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As a chronic edger, i realise there are countless methods that us edgers use. We eventually find our favourite style, and use that more than others.Recently, i have been using a method that feels so good, results in extreme horniness, but is also slightly dangerous, especially for the not so experienced edger. By dangerous, i mean, that it may result in an undesired ejaculation.What i have been doing is reaching an edge, stopping for a count of 10, then reaching the edge, counting to 10, and repeating. Normally, i will reach the edge in 2-4 seconds, so this method results 4-5 edges per minute, which is a nice amount, in my opinion.I complement this method, by riding the edge. Normally, after i have 10 edges, using the method described above, i will then “ride the edge” for a count to 50, roughly 50 seconds. After the count to 50, i stop and count to 10, and repeat the edge…count to 10 cycle again….and then after 10 of those cycles, i ride the edge again. I do not always ride the edge for the same amount of time. Sometimes i will just do it for 20 seconds, if that is all i can take, or sometimes (not often), i will do it for 100 seconds. My personal best for riding the edge is somewhere in the range of 10 minutes, but i cannot do that often, and i don’t even try to beat that time. Two minutes is a long time for me to ride the edge normally.Anyway, just thought i would share that.

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  1. I think that there is a place for being very conscious when training our bodies to develop our pleasure to the fullest extent. For example, what becomes instinctive to a veteran edger such as our breathing, adjusting our stoking, etc in order to maintain ejaculatory control are techniques we all had to practice consciously in order to master them over time. I think the same is true when learning how to ride a multi-orgasmic wave. It wasn’t until I realized that, for me, it was all about learning and mastering breathing techniques in which the only thing I became conscious of was my breathing during long periods of edging – that I found the key to unlock multi-orgasmic bliss on a regular basis and not just on those super extended edging sessions that often took hours of time with no interruptions (something that is difficult to always insure) in order to achieve.

    Anyway, all this goes towards saying that training helps some of us determine what works best for us and also helps us to replicate our successes when we keep track of what seems to be working well. I truly believe that regardless of the amount of bliss we have, there is always more awaiting us – at least those of us dedicated to the craft of unlocking the mystery and majestic all men are endowed with

  2. What real masturbator could possibly keep track of all these numbers and minutes for this and that? Ridiculous and totally distracting from this natural and organic experience easily controlled by the true addict.

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