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Yes, Spankaddict82, I too enjoy having my genitals disciplined. While I’d prefer the spanking be applied by another person (with me standing, legs together, with my arms securely at my side or hands together behind my back), there are just times that that is not possible. Many times, I’ll just have to apply the punishment to my penis with my own hands.Usually, just the act of making myself undress for my punishment will be enough to trigger the start of an erection. By the time I slip off my underwear, I’m usually jutting out. As a younger man, when my penis became erect, it would usually point to the sky. …

As I’ve aged a bit, my erections now just poke outward, almost parallel to the floor.I think I know the origin, but the thought of punishment (receiving or doling out) usually arouses me. I have no idea how I sexualized this as a child but it happened and it is real. As the oldest of five children and with three sisters just 2, 3 and 4 years younger than me, it may have been hearing them receive their discipline and spankings. From the initial words out of my mother’s mouth that she was going to spank them, to their hysterical screaming of “No, no, no!”, to hearing them being taken over the knee while still screaming, helpless, while hearing their outer shorts being unsnapped, unzipped and lowered, and snapping of waistband of underpants as those were lowered, to the spankings on the bare bottoms (and continued hysterics), to the snapping again of the waistband as their underpants were pulled back up, to the continued crying and yelling after the fact. I’m embarrassed to admit, that these probably occurred as I was around 12-13 and beginning puberty. When this would happen, I couldn’t stop myself from running to our bathroom and masturbating myself to ejaculation for emotional relief.Like you too, I do like to apply a wooden spoon or spatula boldly to my erect penis (except for you, your vulva). Another method I’ll use is to pull my erection downward and let it go. It sorta springs back up and bounces a bit. Finally, I do like to ‘flick’ the head of my penis with my middle finger and thumb. I’ll do that multiple times. All three of these methods also cause a physical reaction of kinda buckling over and putting both hands and my penis to ease the stinging. But I keep going like a sadist. It’s fun to keep slapping with the spoon, then flicking to keep forcing myself to buckle forward. For me, then end result of all three of these forms of spanking will force me to rapidly pump my penis with my fist to ejaculate, which is how I calm myself after misbehaving. I welcome your’s or anyone’s comments to see if you ever had similar experiences and how they may impact your sexuality today.


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