Podcasturbation #17-0515: The Breast Thing about Masturbation

Podcasturbation #17-0515: The Breast Thing about Masturbation

So many male masturbators are fixated on Big Breasts. Why do massive mammaries fascinate, arouse, and stimulate masturbators to such intense masturbatory gratification? Join me in a personal revery over big bosoms. Warning: a lot of silly gooning ahead. 

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1 thought on “Podcasturbation #17-0515: The Breast Thing about Masturbation

  1. I have been masturbating to Busty Women my whole Life.
    I Prefer Busty Women and have dated them.An old girlfriend was Very Busty and I Delighted in my Throbbing maleness sliding between her Massive Mammaries.
    In porn I Love seeing two Busty Women together enjoying Sapphic Love.
    I remember when they had paperback books with titles Like “Wife Swappers”,and other Salacious,eye catching titles. Pure Masturbation material.
    I remember in the Mid 60’s when the female models were only topless.Playboy bunnies at the Playboy clubs tended to be Busty.
    Kitten Natividad,Candy Samples,Annie Sprinkle,Lisa Dee Leeuw,Sue Nero were porn actresses who were playing in old movie theaters where the audience was mostly dirty old men masturbating by decency standards.
    Thanks Richard for another stimulating,Erotic, Masturbation podcast! I was Masturbating my Throbbing Penis right along with You.

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