Story: Susan wants to plan the wedding

From: Bill Barnes

It was in late March, on a Wednesday. Some guys at work wanted to go get a couple beers after work and they invited me along. After work we headed for the local bar, The Boar’s Head. We sat down at the bar and ordered a round.

Two of the guys were single so of course the talk turned to women. How do you find one? How do you keep one? Is marriage worth it? Then Dave put his hand on my shoulder. “Here’s the guy you need to ask! Have you seen his girlfriend Susan? OMG is she hot! You’re a lucky man dude, sleeping with that every night… I don’t know what she sees in you… you better treat her right man, cause you are one lucky SOB.”

A pang of angst hit me: Should I be happy that at least the guys all think that I’m fucking the hottest girl in town, even though it’s a lie? What would they say if they knew the truth, that I’m actually a virgin while Susan fucks any guy she wants?

I look forward to Wednesday nights. Susan’s schedule usually has her home on Wednesdays, so this is some of our best “quality time” (“quality time” meaning she becomes my masturbatrix, watching and encouraging as I jerk myself raw to her awesome body.) When I got home, Susan met me at the door wearing just a robe. I knew that this meant that I was in for a whole evening of intense edging and masturbation! She guided me to “the chair”, and then brought me my Albolene and a towel. Moments later she was naked before me and I was stroking like crazy.

“Honey”, she said, “I think it’s time for us to start planning our wedding.”

Damn, she set me up again! I hate it when she does this. She waits until I’m at my absolute weakest moment, cock in hand, staring at her body, then she manipulates me to get exactly what she wants. Bitch! But I knew it was pointless to resist. “Yes dear.”

“I want to have an outdoor wedding.”
“Yes dear.”
“We should do it in the summer. In July.”
“Yes dear.”
“We’re going to invite a lot of people.”
“Yes dear.”
“I’m going to ask Karen to be my maid of honor.”
“And I guess I need to pick a Best Man…”
“Jake is going to be your best man.”

“Dear, this is non-negotiable. There will be a lot of people there and it’s important that they see that Jake is there with me too. If Jake wasn’t there all kinds of rumors might get started. You don’t want me to be humiliated at my own wedding do you???”

“But what about humiliating me???” I said.
“Don’t give me that ‘poor me’ crap. You knew exactly what you were getting when you agreed to marry me. Do you want to call it off? Do you want to go back to your lonely apartment and be just another jack-off, beating off to your Internet porn???”
She had that stony, cold look on her face that always tells me I better remember my place. “No Susan. Whatever you want. I love you.”

“I know you do. Hey your dick’s getting a little soft there. Here honey, suck on my tit and get to the edge for me. It’s edging time!”

I took Susan’s right tit in my mouth, and cupped the other in my left hand, while my right hand was rapped tightly around my dick. Soon I was at the edge.

My next question I was almost afraid to ask. “And our wedding night?”
“It’ll be the three of us of course, it’s going to be wonderful.”
“But I was hoping maybe we could be alone…” I said.
“But I want to have wild sex on my wedding night!” she exclaimed. Then her face changed to a look of sympathy and understanding. Damn I love that face. “Listen honey you’re going to have a wonderful wedding night, I promise. I already discussed it with Jake. You will be right there with us, you’ll be able to watch everything, and I do mean everything, and I’ll be your masturbatrix all night. I’ll be doing and saying all the things you love at the same time that you watch me getting fucked. I’ll make you cum so much, you’ll be so sore you’ll beg me to stop.”

Well I had to admit that sounded pretty damn good to a perverted jack-off like me. Just the thought drove me over the edge and I lost control. I shot my sperm so hard it hit me in the face.

“Yes dear…”

“Oh wow! What a cum that was! I guess you liked hearing about out wedding plans! You’re such a good masturbator!”

“Yes dear…”


Susan got home just after noon on Saturday. She had that glow that she always has after she spends the night with Jake.

