Giving yourself a hand

from The Badger Herald – Giving yourself a hand

You started this in your mother’s womb. You might have even continued in spite of the fear tactics, embarrassment, secrecy and shame that became associated with it as you grew up. It’s such a private thing that many people do not share this part of themselves with their partners. The majority of sex education classes disregard it. You don’t brag about it to your friends. It’s masturbation. more

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  1. I found on eBay that they sell tshirts that say’I’m a Chronic Masturbator”. “Masturbation, I am Loving it”.

  2. Recently, I recalled the muggy hot summer day when I was 7 years old, I was at the sitter’s place, in only my skin tight short shorts that whole day, because it was so very muggy hot, I had my aunt’s approval to go the sitter’s place clad only in my skin tight short shorts, no shirt, no shoes. The sitter, according to my aunt, said, arriving at her place, clad as I was, was no problem with her at all, because my skin tight short shorts were like a speedo type bathing suit, which meant, there was no need to have on underpants underneath, as no gaps around my skin tight short shorts occurred ever at all, my aunt did not mind that at all, not too long after I was at the sitter’s place, the sitter rounded up the mail in the mid-late morning, soon after, the sitter, in her early 20’s, attractively slender, and a real sweetheart, invited me to feel her baby inside her belly as soon as she told me she was 6 months pregnant, although I never asked of this ever at all, by her accord, she took off her house dress, revealing her maternity underpants, in which the waistband came way high up over her pregnant belly, stopping 1″ below her maternity bra, the waistband, across the rear end of her maternity underpants, came roughly 5″ lower, slightly above the typical beltline, the back of her maternity bra was roughly 3″ higher than under her breast line, baring only roughly 1″ of her pregnant belly, roughly 9″ of her back. from the back, she nearly looked like any other slenderly gal, clad only in a bra and underpants, from either side the waistband of her maternity underpants rose way high up from her slenderly rear end way up to her pregnant belly and her pregnant belly looked like there was a soccor ball hidden under neath, from the front, her pregnant belly, swept beneath her maternity underpants, with only roughly 1″ of her pregnant belly baring through, after reluctantly saying yes please, the sitter gave me a foot stool to stand on, so I can feel her baby inside her pregnant belly, the front of her maternity underpants felt so silky smooth I had a little mini boner in my skin tight short shorts, albeit too dinky to be detectable, after all, the sitter said nothing about it ever at all, something else I recall, I invited her to feel my belly, although I was small and skinny as a 7 my belly stuck out somewhat, I only did this as a joke, but when my pregnant sitter rubbed my belly, it was pleasurable, then, I asked if I could go to the can and turned my skin tight short shorts around, it turned out, she would have suggested it anyway, sure enough, the rear end of my skin tight short shorts had more than enough fabric to pass roughly 2″ over my belly button, to give me a “pregnant belly” look, the front of my skin tight short shorts had a little more than enough fabric to hug my rear end, she said I looked cute, I climbed back on the foot stool, ther we were, rubbing and patting each other’s bellies, then, when it was time for my afternoon nap, I was in the sitter’s spare room by my self, spare room door locked, upon the sitter’s OK, I took my nap, still with my skin tight short shorts on backwards, for a moment, I look through the spare room’s closet door plate glass mirror, my “pregnant belly” looked pleasurable with my skin tight short shorts on backwards, especially with my belly button swept beneath the rear end of my skin tight short shorts, my mini boner felt pleasurable, especially, during my afternoon nap, I did switch them back at the end of my nap, so my aunt would not suspect a thing, luckily, she did not suspect a thing ever at all, sure enough, the sitter, already back in her house dress, never said a thing ever at all, to my relief, and was sorry to see me go. Before my aunt arrived to pick me up, I thanked the sitter for our belly displays, she thanked me as well. My aunt mentioned the evening before, the sitter would be available for only 1 day ever at all, until recently with my speedo boners, and on line pregnant belly photos, that was the only 1 time, at 7, I wore any 1 thing backwards ever at all.

  3. I love the feeling I get, especially, when I have on my speedo, whenever I put on my speedo, my boner gets huge, in some cases, no sooner do I jam my arousingly hard boner inside the front of my speedo than does my boner star wiggling, since I got my own computer nearly a year ago, I have checked out this online ad for Envie Lingerie, where they have these sexy gals, the section that turns me on the most is, ready for this? The maternity section, there are 2 pictures, 1 is a dark-haired gal, clad only her maternity bra, &, especially, her maternity underpants, coming way high up, almost up to her maternity bra, showing just a little bit of her bare belly, all nice & round, &, my favorite photo-shot, a 2nd photo, is a blond gal, similarly clad as the dark-haired gal, her belly curves outward, only underneath the stretch panel front of her maternity underpants, showing the still-flat part of her bare belly, then, there’s her maternity bra, I’ve had this dual fetish, since I was 12 years old, got my 1st speedo, &, an attractive neighbor, in only her bikini bra, &, her sexy little hotpant, rising way over her sexy pregnant belly, only showing off 3″ of her bare belly, just below her bikini bra, it’s a feeling I will never forget.

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