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One bad side to the current lockdown is missing hotel masturbation. I usually travel a lot and always wank whenever I’m in a hotel, with just the sense of delicious anticipation others have described here. My best hotel session was a few months ago in Japan. The hotel I stayed at is used a lot for weddings and they have a special floor for wedding parties, with dressing rooms, special bathrooms and other facilities. As I went to my room the first time, I noticed I was on that floor and that close to my room was a kind of large alcove where, presumably, the brides would sit with their bridesmaids. It was L-shaped, as big as a hotel room, but without a door and set off from the corridor. I immediately knew what I had to do. Later that night, at about 2 am, I put on a robe (and nothing else) and took a tablet with porn on it out of my room. I walked down the corridor and into the alcove. It had floor to ceiling windows overlooking the street and no curtains. Because it was set back from the corridor, no one walking by could see I was in there, around the corner, but I could see out of the windows. I stripped off completely and fired up some porn. I then had one of the most thrilling jerkoff sessions of my masturbation life. I could pound away at the window, feeling I was out in the wide open, with the chance someone could walk by but not know what was going on in there. I shot a huge load and went, satisfied, back to my room. The next night, around the same time, I tried the same thing again but got more daring and walked, naked, out into the corridor to the women’s bathroom next door. It had mirrors everywhere, so I could put on a great masturbation show while looking at myself from every angle. I shot an even bigger load this time, all over the floor, and thought about who might find the mess the following morning. I can’t imagine a better wank session: just thinking about it makes me hard!

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