“Did you have fun last night?”, she asked, with that knowing smirk on her face.
“Yeah. Did you?”
“What do you think?” she said, again with that knowing smirk. I couldn’t bring myself to say anything more. I never can. I just can’t bear to hear the details of how much she likes to ride Jake’s dick.
“Hey, you got to see Karen’s tits again didn’t you?” she said.
“Yeah. They’re incredible. Not as good as yours though” I said.
“Thanks sweetie. And thanks for talking to Danny. Karen told me she really didn’t think that he would say yes, but when you told him about how great it is having a masturbatrix you really changed his mind! You did good honey. It’s going to be good, I promise. Karen and I have already talked about how much fun we can all have together! You know it’s a big ego boost for a girl to have two guys getting so turned on just from seeing her body. The four of us are going to have lots of fun together!”

I was flooded with mixed feelings. Had I just helped another lonely jerk-off like me to find happiness as cuckold to a beautiful masturbatrix, or had I just doomed another guy to a fate like mine by discouraging him from taking the big risk of going out into the big bad world and figuring out how to get laid? I don’t know. I’ll never know. How can I possibly know which one of those is true for Danny when I don’t even know which one is true for myself. Sometimes I think that becoming Susan’s cuckold husband was my best possible option, trading in my life of masturbating to internet porn for a life of masturbating for Susan’s awesome body and awesome masturbation encouragement. Other times I think that I destroyed my life by ending any chance I might have had for a real sex life. All I know is that my life is better now than it was before Susan.

“It’s time for you reward honey!” Susan said.
“Remember I said that if you talked to Danny for me I’d fuck you! One time! Well that time is right now honey. Thinking about last night is making me horny again so now’s your chance! Get your clothes off! Right now!”

Well she didn’t have to say it twice. In 30 seconds I was naked. It did not take Susan any longer. Of course. Coming back from Jake’s she wasn’t wearing any bra or panties. She sight of her awesome body had me rock hard in a second. She immediately took control. She pushed me down to the floor and climbed on top of me. She grabbed my throbbing dick and guided it toward her pussy. “Now don’t get used to this” she said. “This is one time. It won’t happen again.” as she guided my dick inside her.

OH MY GOD. I remember thinking “I’ve died and gone to heaven.” So this is what a pussy feels like. So warm. So soft. So tight. That sweet face. Those sweet tits swaying above me. Her body rubbing against mine. I was wishing that we could stay like that forever. We kept going, and going, and going…

“Aren’t you going to cum?” she said.
“Uh…yeah…just give me a minute…”
“Here let’s try a different position” she said, and we rolled over so I was on top. I kept thrusting, and thrusting, and thrusting…

“Aren’t you going to cum?” she said again.

Susan suddenly pushed me off of her and started laughing. “You can’t can you? You can’t cum inside a pussy! No of course not!” she said laughing. “You’re so used to fucking your hand that a pussy won’t work for you! That’s wonderful honey! That proves that you’re my cuckold! You’re my jack-off! You’re my masturbator! Oh I love that honey! That’s perfect! You’re my jack-off! You’re not a fucker, you’re a masturbator! Oh honey that makes me so happy! Here honey!” She reached over an grabbed one of my jars of Albolene that are always nearby and handed it to me. “Here honey! Let me see you edge for me! Let me hear you goon for me! Here suck on my tit while you jack off!”

Well what could I possible do. I stared at Susan’s magnificent body while she called me her jack-off. Her beat-off boy. Her hand-fucker. Her cuckold masturbator. I gooned. I babbled about how much I love to jack off. And finally I shot my sperm all over myself.

As usual, Susan ran off and returned with a warm, wet wash cloth. She helped me clean up. Then she kissed me on the cheek. “Oh honey, I’ll be at Jake’s again tonight” she said.

“You go to see
She had already talked to Karen.


The last time I wrote about Susan, she and her friend Karen manipulated me into agreeing to speak to Karen’s friend Danny.

Susan knows that a woman as drop-dead gorgeous as she is can have whatever she wants, and what she wants is a total jack-off like me to be her cuckold husband, raising her kids and grateful to be allowed to masturbate to her incredible body, leaving her free to have great sex with men she knows would make lousy husbands. Susan is proud of what she has done and has told all her boyfriends and girlfriends. The girls are envious and some, like Karen, want to also find a cuckold like me. Karen thinks Danny could make a good cuckold and wants me to help convince him. Susan and Karen ganged up on me, letting me masturbate to their incredible bodies, and at my weakest moment they got me to agree to help them.

