What to do during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Unfortunately, it has not worked out for me personally at all the way I would like. My wife doesn’t know about my enthusiasm for masturbation, and I fear she would not approve. On top of that I get inhibited if I know anyone is listening, or I might be interrupted.

The shelter-in-place order coincided with my wife going from part to full retirement, so now we are together here in the house 24/7. I used to rely on the days that I was home alone for my longest and best masturbation sessions, typically four hours in the morning and another one or two in the afternoon, and three or four days per week. Now I can only manage fifteen minutes most days, sometimes half an hour. After years of serious masturbation I have become conditioned to need more.

On top of that, I am unable to travel. Before the essential travel-only order I made frequent overnight trips in my motorhome, an ideal masturbatorium. I had all the time I needed for maximum fulfillment, day after day. I could also stop in a hotel once in a while for some serious kink, toys and lingerie, and camming.

Not only am I feeling the frustration of not enough penis play time, but I mourn that I am missing out on something special. I think there must be a national upsurge in interest in what we, the serious masturbators, have always enjoyed. I was looking forward to exposing myself to guys online who had never done that before. Stroking for hours and with great intensity in the company of men for whom it had previously been a last resort. Interaction with newly serious masturbators, that would be a thrill.

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  1. Like the Guest Masturbator things didn’t work out while we sheltered in place because of the coronavirus pandemic; To start with you sheltered in place with family, almost always others were in the house. No one in my family knows I am addicted to masturbation and pornography. Because I had to be alone and secluded so I would not be found out it has been very difficult to find time and a place to be alone. As a masturbator for 70+ years it is difficult to go for even a short time without looking at porn and masturbating. When this is over we’ll all have a lot of making up to do. As the old saying goes, you might be able to catch up but you’ll never get ahead.

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