Onania Masturbator Forum: Caught Masturbating in Black silky Panties

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, Pantyman Wrote:

Hello all my brothers and sisters I am the Pantyman.Years ago at age 7 I discovered the great joy’s of masturbation and womens silky panties.I’d yank one out every chance I got.I loved playing with my small young hairless cock and tight little ball’s so much just like today. Ooh I was in mom’s blk.panties my cock and balls sticking out and I was lost in myself and my fast building orgasm I felt it begin and my cock began to shoot cum all over my hand stroked faster as the door opened up. Mom walked in shocked as hell but I didn’t stop until the end.She humiliated me and as punishment got rid of my underware and got me panties to ware everyday lucky boy me

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1 thought on “Onania Masturbator Forum: Caught Masturbating in Black silky Panties

  1. Do you still wear women’s panties? I’ve gone through stages when I’ve gotten into women’s panties.

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