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I used to love to get a really dirty books. Pretty risky stuff covered subjects we can’t talk about. Nothing too crazy but involving teachers and students what a certain age. That’s the most I can say but you say that everybody was fully functional. Usually involved and older woman mentoring a younger male. And some that were written a lot more sophisticated. Anybody remember the Bee-Line books, those were amazingly hot. And since I had a habit of coming home from a fairly Dusty job, and my father work nights, so he worked 11 to 7. So he was in bed when I home from work. I would get in the shower but I couldn’t run the shower cuz it was right near the head of their bed in the other room. So we had put a hose connection to the tub and we would run water into the tub with a hose so it didn’t make a lot of noise. And it had a removable attachment on the end for rinsing your hair which didn’t make anywhere near as much noise as the full shower would have. I would get in and take a regular bath clean myself off and I would wash my hair with that attachment but I always brought a book in with me cuz I knew that once that was done I was going to fill the tub up, I lay back and relax and read some really hot pornography book. I would lay back and just let my cock get super hard get off on the stories without touching myself. I love the feeling of my limp cock under the water starting to stiffen and then Rising like a periscope expose the head and at least half the shaft to the air. And I would just deliberately not touching I just let it throb the more excited I got reading these nasty explicit stories.

And when the time was right I would let out a good amount of water from the tub, and since the hose was under water I would start to refill it and it made no noise but I could hold the hose with one hand and read book with the other. I used to keep a small hand towel draped over so I could rub my wet and on it when I want to turn the page. Then I would reach down name the hose right at my cock underwater swirl it around the head of my cock over and over with a steady stream of warm water shooting up against my hard dick. Inbetweeners I said when I was turning pages I would Nestle the end of the hose down near my ass crack oh, and the water was kind of shoot along my taint and my asshole, and then along the small of my back. So I sometimes took my time turning pages I might read a couple of pages before I reach down again. These baths would take up to an hour.
I could not take longer than that without raising some suspicion in my house, banging on the door. But I would do this until I found the section of a story that I knew really got me off the last time and sometimes I would just reread that part of the story especially if it was about something that led to an orgasm in the scene. Usually when it got really explicit and Vivid and I was also primed up to squirt.

And you fast forward several decades. I had moved into a house with fantastic water pressure and the first time I used to shower there it was amazing cuz those types of showers are just really great. But as someone who had learned from traveling on Business from time to time that a whirlpool it has a very erotic possibilities for solosexual person I knew that water could be a lot of fun. And of course my earlier experiences as I outlined above. What I did in this shower was it had an adjustable shower head but not a hose. So I found the right setting to have a stronger than average spray and adjusted it so that what I laid down in the tub which was a nice deep garden tub I could have it directly streaming against might hard cock and just let my fantasies take over my brain along with the mental image of myself doing this. Oh sometimes I would bring a fleshlight into the shower, and then do what I’m about to describe with the exception that I would then lubricate and slide it up and down on my cock until I came inside. But what I did a lot was just lay there in this instance the first time I like to spray get me off. I just laid there with my legs open what I did that it would caress my balls the strongest part of the Stream hit my shaft and by rocking my hips a certain way I can make it feel like it was rubbing up and down against the underside of my horny cock. So my throbbing cock we just ache over and over pleasure myself, until the inevitable would happen and the water caress would make me spurt like mad which is what it did first night

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