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The female sexu­ality forum

Ways Women Orgasm provides sex educa­tion for adults so that couples can compare notes on how women enjoy true sexual arousal and orgasm. Anyone who registers can join the Member Forum and comment on 120 stories that use real women’s exper­i­ences to explore the facts as well as the myths that surround our under­standing of female sexu­ality today.

The main aims of Ways Women Orgasm are:

FEMALE SEXUALITY: To high­light the known facts to help couples differ­en­tiate between fact and fiction and to RE-DEFINE women’s sexu­ality in terms that the AVERAGE woman might reas­on­ably hope to experience.

ORGASM DURING SEX: To present women’s real life exper­i­ences openly and honestly including explaining the sexu­ally explicit orgasm tech­niques that SOME women learn OVER TIME to enable them to orgasm during sex.

INVESTING IN YOUR SEX LIFE: To suggest how couples can explore sex play over the longer-term by under­standing how men and women’s sexual responses DIFFER and by investing PROACTIVELY in their intimate time together.

Ways Women Orgasm aims to inform and reas­sure women of all ages: all the pictures are clean. The site aspires to be open-minded but there is nothing that should offend. The discus­sion is based on honesty not sexual ego and covers: sex drive, the role of sexual fantasies and why orgasm from female masturb­a­tion may always be different to orgasm from penetration.

Jane Thomas, author of Ways Women Orgasm, is unique as a modern sex writer because she talks openly about her own personal exper­i­ences, both of masturb­a­tion and of sex with a partner. Her conclu­sions are supported by other expert opinions.

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