A masturbator wrote: Rejoin the pathetic bunch…a sense of belonging…

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Hi all, last night I had the most pathetic sex ever with my wife since we married 3 years ago. It was Valentine’s day and I decided to make it up for my young lovely wife. Sad thing (and probably foreseeable) was I had been binge masturbating for over a week (at least three times a day locking myself jerking to porn etc, either ejaculate or edge). Only two minute into pumping wife’s hole (which was extra tight since our last proper sex nearly two weeks ago), I went limp right away……My wife was rather surprised as all our previous sex last for a good half an hour at least. I said it was due to work stress, however, I know what caused this…

Now wife’s away again shopping, and like all other weekends I’m locking myself in the bedroom going through tons of porn and jacking brainlessly… I’m struggling since I don’t want to disappoint my wife any more, but I can’t stop my addiction either….

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  1. I’m totally addicted to masturbation in girls lingerie and high heels and to all forms of
    pornogaphy including homosexual, eapecially pretty teen sissy boys that look like young girls. I havent had sex with anyone except my with hand in 8 years. I love being humiliated by women. I have a fellow submissive wimp who I have conversations with on the telephone about this subject while we jerk off to it. I play with myself 7 to 10 hours a day. Please! I can’t help myself.

  2. I am a chronic masturbator

    I do not struggle with my addiction , I submit to it , and masturbate every time I feel the need .

    My masturbation habit it like the Martini Advert of years ago

    Any time
    Any place
    Any where

    That is the life of masturtbation I have lived

    Guy Smith a 56 year old
    Addicted chronic life long mamsturbator

  3. I think most chronic masturbators enjoy reading about the struggles of others with their addiction, especially since we all know the struggle is futile.

  4. I´m very aroused by reading this post, and still masturbating and edging , multiple masturbating a day , cause spasmodic, very intense orgasms, and deepens our addiction to look porn and jacking..,

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