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I suppose there always has to be a start somewhere, as the saying goes the journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step. Over the last 53 years of masturbation ive kept all manner of logs and diaries but I start with the best of intention but it drops away, I hope I can be more attentive on this dedicated platform.
I wish (like all masturbators probably do) that I’d been religiously recording my experiences over all of those years, so much of the pleasure of masturbation because of it’s mostly solitary nature is played out in the mind, so to have been able to look back over those 53 years and pull out what I was masturbating to on this day 5,10, 15 20 25 years ago would be a fantastic resource to have had to look back on and be able to relive the memory

To me masturbation is a lot about the number game I can only hazard a guess as to how many times in my life I’ve masturbated and orgasmed and In thinking back I enjoy playing the numbers game , I’m 65 now and started at 12 within a couple of years I was masturbating between 1 and 4 times a day I didn’t have a girlfriend through my teenage years and my first girlfriend was at 20 and she became my wife, I thought once I was having regular sex that my masturbation urge would naturally reduce , but I found it only had a slight effect , after those first 8 years my habits fetishes and perversions had become ingrained and would be with me going forward and would only increase in variability and intensity, if I thought that penetrative sex would slow down change or even replace my masturbation habit the. I was way off the mark, my perversions were too dark to contemplate sharing with my then girlfriend who would become my wife, so it was straight sex with her and more interesting masturbation secretly and more darkly in my mind and actions, my wife was quite straight and had no idea how perverted I was and would continue to be, throughout our courting and subsequent marriage ive sought out other women through contact magazine ( home prostitution) to live out my darkest fantasies so back to the numbers game from my 20s onward the sheer quantity of my frantic teen years settled down to generally one a day as a good average but as all masturbators know your can’t totally abstain or stop you’ve invested too much of your life to it , so what do I think the total number could be ? , well I know for the last25 years that it’s been 5-8 times a week I haven’t had pussy sex with my wife for the last 15 years ( there may have been the odd period over those years) so from 50-65 my masturbation has become so focussed and all encompassing sessions have become longer when time and opportunity allows they can be as long as 12 hours and currently with me on furlough from work because of Covid restrictions my days are centered around masturbation opportunity and duration so the $64k question how many ? My best guess average over 53 years taking into account the ridiculous quantities of my teens and a certain slowdown in my middle 20s to early 40s and then a resurgence over the last 20 years I’m going to go for what many would consider a fairly conservative 8 times a week which is in the region of 22,000 masturbation sessions, so imagine if I’d recorded the details of all of those , so it starts today I’ll try and record the log in a standard format of necessary details and below is my my first forum record from yesterday ( date is in UK DD/MM/YY FORMAT)


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  1. Congratulations on 15 years as a pussy free masturbator. I’m almost at 9 years now and I love it. It’s made me the masturbator I am now. You can still have a good marriage and abstain from intercourse.

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