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It’s worth noting that, regardless of where WEIRD sexologists may set the bar for normal masturbation, its frequency is a rapidly moving target. Sexuality counselor Ian Kerner recently estimated that men are masturbating 50 to 500 percent more than they would without Internet porn—with adverse repercussions in the bedroom. We, too, hear from lots of (young) men who can now only sustain an erection while masturbating to Internet porn.

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Lots of animals masturbate, but none with the intensity and ejaculation frequency of human males—except when in captivity (according to Leonard Shlain, MD).

The current theory is that we humans masturbate more because we can fantasize. A related assumption is that our rather manic masturbation has gone on for as long as we’ve been human—except when temporarily suppressed by unnatural forces, such as religious or social constraints. From these two assumptions follows a third: that fantasy is a natural, healthy adjunct to, or even sine qua non of, a fulfilling sex life.

Certainly fantasy facilitates frequent orgasm, just as sex toys and pornography do. Yet does our capacity to fantasize (which may, or may not be unique to humans) fully account for our masturbation and fantasy marathons?

I recently eavesdropped on a cyber exchange among some thoughtful men with lots of experience masturbating and fantasizing. The points they raised led me to do a bit of historical sleuthing, which I’ll share below their remarks.

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30 Surreal Photos Of A Chinese Sex Toy Factory

Can I get a job as final QC product tester?


An unromantic yet fascinating peek behind the curtain of the global adult novelty economy, just in time for Valentine’s Day! For many of you lonely hearts, this is where tonight’s date came from. WARNING: Even though these are the least sexy photos you could imagine, they’re still slightly NSFW

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The Penis Monologue.

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The Penis Monologue.
I did not always know I had a penis. I’m not sure if I was told I had a penis. As a little boy, it was referred to as a “pee pee”. Other times, the region was vaguely referred to as my “private parts”. I understood that boys had penises and girls had – well, all I knew was that girls did not have penises. I was never told that girls have vulvas, let alone a vagina, a clitoris, and a urethra of their very own.
I was never told I had testicles, let alone that they were the reason I was male. I was vaguely aware of this sac underneath my little penis. I naively reasoned that this was where urine was stored. I was never told I had a bladder. I otherwise did not give urination much thought.
Once when I was little, my ‘pee pee’ hurt. So I went to my mother. It did not occur to me to even consider asking my dad. In fact, I disliked the idea, when it was suggested to me.
I was never told I was circumcised. I was never aware of my lack of a foreskin. I remember noting the color differential, and the ring of discoloration around my penis.
Occasionally I noted my penis lengthening slightly and becoming stiff. This puzzled me, yet I never thought of it as a bad thing. It never occurred to me that this was anything sexual. I was never told what an erection is.
I remember learning about wet dreams in school. So-called “nocturnal emissions”. Talk about taking a delightful experience as orgasm and turning it into something experienced while unconscious, and described in bland scientific terms, no less. … more at timmytm: The Penis Monologue.

Best Sex Education: Why Husband Masturbation?

At first I suspected cheating husband. Surprisingly, two days ago I saw a husband masturbate in the bathroom.

At that time I woke up around two o’clock in the morning. I saw him in the bathroom was masturbation. He was surprised when I see it. When I asked, he replied, ‘Want it’. When I asked why not with me, he replied, ‘Nah nothing’.

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