Peeping Tom

a masturbator wrote:

It was a dark night and I could clearly see into her window. The
curtains were open and a lamp on the table was on. The humidity was
thick and sweat dripped from my brow. I was hunched behind a bush
hoping no one could see me. I was wearing dark shorts and a dark
t-shirt. Even my sneakers were black. It was too hot for pants and
given my plans shorts were much more practical.
I heard a mosquito buzzing in my ear. I didn’t bother me. I’d been
bitten multiple times tonight and didn’t care. I could smell fresh
mulch at my feet. Her gardens must have been recently tended to. The
shrubs were trimmed and I was able to neatly fit between them. Up
close against the house my face was inches from the window screen. She
must not have had aircondtioning or liked the fresh air since her
window was open.

I was at the back of the house looking into what must have been the
family room. The couch was flower patterned with red pillows against
each arm rest. An end table with the lamp on it was next to one end.
Across from the other end of the couch was an arm chair with a
hassock. The television was off and a ceiling fan was spinning. The
walls were a dull yellow and the room was very neat. The furniture sat
a top a large throw rug and polished hard wood floors could be seen
I heard a noise from inside the house. It was her. She walked into the
room, turned on the TV and sat on the couch. I slouched lower. See was
facing me. I was directly behind the TV. It seemed like she was
looking right at me but I knew her eyes were actually watching the
television. I slowly stood back up. I didn’t want to move to fast to
draw her attention to the window. Slowly I raised up so that once
again I was looking into the room.
There she was sitting in the middle of the couch. It was maybe 11:00
pm. She had a little sundress on with bare feet. Her legs were crossed
and her feet wiggled back and forth. She had brought a drink with her
and the ice cubes tinkled as she sipped her drink. She leaned over and
place her drink on the end table. Bringing her feet up and resting her
heels on the couch cushions. Her little dress slid up and I was
treated to a full view of her white cotton panties. She started moving
her knees open and shut as she stared at the television.
I watched as her panties flashed each time she moved her legs apart. I
wondered what she was watching. She was a vision of loveliness. Her
breasts were large and firm. She was petite but her legs looked like
they went on forever. She had a dark tan and her face was beautiful.
Her ass was muscular and slim. She was a very attractive woman and she
knew it. She was single but dated frequently. She had her pick of men
and seemed to prefer the alpha male.
Her legs fell open and she put her head back. Her heel slipped off the
couch and she made no effort to pull her dress down to cover herself.
As far as she knew she was home all alone and there was no need to be
modest. I could see her panties clearly and with her legs apart my
eyes traveled from the curve of her ass up to the mound of hair under
the panties. It was absolutely lovely.
My hand went into my shorts. My palm was already covered with
Vaseline. My visit here was premeditated. Slowly I started to stroke
myself as I stared at her pantied crotch. Welcome to my world. I am a
peeping tom. 35 years old and still a virgin. Gee I wonder why?
She this woman before me makes it all worth it. There is nothing
better than to watch a beautiful woman that does not know she is being
watched. Women as so feminine. Its not an act it is how they are.
Seeing a woman’s panties is very difficult in a public setting. They
are very careful and if you are really lucky you might get a quick
flash. But catch them with their guard down and what is sitting in
front of me now is what you get.
Her hands move to the waist band of her panties and she pulls then
tighter up against her mound. My pace quickens. I am trembling as I
stroke myself. She opens her legs farther. This is too good to be
true. For a peeping tom, this is the jackpot. I’m getting close and
realize that I am stroking so much that it is making a sloshing sound.
I don’t care though this is too good. I look at her face and it as if
she is staring right at me. I think there must be something erotic on
the television. She moves her hands away and just sits there with her
legs splayed open looking.
“I see you. Don’t be afraid”. I nearly faint. She’s not looking at the
TV she is looking at me! “I know you are there. Come inside. The
door’s open”. My hand stops stroking. I am so close to cumming. I
don’t know what to do. Peeping toms dream about getting caught but
having it actually happen is a very scary thing. I don’t know what to
do. “I know its you David” and she says my full name.
Suddenly I am helpless. I am completely caught. I am still hard as a
rock and looking straight at her open legs and panties. I walk to the
back door and open it. “Come in here where I can see you”. I walk into
her family room and she laughs. My penis is sticking up out of the
waist band of my shorts. Its all shiny and so is my right hand. “I see
you have been having some fun at my expense”. “I’m sorry I couldn’t
help myself” I tell her. “Bullshit. You’re not sorry. I’ve seen you at
there before”
She still has not closed her legs or moved at all. “Do you like
looking at my panties? Why don’t you come closer”. I move forward and
kneeled in front of her. She laughed “That’s nice I like you on your
knees. Why don’t you kiss my panties, right here”. She put her finger
right at the middle of her crotch. I leaned forward and could smell
her pussy. My lips touch her panties and they were really damp.
“That’s it” she said and pulled my faced into her crotch. “Lick my
panties. Go on”. I started licking up and down her panties. As I
increased the pressure with my tongue I could feel them getting
saturated. She was soaking wet.
“You know I came home feeling horny, but I didn’t want to have to deal
with calling up a guy. I don’t like masturbating either since I can
get sex anytime I want. And then there you were.” She pulled my
tighter into her crotch. “My own peeping tom. I figured what the hell,
you’ve been taking advantage of me, I might as well use you back” and
then she laughed. My face was plastered against her pussy so I
couldn’t respond.
“Move you face back and forth.” She had the back of my head and was
starting to buck against my face. I was sliding my nose and mouth from
her ass crack up across the folds of her pussy. Her panties were
literally drenched. Her cum was sticky and smelled really strong. “I’m
not going to let you actually touch my pussy cause you’re too creepy
but you can get me off thru my panties”
We stayed like this for at least an hour. She would not let me stop.
Her legs were open wide and she had her head back against the couch.
Her hand rested on top of my head and I did the rest of the work. She
was using my face. She seemed to have multiple climaxes and finally
pushed my away. I sat back on my heels and stared at her drenched
panties. They had become translucent and I could see the folds of her
pussy and her dark hair. Her lips were all pulled open and the panties
were stretch tight across her cunt. She just laid her head back and
tilted it to one side looking at my with glassy eyes.
She made no effort to close her legs. She was sitting there with her
legs spread obscenely open looking at me. I reached for my still slick
cock and started stroking. She just watched me. I flipped my balls out
and rested them on the waist band of my shorts while I went to town on
my cock. She smiled at me. Sperm started oozing out of my cock and
then spurting onto my t-shirt. When I was drained cum had dripped down
my hand and all over my shirt and shorts. “You can leave now” She
said. “And if I ever catch you here again I’m calling the cops”.

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