wife and I had joined this local group of bdsm entusiasts

a masturbator said:

wife and I had joined this local group of bdsm entusiasts. Mostly
couples but also a couple of pairs of lesbians and a couple more of
gay guys. There were a very few single women and single men without
partners were not allow to be members. We would meet at some member's
home for a play party on a frequent basis.

It didn't take them long to figure out that neither my wife nor I were
dominant. We were followers to the lead ofo others who would take
charge of us. This one man and his wife were the first to take charge
of us at the second party we attended. The man whos name was Larry
suggested to my wife that she strip off my clothes. She was reluctant
at first but Larry and his wife Donna talked her into it. So I was
stripped naked in the middle of the room in front of about 20 to 30

This was not only embarrassing for me but also erotic in a sense and
my lusty cock revealed this fact quite prominantly. Once I was naked
and obviously horny standing in the middle of the room my wife was
then guided over to a seat on a couch between others while the Donna
continued to give me instructions. As Donna was giving me instructions
to kneel where I was, Larry was giving instructions for the couple my
wife was sat between to take my wife's clothes off as well. Larry
would name an item of her clothing to be removed and she didn't resist
them taking off the item.

There was lots of stimulating dialog going on in the form of comments
and suggestions for both my wife and I from ones around the room.
Donna took off her skirt and panties and stood in front of me with her
pussy in my face and asked me if I like licking pussy? I confessed
that I do so she moved close enough and told me to taste hers and tell
her how it tasted. She also told me I could play with my cock.

By that time they had my wife stripped naked from the waist up and
were arrousing her nipples. She has large nipples and they are easilly
arroused and I watched what they did to her out as best I could with
Donna's puss in my face.

Next they ordered my wife to her knees facing the women next to her
and to face her and put her hands on top of her head and keep them
there. I know my wife had to be humilliated doinog this but she
complied with the demands. As she stood on her knees between the legs
of the woman others came to her and took off the clothes covering the
lower part of my wife's body till she was naked like I was. She was
asked if she was oral to which she responded only with a red fdaced
blush. She was asked if she had ever been oral with a female. She
spoke up this time and denied having done it since she was about 12
years old and begged to not be forced to do it now.

So they moved her to between Larry's legs where he told her to unzip
his pants and take out his cock. She looked around at me licking
Donna's pussy so she did as told. Once she had Larry's cock out and
erect they handcuffed her one wrist then the other with the connecting
chain running between her legs. Bob got down behind her with his cock
out and asked her if she had ever been butt fucked before. but before
she could answer Larry pulled her mouth down over his rampant cock to
make her suck it. He then told her to finger fuck herself with her
front hand and to play with Bob's cock with her back hand. As she
began to comply with intstructions whe was told to guide Bob's cock
into her ass hole. She screamed a little as her sphinter was first
pierced by Bob's cock but not soon after she was moaning and sucking
Larry's cock furiously as she mastrubated herself.

To see my wife being made to do these things made me so horny I could
no longer stand to leave my own cock alone. I began to masturbate as I
slurped up the juices of Donna's near orgasmic cunt. It didn't take me
long to cum myself but Donna had warned me to catch my cum in my free
hand rather than cum on the carpet. So I caught it. Then, having cum
herself Donna backed away and ordered me to eat my own cum out of my
hand. I didn't want to but I figured I better because they were
threatening me that if I refused my wife would be made to suffer the
consequences. So I ate my own cum in front of everyone.

The night went on and I can tell more if this seems interesting to
many of you?

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