Onania Masturbator Forum: Adventures in Masturbating: Aparment Dwelling

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Ah, the rush, the thrill of stroking my hard cock out in the open, under the sky, and in the middle of the city! I wandered around the rooftop, jacking my throbbing dick and looking around. It was all too exciting and after only a few minutes I gave in to the urge and blasted my hot spunk onto the roof in a knee-buckling orgasm. It turned out once was not enough. I had barely collected my wits from that blinding climax when I felt myself getting hard again. My libido had been spun into overdrive by my rooftop wank and was ready for more. Again I took my tool in hand and some time later I spent another load on the roof.


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Masturbation In Marriage

from Masturbation In Marriage: Part III 

…. When a man ejaculates, he receives the greatest natural chemical high that he can possibly experience. Endorphins and enkephalins are pumped through your system straight to the preopticneuron part of the brain, and nothing in the world compares to this experience.
It should go without saying, then, that what we look at before and during ejaculation has a very profound affect on our sexual conditioning. When we release, our brains associate that particular object with sexual gratification. This has amazing implications when you experience sexual release in the embrace of your wife, however many of us come into marriage with our minds already locked onto something else (porn, fantasies, situational conditions) and so the transition to married life is hindered by the things we connected to before our wives.
I mentioned in Part II of this series that the most unhealthy type of masturbation is what author Doug Weiss classifies as “Type C” masturbation; that is, those who masturbate completely disconnected from reality. This an object-focused experience, men in this category objectivify anyone in their fantasies to do anything (picturing the nude model giving oral sex, for example). Many people today claim masturbation within marriage should not only be tolerated, but embraced; that a wife stumbling in on her husband masturbating with a Playboy magazine is a completely normal thing. When it comes to this disconnected, Type C masturbator, however, I could not disagree more. … more Masturbation In Marriage: Part III

Complaints reportedly force NYC school to remove book on masturbation from summer reading list | Fox News

Sixth-grade students in a New York City borough were reportedly assigned to read a book that touched on masturbation until angered parents got the title removed from the summer reading list.

The New York Daily News reports that the principal of Public School/Middle School in Rockaway Park, Queens, announced Wednesday that “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” was no longer required reading following complaints from parents and inquiries from the newspaper.

“It’s about . . . masturbation, which is not appropriate for my child to learn at 11,” said Kelly-Ann McMullan-Preiss, 39, of Belle Harbor, who refused to let her son read the book. “It was like ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ for kids.”

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Pricking the Balloon of Cheap Sexploitation | Sarah Dean

Every morning I wake up and pull back the curtains in my bedroom to the sight of a giant blow-up sex doll in the backyard.

She lies there with her legs splayed, her gigantic round breasts pert and inflated, and a handy hole in a place where one can only assume a manufacturer believed a vagina should be.

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Onania Masturbator Forum: Developing Addiction

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About a week or so ago I revealed my biggest fear to my wife. It is that she would prefer her huge black dildo over sex with me. If she had sex with other men, it’d be something I could compete with. Like I could argue, at least to myself, “I’m better than him because of this and that”. But with a dildo I can not compete. It’s bigger, harder, better shaped, always ready, never complains, and goes on as long as wanted.


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Onania Masturbator Forum: Confession of Masturbation

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Guys! I Love your replies and especially that MASTURBATION is happening as some of you read my post. It makes me feel so naked! My pants are coming off as I can no longer resist. The many ways I masturbated as a teenager are coming to mind from endless pillow humping to putting my upended rock hard cock against my powerful stereo speakers while feeling up my firm ass! Oh how mother knew!! And the shame made me penis beating crazy! I made hands off orgasms all over the place and my mirror. My pillows and sheets were always stained with my cum and the times mother pulled down my pants to spank me, my pleasure would increase and I could not possibly stop my love pleasure sessions for hours every night. I was doing the up and down off and on and adoring my hardness. Panting and gasping became unstoppable with the beautiful agony of aching to cum but needing more and more sexual near orgasms as my penis pulsated and I fixated on total pleasure exhaustion. …


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Report: 96% Of Nation’s Smut Consumed By Filthiest 1% | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source

VAN NUYS, CA—A study released this week by the San Fernando Valley Institute for Adults-Only Research indicates that a staggering 96 percent of U.S. pornography is consumed by the filthiest 1 percent of the population. “Of all the pornography watched everywhere in the world, the vast majority is consumed by this elite group of ‘super-perverts,’” the study read in part. “The most disturbing aspect of these findings is that everybody in the top 1 percent thinks that everyone else is looking at porn too, and that this is somehow ‘normal,’ but in fact the individuals who think this are small in number and simply the nastiest, dirtiest masturbating freaks out there.” The report concluded that the filthiest 1 percent should feel deep shame for being such incredibly disgusting deviants.

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Law and Sexuality: Litigating Masturbation

Officials seemed OK with the basic principle that people masturbate and thus sometimes buy pornography (I may be being generous in thinking they accept this link), so they didn’t oppose the store per se, but they were not terribly keen on people masturbating in a commercial space (home fine, private booth in a store bad), and tried therefore to argue that the booths shouldn’t be allowed.  Having ultimately been forced to accept such ‘public’ masturbation they are absolutely firm that it must be alone.  They were (I’m guessing) concerned that hordes of men would descend on the business, ejaculating left right and centre, and pumping (if you pardon the phrase) money into the local economy.

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Forced Abstinence

By Fergus MacDougal

This may come as a surprise to those who know what a compulsive masturbator I am. But I recently went a full ten days without doing myself. Not because I was trying to give it up (never!) or to store up libido for my next session. It was because I contracted a bladder infection. Cause unknown, cure an easy course of penicillin.

When the infection was raging it was very painful to urinate, and there was a stinging sensation in my urethra at all times. I was not tempted to play with my penis at all, though I could feel the necessity building up.

I took the pills for ten days, and after four days the stinging went away so I gave myself a trial wank. A little painful, so I kept it short, and I only ejaculated a small amount. It was interesting to see that my semen, which normally is creamy white, was completely clear. Obviously something had changed. At the end of the medication, when I was completely cured, I was still only shooting small amounts, and it was clear.

Yesterday, after two days of abstinence, I woke up horny and spent an hour masturbating in the morning. It was a good juicy cum, volume back to normal, and a bit milky. A few hours later my hand was back down there and I ended up doing myself for another half hour, with a good spurt.

This experience reminded me how important masturbation is to me, and what a great loss it would be if for any reason I had to stop. To celebrate my renewed ability to pleasure myself I plan to masturbate all day today.