Humpus – Unisex hands free sex toy

The male attachment ring is made from super soft silicone that is latex and phthalate free and can stretch to fit most girth sizes. Simply attach the male ring to the HumpUs (see Owners Guide), then use a suitable water based lubricant and place the ring over the penis. Once you press the start button on the remote control it will start stroking the penis up and down to give an amazing hands free masturbation. Adjust the HumpUs belt to ensure it stays in position allowing you to be hands free while the pleasure continues for you to enjoy. The HumpUs gently strokes at 100 strokes per minute, increase the speed as you go by pressing the speed up button on the remote up to 180 strokes per minute increasing your pleasure as you desire.

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One thought on “Humpus – Unisex hands free sex toy

  1. I know someone who has a humpus and him and his girlfriend use it all the time, he said its really good and better than his hands. I want one but can`t afford it yet, i thought it was expensive at first but not now and i seen a video of people using it from twitter. Go on humpus website and click twitter or facebook and ask them to show you the real people video its really good. They have a cartoon video thats good but i like the real people one. when i get mine i will tell you on here what its like, i want to get it when my money comes soon on march time so come back here and i will tell you what its like. or you can tell me what its like if you have got it.

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