A masturbator wrote: Im a Masturbation Addict

a masturbator wrote: 

Hi guys i have just joined this group and thought id tell you abit

about myself, Im a Masturbation Addict i started Masturbating about
9yo i use to rub my penis on the sheets for hours, back in those days
id cum dry and loved the feeling and i guess it just went on from
there growing up i didn’t have many friends so my penis was my mate at
school id rub my penis on the netball pole pulling myself up and down
rubbing and rubbing till i would pop in my pants i could do this 12
times in a row…. wish i could do that now hehehe id just play every
time i was alone. 
When i was in my 20s i was out of work for two years and i use to
watch videos and wank all day thats where i became a masturbation
Addict i have been one ever since, I don’t need any porn to get me off
i just look at my body in the mirror and i bone up and get my penis
out my fly of my jeans and start rubbing i could be watching normal TV
no matter whats on, Ill wank if the news is on, as long as im
Masturbating Im happy, in the last 5 years ive been solo i only have
sex by wanking its my life now and i want to become more Addicted,
When Im alone all i think about is wanking and always bone up and i
have to find somewhere to play, I hope to Chat with some of you other
Addicted Masturbators and support each other Paul.


We all need to give up doing other things that take time away from masturbating. Ideally, no
going out to dinner or movies or anything else. Ideally, all of our friends would also be
masturbation addicts so we could masturbate together.


I agree masturbation is the most important thing in our lives and we shouldn’t let anything get in the way of our masturbation addiction, i wanna be sitting in a chair wanking all day Paul.


As I get older, I find that I am growing even more intolerant of idle
chit chat and finding it less fun to deal with the hassles of going
out for “a night on the town.” As the years go on, I am far more
satisfied and feel more rewarded following more quiet and solitary
pursuits. While it is certainly not my only remaining interest, the
relaxing and mentally challenging pursuit of pornography and
masturbation gives me my greatest joy…as opposed to dealing with
SoCal traffic or listening to incessant and inane chatter over who’s
the latest fucktard to get thrown off of American Idol or Survivor.

Masturbate for sanity! :-D




I use to belong to a site called malecasualnudity- or something to that
name. I met a really nice guy- str8t- like myself- who was married- had
several young children at home- and wife did not want him to be nude in the
house with the children- understandably so. He came to me- and as soon as he
stripped nude he was sporting wood. He apologized- said it was because he was
able to be nude- told him no problem- and I got nude myself. He couldn’t
help but masturbate to orgasm within the first 20 minutes he was here. He
even came in his hand because he didn’t want to cum on the carpet. I wouldn’t
have minded since that was the room where I spurted all the time. I put in
some hot porn tapes and of course we both were stroking talking about the
porn. He shot another nice load- this time- all over- stayed for another
hour or so. We had a great time- a true bonding experience. Unfortunately he
found another buddy closer to where he lived so we lost contact. Both of us
str8t- enjoying our penises- wish I had another buddy like that- but
haven’t had much success. I am not into being sucked, or me sucking- just
jacking- maybe even giving a helping hand to the other buddy- posing together-
being uninhibited- would be all cool with me. But no exchanging nothing- just
want to be nice and safe and pleasurable for both parties involved.

In a message dated 9/29/2012 2:15:16 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
powerscotch@earthlink.net writes:

These things always wind up being more gay than str8. I think we can all
figure out the reasons why. One of them is that str8 guys have to overcome a
lot of shame and inhibitions in order to get naked and masturbating w. a
bunch of other guys.



There used to be a club when I lived on the east coast called Jack and Jill club. It was a group of both men and women who enjoyed masturbating together. It was a lot of fun, and provided an outlet for straight men and women and some gay or bi guys and women who enjoyed the mixed sexuality. I don’t know if these kinds of clubs are still around, but there are none that I know of now.
Masturbating with others has always been a great turnon. I do it much more solo now, but whenever I can find guys or women to do it with, I jump at the chance. I masturbate online with others several times a week, and solo every day, but the best days were these public groups of masturbators.


5 thoughts on “A masturbator wrote: Im a Masturbation Addict

  1. I am a life long chronic addicted masturbator

    I was also married for 10 years , but still masturbated daily even after sex ,
    She objected at first , but this never stopped me and I would openly masturbate lying next to her .

    Soon she got used to this and I did it even more , we still had sex regularly but I could always get hard afterwards and masturbate , and loose myself in pleasure .

    She oftern said , you enjoy wanking more than fucking . She was right I did .

    After about 6 months of married life , I would masturbate openly , not caring if she was there , i masturbated without shame .

    I masturbated in bed , i masturbated in the shower , I would also masturbate in the lounge while watching a film .

    The Internet was a great madturbation outlet too , I would oftern say , I’m going on the computer , and would go upstairs , strip off , and masturbate to porn on the computer , not stopping when she came to see what I was doing , and she would comment “wanking again ” , yes I am .

    I never hid it , I masturbated openly and lived up to my addiction of a chronic masturbator .

  2. I discovered the pleasure of having hard ons, playing with my dick, exposing myself when a very young boy (about five or so). I then discovered as well the pleasure to stroke until I had some sort of very pleasurable contractions in my dick leading to dry orgasms. Until, later on aged 10-11 I finally achieved cumming propoer. Then I kept on having long edging stroking sessions before I allowed myself to ejaculate. And I have been sticking to this enjoyable practice for more than 50 years now ! Sheer delight.

  3. I too have a great love of masturbation, and also enjoy exposing myself as I do so. Best things I’ve found are the cyber-exhibition opportunities in sites like xhamster and dating sites to post pix and vids of me masturbating. For the more adventurous, try omegle and masturbate to a stranger!!

  4. i wouldnt say im addicted or ashamed of being a masturbator.all i know is that its exceedingly enjoyable!

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