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I was a young child when I first found out that rubbing between my legs could feel good. It started with long sessions of pawing at the outside of my closed lips and I slowly graduated to using my fingers inside to actually stimulate my clit. From the very first orgasm, I was hooked. Sex in my family was always a shameful secret, I never got “the talk” from my parents and I was always presumed to be the innocent golden child. In reality, throughout my entire young life I would stay up each night rubbing. Some days I would need more and I would need to sneak off during the day- or even rub myself under a blanket if I couldnt be alone.When I was a teenager I first discovered erotic literature and began reading and writing it constantly. During class, when I was supposed to be taking notes, I would instead be scrawling down explicit scenes with my pussy on fire. If we were ever allowed free reading time I would pull out my kindle (which was full of smut).I had my first sexual encounter at 17 with another girl, but she was rarely able to bring me to orgasm. The men I experimented with in my early 20’s were even less successful. Truly, the most formative sexual experience of my early college days was when I went to a play at the college theatre that was adult themed and I won a raffle for a bullet vibrator. I remember being so embarrassed as I walked in front of the huge crowd to claim my prize. That night, I smuggled it into the shared bathroom of my dorm and felt the very first buzz of a vibrator on my clit. I orgasmed immediately- and harder than I ever have.That night started a love affair with vibes that has lasted to this very day.I took a traditional path in life for the first few years of my adult life, satisfied with my vibrator and my vanilla job, but I always found myself drawn back to the internet, and especially pornography. It didn’t take long before I learned about edging, orgasm denial, and gooning. I finally heard the term that defines me jusst before my 24th birthday: chronic masturbator. Since I found out about masturbation communities I slowly began devoting more and more time of my life to projects and creating content to enourage masturbation. I have recently quit the vanilla job and have decided to devote myself to spreading education about masturbation and representing female solosexuality.I have never been happier than I am now- and I can’t wait to change the world one bator at a time.

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