasturbation covers the fundamentals of masturbatory vocalization. We describe masturbatory best practices of moaning, groaning, and gooning, in order to amplify the physical gratification of masturbation. We consider why some masturbators may miss this enhanced level of pleasure, due to shyness, embarrassment, or misplaced male role modeling. If you are a silent masturbator, you will gain insight to your inhibitions and gain gratification-enhancing vocal skills. If you are already a moaner/groaner/gooner you will enjoy the opportunity to practice your vocalization technique along with me.

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My wife is willingly seduced

a pathetic cuckold masturbator wrote:

My wife is hot. She is 5’4″ and around 110lbs. She has perfect tits
and a knock out ass and legs. I often marvel at the fact that she is
MY wife. We’ve been married almost 20 years. She is 41 and I am 43.
I have fantasized for years about her giving herself to another man. I
often bring this fantasy up but it is quickly shot down. Over the
years our sex life has almost disappeared. Even though she is hot as a
firecracker, she does not seem that interested in sex. When we first
met she was a little vixen. If my memory serves me, she gave me a blow
job on our second date. I remember her kissing me and then moving her
head down to my lap. She started rubbing me and asked if I would like
her to eat me. I of course said I would. She said “Oh good. I wasn’t
sure if you liked that or not”. The funny thing about that statement
was it implied to me that she was familiar with giving head.
Well from that point in I was getting blowjobs in a lot different
places and times. I quickly realized that I was definitely not the
first man to enjoy this talent of hers. How many others have there
been? I wondered. As the years went by this lovely pastime of hers
disappeared. Within the last 5 years I would have to say we have had
sex maybe a dozen times. I think its been over a year to date now. I
often try to initiated sex with her by kissing her neck and cuddling
her but this always ends up with her getting the giggles and me
masturbating with my head in her lap. She will suggest I play with
myself instead.

Continue reading

Podcasturbation #14-1216: Emasculated by masturbation

Podcasturbation #14-1216: Emasculated by masturbation

Are you a manly masturbator? Or do you feel that a lifetime of chronic masturbation has emasculated you, destroyed your manhood, taken away your natural maleness? And does that arouse you to even more masturbation and emasculation? You are not alone. 

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A masturbator wrote: Giving Up Trying to Quit

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:


It’s been a while for me, but today I remembered when I stopped trying to quit being a compulsive masturbator. It was so relieving admiting that I am a complete addict, and that I will likely never change. Before that I had always felt a little guilty – I was still binge masturbating (close to what I do now; around 6 hours on weekdays, 10 – 12 on weekends) – but I tried to maintain somewhat of a social life, and would often try to quit, usually just lasting a few days.

The moment of accepting who I am came after my last attempt at quitting. I hadn’t edged that whole work week (Monday through Friday), but as I came home on Friday I passed an adult video store. While I didn’t go in, just thinking about all the wonderful porn and perverts in there got me so hard, I went home and immediately started edging, furiously watching porn on the internet. I edged through the whole weekend, cancelling plans to see friends, totally captive to the BBWs and gangbangs I was watching online. At that moment I accepted who I was. There have only been a handful of days I haven’t edged at least 2 hours since then – and that was about 7 years ago.

Now I am a hermit masturbator, who doesn’t need to worry about my “friends” bothering me because they stopped calling a long time ago. I know I will never have a “normal” family life, or social life, but this is who I am. I am ashamed at what I have turned in to, but that just fuels me. All I want now is more humiliation porn, as I sit in my masturbation cave and edge my life away. I need this so badly….. Continue reading

Jay Mayo: my life as a masturbator, the early years

my life as a masturbator, the early years (source)

by Jay Mayo 

My first encounter with masturbate was at age eight. I remember being in the bathroom of my parents home. I must have had a woody, at the same time as having to pee. Peeing was hard to do with a hard little wiener, could be messy.

I must have stroked my little wiener in a manner that prompted another, then another, right hand, left hand, slapped against my belly. It burned warm, and something triggered the desire for more stimulation of my pencil size hairless wiener. I had no idea, only that it felt really, really good. The more I slapped, the better it feels, so I continued to slap, until I dry climaxed, little wiener pumping and spazing. Wow, that was great, didn’t really know what it was, just wanted to do it again. I do remember dry climaxing being different from ejaculations of semen, in a good way, like a warm wind through a small tube, it was very nice. I think I was slapping my wiener daily for weeks, that’s until I got caught.   Continue reading