Dangerous Sexual Secrets

Do we have any Stage 4 Masturbators reading this blog? Then be warned:

from Dangerous Sexual Secrets – Article by Barrington H. Brennen

… Is masturbation all that bad? Well, research tells us that many single Christian teenagers and young adults are feeding the sexual appetites through masturbation, thereby increasing their risk of sexual dysfunctions during marriage. Let met explain the stages or types of masturbation. The first stage is the discovery stage, which some may not call masturbation. This stage involves little boys or girls discovering their body parts. The attitude of parents during this time will determine whether or not this discovering turns in a habit. The second stage is the pressure release stage when one is fully aware of body functions and may attain sexual gratification from masturbation. This is also the stage or type of masturbation used for therapeutic or medical reason that may be considered healthy. At this stage it is not a habit. However, this is the risk stage when the habit is formed. Stage 3 is the exploitive stage. It is definitely a habit and sexual fantasy is involved. Stage 4 is the compulsive stage when the individual is compulsively addictive. He/she is trapped with the mental and physical addictions of masturbation and finds him/herself in a cycle of repeating a behavior that seems impossible to break.

Masturbation is dangerous because it is addictive. No form of sexual addiction is healthy. One gentleman told me that it was easier for him to stop the use of marijuana than to stop masturbating. God never intended for the sex act to be a solitary experience served through masturbation. God designed sexual intercourse to be shared between a husband and wife as the highest expression of intimacy.

Should Christian single men and women use masturbation as a means of releasing sexual tension to avoid fornication? Certainly not. With the addictive element and lust thoughts and transitory nature, I cannot recommend masturbating as a method for an occasional release of sexual tension.

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