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The old man next door

When I was a young teen wanker in the 70’s I had to rely so much more on my imagination for masturbation inspiration, I envy the lads today who have 24/7 access to every pornographic subject under the sun via the wonderful internet.

One of my techniques was to stand at my bedroom window, naked from the waist down, staring out over the gardens and village below and playing with my penis. Often a pretty girl walking past in a short skirt would be enough to get me off, or a sexy older woman with big breasts jiggling past, even better if they glanced up and saw me in the window, not knowing what I was shamefully doing below. I think every female in our village had a cum tribute at some point, several a day at the weekend.

One summer I started to see an old man lying on a sun lounger tucked behind his shed in the corner of his garden a few doors down, I could only just see into his little sun trap from the corner of my wanking window, I only spotted him while trying to get a final glimpse of a set of big MILF titties a few doors down. The thing that caught my eye was that he was naked! The first time I spotted him he was face down, nicely tanned with a nice big bare bottom. I never thought of myself as attracted to men, but it was a naked bum and enough of a sexual novelty to make me cum into my tissues nicely. I had a few nice cums watching him, and felt suitably ashamed and embarrassed by using a naked man to jerk off to. It made me feel very kinky.  

One day he caught me watching, he was lying naked and face down as usual, and I was masturbating while looking at his bottom, then he suddenly turned over, glancing up and spotting me at the window before I panicked and ducked down. I gave him a few minutes to settle back down, thinking he couldn’t possibly have seen me, before I popped back up to peep at him again. He was lying on his back this time, propped up on his elbows looking up at my window, when he saw my head appear he gave me a cheery wave at which I panicked and ducked again, feeling terribly embarrassed but thrilled to have been caught.

I squatted below my window for a few minutes getting my breath back and trying to stop my heart beating so fast. I was worried he might report me to my Mum for being a Peeping Tom but then I reasoned that he wouldn’t have waved if he was angry, he would have shaken his fist at me, or covered himself up perhaps.

So I risked a longer peep this time, I guess he must have been late 60’s, white hair, old mans titties, slightly saggy with a pot belly below. Then a massive pubic bush and the thickest cock I had ever seen lying across his thigh. He was still looking up at me and smiling, he waved again and started to rub his belly, then he played with his nipples and rubbed his tits. He made a motion with his arms, miming for me to take my teeshirt off, so in a daze I did. I’d never dared to stand fully naked at my masturbation window before, and it was thrilling, even more so with him staring at me.

He pointed at me and played with his tits, so I guessed he wanted me to do the same, so I twisted my nipples for my kinky old voyeur and was stunned to see him start to wank himself off. His cock was kind of lobbing about semi erect on his belly, not as stiff as my teen boner but way bigger, then he rubbed himself and I saw him shoot his cum all over his belly, I knew he was cumming as his knees jerked up and he rubbed himself really hard still hunched up, then seemed to go limp with a big wet puddle on his belly. I was quite amazed to see him cum all over himself as I had only ever cum into tissues before, or a used white gym sock if I was in bed at night, to disguise it from my Mum (I thought she would never notice that they were not only damp from PE sweat, but my boycum too, but I think most Mums probably know that trick anyway)

He flopped his big old dick about for a bit and then rubbed the wetness into his skin, waved at me and went indoors. I had a raging teen hardon by now, bursting to be stroked, so I copied my naked old man voyeur, laid on my bed and pumped my cum all over my belly, some hit me under the chin I was so excited by my new masturbation partners technique.

I found out from listening to my Mum and her friends gossiping that old Mrs So and So next door had her brother staying while her hubby was in hospital, so that explained the old wanker nude bathing in her garden.

We had quite a few window wanks together for a week or so, and I tried desperately to get up the courage to go and speak to him and confess how ashamed of myself I was for watching a naked old man and masturbating with him. But I was too afraid.

I thought I was the only one doing this kind of thing, finding any new experience to aid my masturbation, even another male, I hadn’t even been near a girl at that point I was so painfully shy and ashamed of myself. All the other lads at school were always talking about which girls they had kissed, and who would flash their knickers or let you touch them, and I had nothing in my life to compare it too except that I was a chronic masturbator.

Ive always been ashamed to admit to anybody in my real life how much I masturbate, but I have come to relish the shame and embrace it even, thanks to my dirty old man who helped me cum all summer


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