How masturbation affects your orgasms

Masturbation is a big hindrance for orgasms during penetrative sex. The masturbation techniques men employ makes it difficult for them to be stimulated enough to orgasm. Men who masturbate using other objects (sex toys) hardly gets any orgasms. This is much because his penis will develop that feel of only being stimulated when inside these objects and not the vagina. The amount of stimulation offered by these objects will be high above that which the vagina could offer hence making it difficult for them to

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  1. So true. My dick is spoiled rotten by my horny hand, which never ever says no. In fact, the last time I had pussy, 990 days ago, I could not cum in her pussy, even when I closed my eyes and imagined masturbating stark naked for HLN’s Robin Meade on national television. Finally, after giving her several orgasms, I pulled my 7 inches out and she took it in hand. She stroked and stroked and stroked with her soft hands. Nothing. Then she grabbed my hand and moved it to my dick. I didn’t need any more encouragement. She watched with wide-eyed astonishment as my own expert handiwork easily brought my dick to a gushing orgasm all over her tits and belly. Masturbation. It matters.

  2. I see this as great news as a masturbator. I’ve avoided pussy for years because I love my hand. Good. To know my penis can no longer orgasm in a vagina!

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