Part of Susan’s routine is to spend Friday nights at Jake’s. Hours of wild sex, followed by sleeping in, usually have her getting home about noon on Saturday. She will usually call a couple times Friday night while they were fucking, so I can listen and jack off.

Susan called about seven. I could hear by her breathing that she was fucking Jake. “Hi honey. Are you fucking your fist for me?”
She moaned. “Good boy…. Oh God Jake I love your dick. Fuck me. Fuck me while I talk to my husband…. Hey honey, did you like Karen’s body?”
“Oh yes, her tits are incredible” I said.
“Would you like it if she came to see you tonight and let you jack off to her body?” she said.
“She and Danny are on their way over to see you. You need to talk to Danny, and if you play your cards right I bet she’ll show you her tits again…”

Just then she doorbell rang. “Gotta go” I said as I hung up the phone, pulled up my pants, and quickly wiped the Albolene off my hands.

Karen and Danny were at the door, so I asked them in. “Uh… we probably shouldn’t shake hands” I said, and they both looked at me knowingly. “Sorry to interrupt.” Karen said. Danny wants to ask you some questions.”

Danny suddenly looked very embarrassed. “… uh…uh…uh…I hear you masturbate a lot” he said.
“uh…Yeah I do” I said. I could tell I was blushing.
“uh…I hear that you’re married but you don’t ever get to fuck you wife” he said.
“…yes I guess that’s true.”
His next question I did not expect. “Are you happy like that?”

It was a very serious question, and I knew it deserved a serious answer. “Well I’m way happier than I was before I met Susan. I was a pretty lonely guy back then. ”

I saw a look of understanding in his eyes. “I know what you mean.”

I continued. “And you know what, Susan doesn’t fuck me but she is one hell of a masturbatrix. I never knew just how good masturbation can be until I met Susan. She has helped me take masturbation to a whole new level. I’ve accepted that I was born to be a masturbator and God does she know how to push my buttons. Do you like to edge?” I asked.

“Oh yeah” he said.

Well just imagine edging sessions that go on for hours, with your masturbatrix there, totally naked, encouraging you. It really doesn’t get much better than that for a masturbator like me” I said.

A look of understanding came over Danny’s face. He turned to Karen. “Is that what it’s going to be like Karen?” Are you going to be my masturbatrix like that?”

“Oh yes” Karen said, “oh yes Danny, I’m going to help you take masturbation to levels you never dreamed of! “Your balls are going to be so drained! You’ll be in masturbation heaven! I want my little beat-off-boy to be satisfied!”

Danny got a calm look on his face, like a man you has just reached a big decision. “OK Karen, I’m yours. I’ll be your jack-off cuckold beat-off-boy.”

A look of triumph came over her face. “Well hey I think my two favorite jerk-offs deserve a reward! You guys wanna see my tits?” she said as she pulled off her top to reveal those magnificent orbs. As usual, there was a jar of albolene on the table. She picked it up and handed it to me. “Come on and show Danny how it’s done!”

I did not need any more encouragement. In five seconds I was naked, dick in hand, stroking and staring.

“Your turn Danny!” she said. He was hesitant at first but the sight of me stroking away to the sight of “his woman” got him going. Soon we were both stroking away. Karen proceeded to go all the way, taking off every bit of her clothes. Then she started encouraging us. “Come on you two, show me what jerk-offs you are! Go ahead and stare at my body and get yourselves to the edge! Come on and edge for me! Get to the edge and start gooning for me!”

So I started gooning. “Oh God I love being a jack-off! God Karen your body is so sexy, I love masturbating to you! Thank you for being our jack-off material!”

Danny seemed shy at first but then he started gooning like an expert, I could tell he must do it a lot. “Yes Karen be my masturbatrix! I want to masturbate to you always, forever! You can fuck anybody you want, I’ll be your jack-off forever!”

Danny and I came at almost the same time. Karen went to get towels and helped us clean up.

As they were leaving, Danny and I almost shook hands and then decided not to. Karen gave me a kiss on the cheek and said “the four of us are going to have lots of fun together!”


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