A masturbator’s progress

I’ve got some free time, alone, so I thought I should write.

We’ve written and spoke in the past, and I would update you on my masturbation progress. I say progress because my addiction to playing with my penis seems to be evolving. As my addiction grows, it takes more and more of my life.

I am chronic, I masturbate daily, some more than others, but it’s. always on my mind.

I am a post pussy married masturbator. I am a premature ejactulator. I’ve not been able to penetrate my wife in years. When she requires sexual the best I’m able to do is spilling on her leg, and with a limp penis no less. I am pathetic.

Chronic masturbation of my penis, has made me gay, or maybe bi at the least. I do enjoy cock porn, masturbation videos, and domination videos. As a result, I’ve seeked out males to masturbate with, to have sex with. to be continued..

Well that is all the time that I have now. If you would like me to continue, please let me know.
I hope you enjoyed hearing from one of your followers. Your podcasterbations are wonderful, and I look forward to listening. Share this email with others on Onania if you like.

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